Drama Roulette: Something About 1 Percent


Alright so this is gonna be like a little mini review that I have for you peeps today. It’s on a drama that I went into kinda blind and took abit if a chance on recently. The name of it is One Percent of Something and other than knowing that it was a romantic comedy and a remake of a 2003 drama, I knew nothing else going into it. Luckily things turned out ok as I was left pleasantly surprised. For starters it’s got a pretty good runtime with many episodes hitting around the 40 minute mark, which is a real definite plus in my book. Making it a perfect drama to supplement any other ones you may already be currently watching. It’s even doubly good if you have been feeling wrecked and are in need of something to lift up your spirits.

The story is kinda basic yes and slice of life-ish but not in a bad way I swear! It’s actually really good if you are in the mood for something that almost exclusively focuses on the relationship aspect. Of which it centers here around two characters, a hotel manager who has abit of an ego problem but who gets things done and a teacher who has got alot sass about her. The two find themselves brought together because of a marriage/dating contract where a sizeable inheritance is on the line. Yeah it’s one of those. From that your first thought is probably that this will be a typical “rich guy meets a girl outside of his social class” kind of drama….and you wouldn’t be too far off thinking that. Your follow up thought then may be that the guy is gonna start off as a jerk but slowly change because of the girl since that is how these kind of stories usually go…and yeah again you wouldn’t be far off. Although to be fair I do think that compared to jerks in other dramas, the character here does have good qualities that we get to see much sooner. Plus there is something else in here that stands out amongt this seemingly cliche type of a story that I don’t want to understate at all. That is that the girl is not some kind of placemat for our male lead to walk all over in this. A little fact that I feel many will find quite refreshing. 😀


This is probably the best part about this whole show in my opinion and what sets it apart from others with a similar premise. Sure Lee Jae-in , the male lead, drops a lot of insults and is very snarky. Sometimes to a comical degree. But Kim Da-hyun, the female lead, is able to turn it right back at him and bring him down a few notches. Teaching him a thing or two in the process. It’s like watching a tennis match of insults between the two of them sometimes. lol He will say something off putting but then she will serve a sly comment of her own right back at him. I mean this girl is quite pro-active. 🙂 There is even a really cool moment with her when she handles a situation with Jae-in’s ex. It was a very straight forward way of resolvimg things and it took me aback but it made me love her resolve even more.

The downside is that outside our main characters there isn’t so much there. It does lack in the plot development area and it also seems like yet again I  have stumbled on a drama with some weak villains. I guess this is where the shorter run time didn’t help. There is still conflict though it’s just more minimalist and everyday kinda stuff for the most part. Luckily the main focus is almost always on what matters the most in this type of drama which is the couple itself. And oh boy does it deliver with that in every way.


I mentioned that the two argued a lot but there does come that point that we all expect where they start falling for one another. Where our leading lady starts to chip away at our leading man’s heart. Finally getting to see why he became the way he is but also seeing that he hasn’t really been all that bad thus far. Making an actual marriage seem not so out of reach. I don’t think me saying these things is a spoiler since that is what we all go to this type of show to see right? 😛 And what i really liked is that it all happens naturally over time, it wasn’t just a single event that got them interested in eachother. It was more a collection of small moments that build up and to me that makes it feel more real and intimate. Having Jae-in slowly appreciating Da-hyun’s no nonsense attitude and Da-hyun slowly realizing that Jae-in has a good heart under that egotistical exterior. Which does lead to some steamy and passionate kiss scenes as the drama goes along that I guarantee will get your heart racing. It also helps that there is a lot of well written and witty dialogue between them that then contributes to the overall drama by giving it a nice and snappy pace. 😀

That is why I say if you want a nice, fluffy, and heart-warming show…then totally consider this one. You’ll be able to get through it before you know it. It probs wont end up being on any top lists but I think for a brief moment it will lighten up your day and give you smiles. I give this a solid 7.5/10

Let me know your thoughts if you have seen it already and with that, later peeps. See you again soon. ^_^


7 thoughts on “Drama Roulette: Something About 1 Percent

  1. *adds to list* I’ve seen this one advertised on Dramafever, but had not looked into it (had no idea that it has the male lead from “Radiant Office,” which I LOVED!). I just watched a bit of the clip and was amused, so I think I will have to try this one sooner than later. Especially since it’s episodes are of shorter lengths than most dramas I watch. Every now and then I like watching something that does not take an hour, so this will be perfect for those times. Thanks for sharing. 😀

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  2. Due to my recent hiatus, I still haven’t seen the last two episodes and posted about. One of my minor annoyances is some of the bumps and stingers used during some of the latter drama and intrigue scenes. They often felt out of place with the other music used and the general vibe of the series itself. Does it hurt the show? No, it is simply something that doesn’t quite fit.


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