Life Lessons with BTS #2

Are you peeps ready because it is time for another “Life Lessons with BTS” post! 😀


This time around I picked a more popular but still kinda underrated song to talk about. The name of it is simply N.O., which is short for No Offence. It’s a song that at first glance may seem like it promotes kids messing about instead of them focusing on their studies. However in reality it is much deeper than that as it actually tackles a pretty substantial problem that teens face today. That being this idea of them following a pre-determined path in life.  Whether it be laid down or simply enforced by one’s own family members. I know it sounds like some pretty deep subject matter…because it is! Luckily for you BTS has wrapped its message up in a visually pleasing Music video. A music video that I remember liking back when it was first released only for my feelings for it to have grown over time. 😀

Now before I continue getting into the nitty-gritty of it all, I would first like for you to check out the MV yourselves here:

My recommendation is for you to watch it at least twice, that is what I usually do. 😛 This way you can absorb the visuals the first time around and then after you can give the lyrics themselves your undivided attention. When i did that in my first play through the part that stood out the most to me was the beginning, you know where the boys where in what looked like a classroom. I mean it is pretty hard to not notice them acting all weird as if they are robots just soaking in information. It’s like they have no free will in that part, which only then draws more attention to the later parts because it then looks like they start rebelling against whatever system it was that was keeping them complacent.

With that in mind I remember replaying the video, multiple times, except with some subtitles/ captions to give the context for everything I had previously seen. It took me a sec but slowly things began to unravel for me and I started to get the big picture. 🤓 The first thing I caught on was about how parents need to chill out sometimes because the pressure they put on you can be insufferable at times. It makes sense that they would want you to work hard to get a stable job, what parent wouldn’t want that? The problem I took from this is when your dream is sacrificed in the process and your new journey feels like a trap. These are some of the lyrics that led me to this conclusion and they also serve as some of my fave parts of the song. 🙂 :

  • “Good House, Good Car. Would that be Happiness?”
  • “Dream is Gone. No Time to Breath.”
  • “School, House, PC Room is all we have”
  • “Adults made this frame and we fall for it”
  • “Who made us a studying Machine?”
  • “It’s not going to work anymore. Don’t be captured in other’s Dreams.”
  • “Adults say this life is easy. They Say I’m way too happy. Then why am I so unfortunate.

That wasn’t all of what the song was trying to get across though. The other complementary component to it was what you can actually do about it, which is “fight” back. And the best way to do that is to go for what you want. This is where I think the song parallels the real lives of BTS themselves or others who have become things like singers/rappers/dancers, etc. Why? Because they are ones who have traveled the lesser safe roads themselves and did it through hard work. Hard work that may have been in a way different from the “traditional” hard work it takes to get a more “traditional” job but it was hard work regardless. That is probably the biggest key in all this.

I don’t think this song is a direct attack on the views that strict parents have as much as it is a defensive strike to let them know that there are other ways of doing things. It’s more a “your way isn’t working for me so I NEED to try something different for my own sanity” type of thing. Mostly because the system in place now DOES provide good results for people but it should not be seen as a one size fits all. Each person is different and for some the safe path is a no go. That is why when they say things like, ‘When did I become a studying machine,” I don’t think they mean you should drop out of school and never study. lol  I think they are more making the point that they are forced to overwork for a goal they have no passion for. Many aren’t getting a say in their own lives so this song is pointing out that parents could be doing more harm than good with their continued persistence. Making them instead feel trapped, hopeless, and like there lives are in everybodies control except their own. In the end youths want success/happiness too, it’s just that they want to find it in their own way. 😇

In closing I think this is one of their deepest songs they have. At face value it could be seen like some nonsense about kids not wanting to do what their parents want. However the more you dig the more you find new meaning. Whether that is  intentional or not this is an MV that can really get you thinking. So with that I leave you until next time.

Later peeps. ^_^

p.s. I would be remiss if I didn’t share the dance practice right? haha




11 thoughts on “Life Lessons with BTS #2

  1. Wow I have never seen a more detailed MV analysis. I think we all know why South Korea has the highest suicide rate of any OECD country and I like that BTS is aware of it. I wish this song was as popular as their other songs so that the message would be spread more as BTS has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, fandoms.
    Great post!

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    • Glad you liked the post. ^^ So many of their songs tackle such interesting subjects. I feel everybody is bound to find a song of theirs to relate to. But I agree that I wish this one in particular were more famous.

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      • Well, its one of my favourites! This is awesome!
        Also the line that goes “In Seoul to the SKY” doesn’t actually refer to the sky but the SKY group of universities which is great cause of pressure for students…(Just a fun fact)
        I love the way you explain their songs in a way that non kpopers can get too!

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      • Haha, your welcome!
        No More Dream and NO have similar meaning or so I thought, but researched only to find that there are some obvious differences…
        Did I tell you that I loved them in all white?


  2. This series is one of the best things to have happened to me recently lol. I don’t know how you do it, but both songs from this series have been my all time favorite BTS songs! Spine Breaker is my favorite non-title song while N.O. is my favorite title song. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the next post!

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  3. This is what makes BTS so special. The thing about N.O is, you can apply it to any country in the world. Maybe the pressure isn’t as prominent everywhere, but it’s there. As they once stated, Youth all over the world are similar.

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  4. Fantastic review of this song 🙂 While this particular track of theirs isn’t one I gravitate towards, I have watched the video multiple times because of the impressive visuals and lyrics. They always impress me with meaningful lyrics, and it’s just one of the many reasons to love BTS.

    I also do the same as you and watch the video first without subs and then turn them on 🙂 And I’ll say it again, I love that you’re doing this series. I hadn’t listened to Spine Breaker before your post, and now I love it!


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