MiSO is a freaking badass!

OMG, how have I not heard of this girl before…😍

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Earlier I was on my phone and decided to check things out on YouTube real quick. That is when I first noticed this song, it was just sitting there in the recommended section. I’m not gonna lie, I originally scrolled past it. In fact I did that a couple of times but it kept on popping up! In retrospect I totally shoulda checked it out sooner but I was too stubborn. -_- That is until a dance version showed up on my feed….yeah that’s right, my greatest weakness. lol My interest immediately skyrocketed and I finally relented.

I pressed play and BAM, was quickly taken aback by her attitude. For some reason I had been expecting a much more pop-ish sound. Which I don’t know how I came to such a conclusion considering the thumbnail. O_o I guess I’ve been burned by too many deceptive thumbnails in the past to the point where I rarely get my hopes up. Having had so many moments where it looked like the artist would be a rapper only for it it to turn out to be the complete opposite. Has that happened to you before, it’s been happening to me a lot lately. 🤕 Anyways, that’s beside the point really. What is important is that not only could she rap but she could also dance. I really love solo rappers and dance choreo but I feel that the two don’t mix quite as often as I would like them to. Not to say that MiSO has the most fantastic moves ever but she is really good. She won me over to the point that I went back to find the original video that had been recommended to me.

Unfortunately none of the videos I came across had captions/subtitles so I don’t have any clue what this song is actually about. 🤔 What I can say though is that I love her voice. She’s got that higher pitched rap voice that I like. Kinda in the same realm as HyunA or Jimin from AOA. She’s not a carbon copy of any of them though just a tad similar. 🙂 I also want to give a special shout out to whoever was in charge of the wardrobe for this MV because they really picked outfits that highlighted her features. She killed all them outfits!

As far as negatives go, I did originally think that the MV itself was a bit too bare bones. Not much happens in them in terms of visuals. However when I looked through the comments I noticed people mentioning that she is under a small label, which did make me change my tune a little. I looked into it further to see for myself and yeah, it is small. The label itself is called H Brothers Entertainment and it is responsible for her solo work and apparently her girl group work too. Yeah you read that right, she is also part of a 4 member girl group called GIRLS GIRLS. I found two of their MVs and they were good but they didn’t feel as lit to me as this song. However, I do think I will keep my eye out for MiSO and GIRLS GIRLS in the future.

Enough of me rambling, please check out both versions of her MV here:


So whatcha think? Personally I love this kinda concept for her. I mean anytime a girl is able to reach boss level swagger it is a win for me. Now if only it can translate over to her girl group stuff too. From what I have seen so far I think they could benefit from having this type of added energy. With that thought I leave you peeps till next time. ^_^

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