Kpop This WeekEND #6

Looky what I got here. Comeback announcements, news, and new releases… what more does a Kpop fan need? Haha 😛


The Comebacks

WINNER- Between end of July and Early August


First off like always is the comebacks and to start this batch we have non other than WINNER. A group that recently got spotted leaving the country and as a result got people buzzing. So much so that YG decided to put out an official statement. Confirming that yes in fact the group did leave Korea to begin filming their new MV. Yass! Although I must admit I found this kinda surprising cuz I didn’t feel like they had been gone all that long. Then I thought well maybe I just had their song “Really Really” on repeat so much that I didn’t notice their absence. But when I checked out of curiosity I noticed their last release was only 4 months ago. Not gonna complain though cuz you cant go wrong with more from this group. 😀

KNK- July 20th


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This next comeback is a bit different because it’s a repackaged album. They’re taking their second single “Gravity” and putting it in the new album Gravity,Completed. I’m not too sure if the other songs will be new or what not. What I do know is that before this news got my attention I didn’t know who they were as they weren’t on my radar at all. Which I guess just goes to show that this kind of repackaging CAN really work. From the teaser images I have seen this far, the members seem to be going for a pretty classy concept.

Akdong Musician- July 20th


Oh I am so hype for this! This brother-sister duo turned me into a lifelong fan since I saw the MV for 200%. I remember when it was over i caught myself going, “they got me.” That ending was such a surprise and surprises are good. lol  It managed to tell a better “love story: than some of the dramas out there. And yes this is another YG artist. Like aghh, how come their artists are soooo good? I swear that from The Big 3, YG has become my fave.

The two are expected back on July 20th as well. I’m not too sure what the concept is gonna be but the teaser images i saw were kinda creepy. However they could just look like that because we don’t have the proper context. I mean we have been swerved by them in the past so who knows.

B.A.P.- Sometime in August


This last one has very little information out but its B.A.P., meaning I gotz to mention it. They were one of the first Korean hip hop based groups that I ever got into after all. 🙂 making this a much anticipated one, info or no info. And all we got to go on for now is that they should be back sometime in August with a new single. I’m gonna be so on top of this for updates. That’s why you gotta make sure to stay tuned.  😛

And with that we have come to an end in regards to the comebacks. Now let’s go on to the news stories. 😀

The News

Top 10 Most Viewed Kpop MVs of 2017 thus far…

The first thing to get my attention was this little doozey that was released by YouTube. Its the official list of the top 10 Kpop MVs for the first half of 2017. Of course its going based of the views. Its a pretty standard list but glad that one particular OST track was able make it on there. You may recognize it from one of the best romance dramas of the year, Goblin. 😀

Here take a look:

10. GOT 7 – Never Ever
9. Psy – I LUV IT
8. Psy – New Face
7. Big Bang – LAST DANCE
6. TWICE – Signal
5. Chanyeol X Punch – Stay With Me
4. BTS – Spring Day
3. Big Bang – FXXK IT
2. BTS – Not Today
1. TWICE – Knock Knock

Gotta say that I’m a big fan of almost all these groups. Specially BTS and Big Bang. So I’m happy to see them as high up there as they are. Also not too surprised that both of Psy’s videos made the list. You would expect it with the crazy amounts of popularity he garnered from “Gangnam Style”. Speaking of which, it leads to the next story.

Gangnam Style Knocked Down


“Gangnam Style” is no longer the most viewed video on YouTube. 😮 It’s been pushed down by Whiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again.” I think we all knew it couldn’t stay up there forever meaning this was bound to happen eventually but still, it somehow feels so wrong. Or is it just me who feels that way? I kinda expected it to be at the top for a couple more years but hey whats done is done. Or maybe not. O_o Right now there are people who are actively trying to get the views up so that they can get it its spot back. How do I know. Umm, because that’s what a lot of the comments on there are saying. 😛 I personally don’t think having the number 2 spot is too shabby but if that’s not good enough for you and you wanna join this movement too then click here. lol I’ll be truly amazed if this campaign succeeds.  ^_^

Kpop meets Kdramas


Then in some,”when worlds collide” news. We have idols who are crossing over to kdramas. No not as actors. Instead they’re gonna be working on the OST! This type of news might normally not be too interesting for me since I rarely pay attention to drama tracks but these happen to be idols I am familiar with.

First up you got the group Gugudan who will be working on the School 2017 Ost. To be more specific, the theme song titled “I Believe in This Moment.” What’s cool about it is that all 9 members, yes 9, will be working together to create it. Then you got Luna, from f(x), who is working on the Thief, Mr Thief OST. Not sure what kinda track she is working on but I have no doubt it will be dope. Heck both of them have the potential to do amazing but I may lean over to Luna just a tad more. Mostly because f(x) was one of those groups that got me fanboying from the moment they first burst onto the scene. But for realz though I wish ’em both the best and hope both dramas turn out great in general. 😀

New releases

And with all that said, here to close things out are the new releases that caught my eye:

BTS- Come Back Home

By the way, props to BTS for getting a chance to remake this. I know it must have been a real honor since Seo Taiji and Boys are ICONS. They helped shape a lot of what the Korean Hip-Hop scene is today. Also I believe they were among the first to start incorporating English into their songs, which we know a lot of groups do now. And speaking of YG earlier….he was a member. 😮 It’s just unfortunate though that BTS couldn’t be in the video itself but it’s understandable. With their surge in popularity recently they have been over working themselves as it is. Either way I can imagine how hard they must have been fanboying while working on this. 🙂

Jessi- Gucci

Then we got Jessi who I have made a post about before. I know she sometimes gets hate for getting plastic surgery and for being more..liberal. Is that the word I’m looking for? Well lets just say that being raised in the States has made her more free spirited and out there than what Koreans are accustomed to. However that is kinda why I like her. She is very open about her life and has a real swagger about her. So please make sure to check this one out. 😇

Day6- Hi Hello

A group that plays instruments. Don’t really think I need to say more. 😏🙄☺

Zico- Anti(feat. G.Soul)

Just some more Korean Hip-Hop. You might remember him from my post when I recommended the song Bermuda Triangle. The guy always brings it and this is no different. It’s got a nice low-key beat and his rap is smooth AF.

Red Velvet- Red Flavor

Lastly, this one is nice if you are in the mood for something more upbeat and colorful. And oh my is it colorful. It’s also good if you are a fan of fruit…click on it and you will see what I mean.



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    • That’s only a couple days away. You know they’re gonna be breaking the internet that day. It’s gonna be EXO talk everwhere. Haha I fully expect them to hit it outta the park. 🙂


  1. Hey! i wanted to ask you to translate this song
    “Stranger’s Love” (낯선 사람의 사랑) By Jang Jin-Young X The Barberettes
    its from SM STATION S2
    thank you!!!


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