Kpop This WeekEND #4

Aghh!!! It seems I took an unexpected hiatus from this series but fret not because I am back! To start things off I’m just gonna jump right in with the comebacks like I usually do. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Comebacks:

Monsta X- ย June 19


Considering I have mentioned this group a couple of times recently it only seems apt that I start with them. Recently they dropped the group teaser you see up on top as part of their promotional material. That is because they are gonna be releasing their first full album on June 19th. As I have mentioned before I am really rooting for this group to finally get their first win on one these music shows. Not gonna lie though they are gonna be going up against some stiff competition yet again. I mean let’s not forget that Blackpink will be making their comeback sometime between the 15th and 20th. That group alone is quiet the powerhouse to go up against. Then you have all these other people that I’m gonna be mentioning next. That is why I wish ’em a lot of luck going forward!

NCT 127- June 14th


Another boy group to be on the look out for is NCT 127. Their album, “NCT #127 CHERRY BOMB,” is bound to be a buzz worthy one. I mean have you checked out Firetruck yet or Limitless? For a bunch of rookies their songs be really poppin’. Every MV and performance thus far has had them swagged out and ready to go. Having a good Mix of both EDM and hip-hop. Which is why they are my fave out of all these NCT subunits at the moment. ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh and on a bit of a side tangent NCT recently released the official name of their fandom. *drumroll* Fans will now be referred to as NCTzens. Which I suppose is meant to be pronounced as N-citizens. A nice little wordplay huh? lol

Teaser #1


Stellar- Last week of June



Now to some follow up news. Do you remember that in my previous Kpop This WeekEND post, I talked about Stellar getting a new member? Well it seems that surprisingly we are gonna get to see her in action much sooner than we thought. That is because Stellar will be making their comeback in the last week of this month. It’ll be interesting to see how their concept will go this time around. Will people welcome them with open arms or not ๐Ÿค”

Lee Hyori- Early July


Lastly for Comebacks, we have some Lee Hyori news. I knew something had to be up because we have been getting more of her in the spotlight lately. Being on shows like Infinity Challenge. I had also been seeing more and more articles about her popping up on Kpop news sites that I follow. That is why to me it wasn’t so surprising to hear that she would be making a long awaited return to the music scene. According to her people she will be coming back with a fresh concept and it’s looking like that will be sometime in the beginning of July. Yayyy! ๐Ÿ™‚ In honor of this Queen’s return I thought I would share this little throwback:


Happy Birthday:


In other news BTS has reached a new milestone…yes Not Today crossed over into the 100,000,000 view mark. That is not what I am talking about though. O_O What could be even bigger news than that you ask? Well BTS’s birthday of course. The group is now 4 years old. Boy does time fly by so fast. It feel like not too long ago I listened to No more Dream for the first time. ๐Ÿ˜€

Who would have ever thought these guys coming from such a small company, Big Hit Entertainment, would become as big as they have. Going on to win a BBMA(Billboard Music Award) and to top a ranking for boy group brand value. Don’t believe me, look those things up. This group has made major progress and it’s looking like they won’t be slowing down any time soon. Heck ARMYs were even trying to get them nominated for a teens choice award now. haha Hope this group can stay strong and together for many years to come.

G-DRAGON Rules the World:



Now to close things off I wanna give major props to G-dragon. The guy’s solo track “Untitled, 2014” got a “perfect all kill.” Which if you have no clue what that means, it basically means that the guy is a total badass because he got the number 1 spot on ALL the Korean charts. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Plus he is dominating in other countries as well. Last time I checked he had the number 1 spot on Itunes Charts in 41 different Countries. Oh and if you think that was amazing, he did that all with basically no prior promotion. The little promotion that he had prior was like less than a full day before.

It also helps that the song is amazing and shows the other side to G-dragons talent too. I find that often times when people think of him they tend to think of him as a rapper first or of his more out there concepts. When while it is true that he excels at those things, the reality is that he actually has a pretty damn good singing voice too.




Well that is all for now. Like always let me know your thoughts and if you feel strongly that I missed something you can feel free to share what that is. Until next time, Bye Bye ^_^










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