Wonder Woman Review

Finally…we get to see Wonder Woman on the big screen for the first time ever! Not only that but we get her in a movie that takes place during the ‘War to end all Wars,” World War 1. Talk about high-stakes for a first time outing huh?


To start things off this is a movie that serves as an origin story and shows us just how Diana(a.k.a. wonder woman) came to be the badass that she was in Batman V Superman. Yup I guess you can consider this a sorta prequel since it takes place beforehand. Pretty much the event that kicks things into gear in this is when Chris Pine’s character, Steve Trevor, finds himself crashing off the coast of Themyscira. Where he is saved by non other than Wonder Woman herself. It is through him that she is able to learn of the war that is inflicting the outside world. And with her being the good person that she is, she embarks on a mission to do something about it. Putting all of her previous training to good use in an effort to end the suffering of millions of people.


Straight up I wanna let you peeps know that I freaking loved this movie but before I get into that I wanna address a couple of things. Starting with the previous movies. I myself have actually liked Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and yes even Suicide Squad to a degree. I have had my share of criticisms for them though. 🤔 Having problems with things like editing, pacing, character motivations, among other things. Still I managed to come out of them having gotten more enjoyment than not. Many others have not been too keen to agree with me however and I have to acknowledge that. Specially the fact that many have had very strong concerns over both the tone and direction this Universe has seemingly been headed in.

Added to that you also have had those people who questioned the Gal Gadot casting since it was first announced. Many thinking she didn’t have the look or acting chops to pull it off. Again I myself thought differently. Not because of her previous body of work as there really isn’t much there except for  “The Fast and the Furious” franchise. Which let’s be honest isn’t one that is particularly known for its ability to showcase the acting ability of its actors/actresses. With that said however, I had seen many interviews with her. In them she always came across to me as someone who is a nice, kind-hearted person, who spreads a lot of positive vibes. Qualities that I could easily see transferred to the Wonder Woman character.


Now after having seen the movie myself I can say that she totally pulled it off like I thought she would. Not only that but the people behind the movie must have listened to all those past criticisms too. I say that because they have been addressed and it feels like the universe has been course corrected. Unlike the previous dark and broody heroes we have gotten thus far, Wonder Woman stands apart by being a shinning beacon of hope. Like really, she is like the personification of a ray of sunshine.  😇 And as to not alienate those previous fans you still do get a good share of darkness and grittiness in the story. It is at its core a war movie after all. Yet this time around, despite having such harsh subject matter, this movie is able to come out feeling hopeful through and through. Something even I must admit was sorely missing in these movies until now.

A lot of that I would attribute to the fact that this has good humor. Not the jokey and quippy stuff but more the situational kind. Think more along the lines of Marvel’s Thor movie when he first comes to earth and less Ironman. It really thrives on that “fish out of water” scenario. Best of all it does it realistically and organically, coming from a good place as opposed to making Wonder Woman the butt of the jokes. They never make her feel dumb and the jokes help the movie in it’s pacing as it makes the time just pass by. I didn’t even realize it was 2 hr 21min long. It felt way shorter to me because I was thoroughly engaged and having a good time.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any stakes though. This movie does not shy away from the brutality of war. You do see it’s affects like with children who are left orphaned, men/women who die, people who have lost limbs fighting, etc. Bad things do happen in this movie and they happen to good people, so you are forewarned. In addition to this I was surprised by the kind of tough questions that got asked in this movie in regards to war.  It manages to go more into it’s complexities and not just be about giving us fun action sequences.


The biggest highlight by far though has to be the chemistry between Steve and Diana. 😘 The scene where they were on a boat sailing to London was the best thing in the whole movie for me and it was just them talking. You get a taste of it in the trailer but it is nothing compared to how awesome that scene plays out in the movie. It actually made me wish there were more scenes of them just talking and less action. lol That is how good the dialogue between them was. It’s a romance that truly fires on all cylinders mostly because both characters got stuff to do to make ’em feel heroic. It made the respect and admiration they had for one another feel earned. Unquestionably Diana is the Bigger hero in the movie but it didn’t take away at all from the achievements of Steve Trevor. As far as romances in comic book movies go, I think this one is now my fave.


As for the other characters I must say that they were hit or miss. For example, the group of soldiers that Diana and Steve formed were kinda quirky but really fun to be around. We didn’t dig too deep into them or their pasts but they played their parts well and they did get moments to shine. Whether it be in the action or the humor department. It was particularly fun getting to see their comradery and friendship play out. Then you had the Amazonians which did have this aura about them that made them feel other worldly. Just wish we woulda gotten more from them because from the little screen time that they got they really felt like complete badasses. I wanted more scenes with them like the one in which they were training. Plus the way that battle sequence on the beach was choreographed was amazing and it sucked that we couldn’t have more of the Amazonians in battle. Unfortunately I can’t say such nice things about the villains because they were pretty much regulated to be plot devices. They weren’t the most well developed and were a bit over the top. With that said they didn’t negatively impact the movie as much as they just felt like they were there. They helped push the conflict a long but not much else.


In terms of action I also gotta say that it was hit or miss. The beginning fight between the Germans and Amazonians was dope but then you had that last set piece. It felt like too much visual noise, it was that standard last fight scene we have all come to expect in this kind of movie. It didn’t help that there was some spotty CGI in some places too. With that said this movie does have some good cinematography. And it was nice that the whole movie wasn’t so dark looking like we have come to expect in these DCEU movies. I mean Themyscira was breathtakingly beautiful. and that No Man’s Land scene… O_O…….woah!

In closing I think this movie deserves to be checked out. I think it will appeal to those who have been liking all the previous DCEU movies while at the same time winning over those that didn’t. It is bound to make you come out wanting to be a hero yourself. I am now more hopeful than ever to see what DC put puts out next. 😊So the question now becomes, are you gonna watch this movie? Whether you will/wont/maybe/have let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Review

  1. Love the write up!! I really cannot wait to go and see this!!

    I myself thought Batman V Superman was slow in the beginning but ended off so well!! I’m honestly super excited for Justice League and I know this movie will just increase that excitement!

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