Top 5 Kpop Comebacks of 2017

Yup we have officially entered June. Meaning we are now entering the mid part of the year. Crazy how time flies right? So the way I see it, now is the opportune time to reflect on all those comebacks we have seen thus far. And to make things interesting I have decided to pick the 5 that most caught my attention to share with yall. As a heads up, I have decided to not include BTS on this list. They would have totally made my number 1 spot otherwise. A fact that would’ve been so obvious that instead I’m gonna try to give the shine to another group. 😛 So with that said, here we GO!

Number FIVE- ‘Back:Hug by SNUPER

There is no doubt that this one is by faaaar the most underrated out of everything that is gonna be on this list. And boy and oh boy do I have some underrated things on this list! However, in that regard this one stands out above the rest because their MV was barely able to crack the 150,000 views mark. Although I am aware their label is small but still. The way the song is well produced I woulda thought it would have gone on to garner more attention. Instead almost no one talked about it when it came out. I literally only stumbled on it by chance because YouTube recommended the dance practice to me.

Which I am glad that I went out on a whim to click on it. The guys do have some good synchronization and the vocals were pretty solid as well if you ask me. Then there is also that dope ass beat @ the :40 second mark that kicks in at just the right tempo. Like seriously there are groups under bigger labels that get more attention that don’t have all these things working for them. Oh well hopefully more people wake up on this group in the future.


Number FOUR- Rollin’ by Brave Girls

This one isn’t as underrated as SNUPER but it is still pretty underrated. The group has been around since 2011 and has somehow managed to not be able to break through to the top. In the time that I have followed them they have had changes to both their line up and concept which probs hasn’t helped. With that said though, when I first heard Rollin’ I was certain this would be the song of theirs that would hit it big….apparently not…

I thought the sexy but classy approach they were taking really worked for them. They seemed confident and at ease with the concept. Plus I thought the song had some really nice choreo to put the song over. The addition of stools really made their performances pop more and stuck out. I thought peeps would respect their commitment and word of mouth would spread. Such was not the case and the MV failed to crack the 1,000,000 view mark.


Number THREE- Hobgoblin by CLC

I don’t wanna sound mean but before this song I didn’t care much for this group. Their previous style wasn’t particularly interesting to me as it felt too cookie cutter and bubblegum-ish. So you can imagine my surprise when I woke up to find this song in my feed. I remember that day getting ready to go on a beach trip when i first listened to it. I loved it so much that I had it on repeat all the way there. lol I really can’t count how many times I listened to this song that day.

Some people criticized it for being too similar with 4minute but fondly enough that was the exact reason i liked it. Then I liked it even more when I found out that HyunA herself played a substantial part in the overall production of this new song and concept. I really want them to stay like this going forward because I think these badgirl personas fit them so good. 🙂 Don’t you think?


Number TWO-  RUMOR(Hidden Ver.) by K.A.R.D.

Now this next one is super interesting because it is a Co-ed group. Something that you don’t get too often in the Kpop world. The last Co-ed group I followed was funny enough called, “Co-Ed.” And yeah that group fell of to the way side. I was kinda worried that this group like many of those previously attempted Co-Ed groups would fail quickly. I really thought their debut MV was solid and I had my fingers crossed that they wouldn’t be a 1 hit wonder.

Luckily they brought us more good hits. Not only that but I think RUMOR is their best bop to date. Like seriously it’s one of those songs you can grove to even if you don’t know how to dance. It’s bound to make you sway your hips from side to side. haha Plus I like the Hidden version more because it also gives some spotlight to their Choreographer. I think more groups outta do that. 😀


Number ONE- Beautiful by MONSTA X

That’s right, if BTS can’t be my number 1 then it was bound to be MONSTA X! This group has been slowly climbing and I thought this was finally gonna be the song that was gonna get them multiple awards. Sadly that was not the case as they came up against some stiff competition. With that said they definitely gained some more international fans this time around which is bound to pay off later on. At the rate they are improving I will be surprised if they don’t start winning things soon.

What I love about them is how they are able to make love songs that I can actually relate too. I have always found the “standard” style love ballads to not be my style because any time that I have liked a girl my emotions have never felt that neat and clean. That is why I feel I can relate more to the intensity and rawness of MONSTA X’s love songs. I mean they produce strong sounding content just listen to this for yourself:


Welp so what did you guys think of my list, did you like any of these songs? Feel free to also share which are some of your fave comebacks so far. ^_^ I’ll be glad to give them a listening to if I haven’t already.



8 thoughts on “Top 5 Kpop Comebacks of 2017

  1. Well, of course BTS should be number 1, lol. But I love K.A.R.D. so much! All of their songs are amazing and so catchy and danceable so far. And they still need to officially debut! They would easily take my number 2 spot 🙂

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  2. Very good songs. 🙂 I’m gonna exclude BTS from my list too for the same reasons. :D. My list: 5. B.I.G: HELLO HELLO 4. NCT 127: Limitless 3. B.A.P: WAKE ME UP 2. SEVENTEEN: Don’t Wanna Cry 1. SF9: ROAR

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  3. I love Seventeen: Don’t wanna cry. I love brave girls: Rollin too. I guess they are not popular because they changed their member too often. I don’t think they went to any show either. Hope they can get more known.

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    • I’m amazed by how fast Seventeen has been growing. There was even that “EBS” thing that was trending. Referring to Exo, BTS, and Seventeen. Its cool to see people thinking of these as the big 3. ^_^

      As for Brave Girls, I hope they stick with it. I’m sure people will recognize them one day. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Same here. I love them since they debut but didn’t expect they can come this far. Now BTS get so far ahead. I wish Seventeen can get there too ❤
        I think after Kris, Luhan, and Tao left EXO, EXO becomes less popular.


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