Romancin’ With MONSTA X


When you first listen to this group two things are quickly made clear:

  1. This group can get intense with it’s vocals and I don’t mean with just the rappers.
  2. The songs usually also have a kickass beat to double down on.

As you can imagine, when you mix those two things up, what you end up having is a pretty lit group. 🙂 Now at this point you may be thinking, “ok that’s cool and all but how does this relate to romance in any way?” Well allow me to further elaborate.

Usually I am not a fan of love ballads or songs that approach themes of love. It may be surprising to some considering how much I love shows that center on just that. However the reason for this is because I find that typically songs that approach such subject matter or topics that are along those lines are usually trying to wrap things up into a nice little bow. Usually doing so in too slow a tempo or neatly put for my particular musical tastes. I guess with music I just love an edgier sound. That is why when I ran into MONSTA X I was happy, not only a few but many of their songs broke that mold.

One song in particular that is a good example of this is called Be Quiet. It managed to still keep those two things that MONSTA X is typically known for.  When I first listened to it the song blew my mind. It quickly became my fave song of theirs and it remained like that up until Beautiful which dropped recently. What I loved was that it was unlike any kind of love song I had heard before. I mean as soon as you hit play that beat is quick to smack you across the face. lol It only gets even dirtier as it goes along and hits that  inevitable beat drop.

Best of all was the lyrics though. Not to say that they were the most creative as much as to say that I could relate to them and the emotion they evoked. I was thrilled to find a song that expressed liking/being enthralled/captivated by someone that felt so genuine to what that moment has felt like for me in the past. Whenever I have been in a situation like that I would describe it as overwhelming and that is how this song felt. In the best way possible of course. 😀 They really get that raw emotion and intensity across!

It sucks that this song never got an official MV but I am at least happy that it exists. Specially since its a sentiment that can be expressed about many of their non-title songs. The group releases quality content with little filler, because of this I have developed a special place in my heart for them. Going as far as trying to spread that love, hoping others can give this group a chance. In a perfect world for me MONSTA X would be at the top with EXO and BTS. Hopefully one day that will happen. For now I leave you with the song itself, Be Quiet.


So did you like it? ^_^


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