Changmo gets freaking Nominated Yo!


Will you look at that! Changmo has just gotten nominated…for a BET award no less!!! Talk about a pleasant surprise. Ever since BTS won a BBMA, I have been hoping for other Korean artists to get more recognition from the West like this. Wasn’t expecting something so soon though which makes this that much more interesting. I’ll be curious to see what the fan reaction will be like.

I say that because much like with BTS, he is nominated in a fan voted category. It’s called “Best International Viewers Choice.” Which means all those peeps who wanna show their support, gotta hit up their twitter with the hashtag:


For those who were previously unaware, Changmo is a Korean Rapper. He has been steadly climbing his way up in the Korean Hip-hop scene for awhile now. You may or may not have noticed but recently more articles have been popping up about him. Making it seem to me like me like he is quickly earning everyones respect. If you have never heard of one of his songs before then this is one I recommend you start with:

I’m all ears

I chose this one because all you kdrama fans out there may have heard it before without realizing you were listening to Changmo. It’s a track from the drama Voice. I would go as far as to say its the best track from that OST. šŸ˜€


Going forward I really hope this grows his International popularity. Specially since by being nominated he has now become a defacto ambassador of Korea. More specifically an ambassador of Korean Hip-Hop. I mean when you think about it, if Western people like his stuff then they will likely wanna seek more out right? And doin’ that will definitely serve to grow the international audience for the genre as a whole. ^_^


So now the question is, do you plan on supporting? Let me know. As of right now he is the only Asian act nominated in any of the categories.


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