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Found myself with some free time and decided to mess about and create my own drama tag. Honestly these aren’t the most original questions. However, I do hope that they can further give you peeps some insight into both myself and my drama watching habits. If you think this tag would be something you would wanna do then by all means please do so. No need to credit me or anything like that. So without further a ado let’s get to it shall we. (There are only 14 questions btw.)

Drama Tag


1.What is the earliest Drama you can remember watching?


The earliest one I can remember watching from start to finish would have to be G.T.O, Great Teacher Onizuka. A drama about a reformed biker gang leader with the lofty goal of becoming the best teacher there ever was. It was one that early on made me very into slice of life school based dramas. Thanks to it I got introduced to shows like Gokusen and Dragon Sakura later on. 🙂 They even remade this show more recently in 2012.


2.Have you been watching dramas for very long?

I started watching them seriously around 2008. Once I found Romance Kdramas it quickly dawned on me that I was gonna become obsessed with them. Obviously that was the case as I have now been watching for about 9 years! The only thing that has changed since back then is that I may have gotten a bit more picky with the shows I watch. XD

3.What’s your favorite genre?

I like dramas to center around romance primarily. Other than that I tend to like ones that have Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Supernatural, or some mystery elements. More realistic dramas can be fun too but I get a better sense of escapism from those that are able to drastically spice up every day life. 😀

4.How were you introduced to dramas?

It was because of my mom. lol She watches a lot of telenovelas(those are Dramas in Spanish) and once in awhile she would turn it to a channel showing asian dramas. They sometimes had subtitles and sometimes not. As a little kid I would sit down next to her and watch every now and then. I credit her with normalizing them for me and making it easier to get into them later on in life.

5.What shows are you watching at the moment?

I’m currently watching 3.  With only one of them being an Ongoing show. They are:

  • Lucky Romance-  This one is a romantic comedy centered on two characters with really opposite personalities. The girl is ruled by superstitions and Fortune-tellings, meanwhile the guy is very logic and scientific driven. Their outlooks in life clash of course but slowly they begin to understand one another as the drama goes on.
  • Strong Woman Do Bong-soon- I really like strong female characters and this girl literally has superhuman strength… nuff said. Go watch it.
  • Love, Timeless- This one is ongoing. However it is one that all lovers of time travel dramas need to watch. It is a Taiwanese drama about a guy who finds himself back in time to his college days. He has to not only find a way to course correct his own life but also the life of his friends!

6.Who is your biggest Drama crush?


Right now it has to be Jun Ji Hyun. When I really think about it, this actress has blown my mind on 3 separate occasions. You had the drama You Who Came from the Stars but you also had the two amazing films that are My Sassy Girl and Il Mare. Both of those movies specially left a big impact on my life and were integral into getting me hooked on Korean entertainment in the first place.

7.Is there a drama character that best depicts you?


Why yes there is. The character’s name is Asuka and the drama is called Otomen. It is based on a manga that I love. The drama may not be the most fantastic drama out there but it was a lot of fun. The character is a guy who is seen as being someone who exudes “manliness,” however he is more into things that you would typically associate with girls. For example, he likes things like cooking, sewing, shoujo manga, cute plushies, among many other things. He also falls for a girl who would be considered “manly.” Seriously I can’t even begin to tell you how this is the story of my life. haha Check it out if you have some time.

8.If you could be a side character in a drama which would you pick and why?


I would love to be a side character in the drama Let’s Fight Ghost. I wouldn’t want to go on their missions to actually fight ghosts but I would love to hang out with the ghost hunter duo. The two of them seem like they would be a blast to be around.

9.What is your biggest pet peeve in a drama?

I really dislike family interference in dramas. I mean I can sorta deal with it but only if the Main Couple is actively pushing back. If they don’t then that could be a drama killer for me.

10.Name your favorite track from a drama.

I would have to go with something from the Goblin OST. In recent memory it has to be my favorite. Now to pick a single track from it is hard because there are so many good ones to choose from. Ultimately I think I would have to go with Stay With Me. The intro song is really good too though.


11.Which is the last show to leave you shook?


It has to be the J-drama, Boku no Ita Jikan. It’s about a guy who discovers he has ALS. The drama does a good job at getting us invested into the character and the romance he builds. Which makes it all that much harder to watch as his disease gets progressively worse as the drama unfolds. It was a hard one to get to the end of. 😭

12.Which was the last show that filled you up with nothing but joy?


That’s an easy one as the answer is undoubtedly,  Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. The chemistry between the two leads was straight up electrifying. In fact it was so good that many people wanted them to date in real life….which actually happened. haha

13.How have dramas influenced you in real life?

They have motivated me to not only dress better but also to get more in shape. 😛 Like seriously I didn’t care about fashion until Kdramas. It’s amazing how even the extras can look fashionable…

14. Lastly, have you or do you plan to introduce your friends to them?

All of my friends know that I love Dramas and yes I have introduced a couple of them to the fandom . However I don’t force my views onto other people. That is why I will be ok if they don’t all fall into dramas like I have. As long as people don’t actively/aggressively hate me for the things I like I can be cool with them. ^^

So with that I leave you until next time. ^_^ And remember, feel free to do this tag if you want to.






14 thoughts on “Asian Drama Tag

  1. I’m currently on episode two of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and I’m loving it so far. BTW, great set of questions and answers. It made me realize I have a lot of dramas to catch up on, lol

    Liked by 2 people

    • Stay With Me is such a good song. 🙂

      Hopefully you like Stong Woman Do Bong Soon. I think the best thing about that drama is the main couple. It will make you ship them in real life. haha


  2. This is a fun tag. Great answers! You’ve seen some really good ones and it looks like you are watching some more fun ones 🙂 And isn’t that moment when you realize your addicted a great one, lol


  3. A little late on the bandwagon but great tag! This was so much fun to read! I can totally relate to telenovelas, canal de las estrellas and telemundo was always in the background during my childhood, lol!


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