Kpop This WeekEND #3

Guys…I don’t think I can stress enough how overly excited I am to be writing today’s post. That is because for as cool as all the comeback news that I’ve been talking about in the past weeks have been, this week’s announcements/teaser’s top it all. How is that possible? Well, I gotta give much of the credit to the fact that the Queen of Fierceness is coming back! I’m talking about Yezi from FIESTAR of course. She truly takes this week of news to a whole other level for me because she has gotten me feeling all types of hype. So let me cut to the chase and go into the 3 comeback teasers that caught my attention this week first. ^_^

The Comebacks:

  • Yezi-May 24th


Yup that’s right I’m STARTING off with Yezi. X_X If you have cruised around my blog before you will have noticed my love for Korean Rap. Even more specifically, my affinity for female Rappers. An affinity that I generally attribute to the awesome and popular show that is Unpretty Raptstar. It’s one I’ve mentioned on here time and time again because I think just about every female rapper I like can be traced back to that show somehow. Yes that includes Yezi too. I know she is a member of FIESTAR which is a good group but it’s really been her projects outside the group that have gotten me into her fandom.

Another good example being her solo MV, Cider. It’s one I would  share with people if I could only pick one thing. I would do so because I think it really highlights her persona and presence which she has a lot of. Whether you wanna call it swagger/charisma/whatever else, she has it plenty and it oozes out of every pore of her body. It’s made further more clear in these new teasers she dropped. They are only 32-53 seconds but man right out of the gate the beat won me over. Added to that it looks like they may be giving Yezi some cool choreography. If the beat stays that hard or gets more intense, plus she is able to have a sick flow like she normally does, and then added to that have a cool choreo to boot…..I don’t know if I will be able to survive.  😣😥🤕😛 lol

Teaser 1



  • ASTRO-May 29th

Not to long after that we then have this group making a comeback too. I have ran into some of their MVs in the past but I don’t really follow this group or know much about them. Generally I will say that the songs of theirs I have listened to have been pretty good but none have stood out to me. They just haven’t been to my particular tastes. I tend to prefer groups with more edginess to them. However, it looks like this song might win me over. It’s got a good chance because the teaser left a really good impression on me. I mean once that electronic beat started to take over and we got a little bit of those smooth vocals, I couldn’t help but start grooving to it. I also did like the usage of colors in it as well, gave the video more of a pop. Unfortunately it was short-lived, it is just a teaser after all. 😦 Still it served its purpose as it left me wanting more. 😀



  • iKON- May 22nd


I wanted to talk about this comeback last because if you noticed the date, it is set to come out tomorrow! I want you to keep and eye out for it. Specially if you have an interest in boygroups that have a hip-hop concept. Which there is a pretty good chance you do if you are following me. These guys are full of attitude as can be seen by songs like RHYTM TA, but can also have a more fun and lighthearted side as can be seen by songs like DUMB & Dumber. The teasers so far seem to be hinting to me that this comeback is gonna lean more towards attitude infused though. Make sure to check out the teasers here:

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Some Stellar News


Moving on to some Stellar news. Apparently the girl group is getting a brand new member to join their ranks. Her name is Soyoung. I gotta say that news of her joining kinda came out of nowhere for me. I thought the group has been going on for awhile already and felt pretty established as is. With that said I will fully support this new member. It does make me wonder if they are gonna try to repackage/re-brand the group however. This is a group that has gotten some flack for being too sexy in the past. That kinda stuff never really bothered me but it could be possible that this is a first step to try to move away from that image.

As for my thoughts on this group, sexiness aside, I really do like their vocals. I know the choreography for Marionette may have been…a bit over the top but I swear the song is really catchy. Hopefully people can give this group another shot and not be too hard on this new member for joining the group. They seem like genuinely nice people and have a lot of professionalism. I remember a video of theirs that made the rounds on youtube awhile back where there was a technical glitch at one of their performances. They handled themselves really well and it gave me a newfound respect for them. From what I remember the song got caught looping a certain part and they kept singing it hoping it would get fixed. When it didn’t and the song cut off entirely they kept going anyway. It was kinda awkward and funny but they pushed through. Even if the song and dance wasn’t one that particularly lent itself to an acapella version. lol

Here is that video. The fudge up happens @ 2:50 🤣


monsta x beutiful

Lastly I got some MONSTA X news for all of you. For those who may be unaware, right now this is my number 2 group coming in right behind BTS in terms of my overall favorites. I talked about them before when their latest MV for Beautiful dropped which you can check out here. The reason I bring them up is because they have just hit a milestone achievement.

Recently tickets went on sale for the first venue they will be performing at as part of a world tour.  It will be held in Seoul from June 17-18 and guess what? The tickets sold out freaking fast. Would you like to take a guess at how fast? Come on give it a try. The answer is….*drumroll*….less than 1 minute!!! It’s good to see that people are taking notice of this group. If you haven’t checked them out yet then I would hope you reconsider after hearing this news.

With that I conclude another post. See you peeps next time. 😀

P.S. this blog post has now been updated to reflect the fact that BTS has made kpop History. How so? They are the first Kpop group ever to win a BBMA(Billboard Music Award). Talk about it being an awesome week for Kpop right? 😀 Don’t be surprised if I go more into this in the future…






13 thoughts on “Kpop This WeekEND #3

  1. Hell yes!
    Great news this week!
    About that blackpink comeback, what happened? I’ve been a bit away from news the past few days, hehe.

    Oh also VIXX’s new song? I liked it! The MV was … strange but awesome, like always 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There hasnt been any updates on Blackpink yet. We just know that its confirmed for summer. With them hoping for a June release. 🙂

    Im glad you liked VIXXs new song. I agree it was a tad weird but it looked so good.


  3. Congrats to BTS! I’m so happy for them! ^_^

    Cider is pretty addictive! 😀 The comeback song sounds good too.

    Astro: It’s the same with me too, their songs are good but don’t make me want to listen to them but I’m definitely gonna check out their new song.


    • Yeah and I really like the Egyptian influences of her new song. It gives it a unique feel.

      As for BTS I am excited to see where they go from here. I think the next goal is to see if they can perform on stage at one of these events.:)


  4. Excited for iKON! Just watched both videos this morning. I like Bling Bling, but I think I like B-Day better. Super catchy and I loved the video 🙂


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