K.A.R.D. is finally gonna Debut

This news may sound a bit strange because I’m sure that quite a few of you out there probably thought that this group had already debuted. And I cant really blame you for thinking that way. I mean the group has released 3 successful MVs already. MVs that where both positively recieved and got a whole bunch of clicks to boot. You had the songs Oh Na Na which got over 17 million views, Don’t Recall that got over 23 million views, and then lastly you got their latest one Rumor which is my fave at the moment with over 9 million views. Those are some ridiculously good stats for a rookie group, specially since I guess this is only considered their “Pre-debut” work now.

Yeah yeah I know, it’s good and all but you must be dying to know, “when is it that they will be debuting exactly?” Well according to all the news sites they had already finished up filming for their title track back in May. Which apparently was done in my neck of the woods because they were filming right here in L.A…and Las Vegas too. No I didn’t get a chance to see them unfortunately but it is cool to know that they were in my area. 🙂 The timeline as of now is set for a mid July release, so look forward to that!

I know that I will for sure although I am gonna be a bit weary. They have kinda set the standard/bar really high for themselves. As far as my recollection goes I don’t think I have ever seen a group with so much momentum leading towards their debut. I feel like fans are probably gonna be expecting a lot. All I can do at this point is sit tight and wish them them the best.

Will you be anticipating K.A.R.D.’s official debut? Let me know down in the comments. In case you have never heard of this group before here are their 3 MVs:

Oh NaNa

Don’t Recall



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