My thoughts on the T.O.P. Situation


Call me naive but I never thought T.O.P.’s drug scandal would become as big as it did. Like the whole ordeal kinda blew my mind. A big part of it probably has to do with me happening to be from a much more liberal place in comparison, California to be exact. You know an area where it’s possible to see people smoking Marijuana out in public on the regular…on account of it not being that much of a big of a deal here anymore. In fact it’s a well known thing that throughout many parts of the U.S. in fact, people have been considering putting it up to a vote actually. Which has slowly been inching us closer to possibly having wide spread recreational use one of these days. Meaning with this type of lax environment I pretty much inherently come at this topic from a less negative standpoint than a lot of Korean fans.

However, please don’t get me wrong. I fully recognize that Korea is its own place which has it’s own set of laws that I do need to respect. So whatever my thoughts may be on whether what he did was wrong or not isn’t all that important in the end. The fact is that he did break a law which makes it only logical for him to get punished for it right? And seeing as he is a popular idol who is a part of an even more popular group, I fully expected this to be a big story. But man I can’t help but feel as if news outlets milked the hell out of this. Like many of them turned/switched into full on tabloid mode don’t you think?

I mean based on the type of outrage the guy got, you woulda thought he had killed somebody or something along those lines. It was crazy the endless stream of articles popping up left and right. Full of hate and openly criticizing every little thing he did to the nth degree and don’t get me started on some of those comment sections. I mean once I saw he got all that crap for simply wearing some make up to his trial…I was done. Cuz you just know that if he had NOT worn any make up he would have been criticized just as much. They probably woulda said something about how this situation is a big issue and he is a public figure therefore he should at least make an attempt to make himself presentable. So he was pretty much damned if you do and damned if you don’t. And that’s just one example.

Now some time has passed and it’s recently been revealed that he’s been sentenced to two years probation with the possibility of 10 months of jail time if he breaks said probation and has also been fined. Making me curious as to where he is gonna go from here. He has said that he will probs not go for an appeal so it looks like the case itself is done now. But something tells me the hate isn’t finished yet and that makes me sad. I hope that people can realize that at the most T.O.P. was hurting himself and not others really. Which in my view means we should send him well wishes to get this drug thing under control and not send hate because that could just make things worse. The guy hasn’t hurt anybody else and he sure as hell hasn’t killed anybody so please calm down a bit. You can still disagree with his actions and be against him but please do it in a civilized manner. And that is really the point I wanna end it on. So feel free to share any thoughts you may have with me down below.

I know this may have seemed like a brief post for this kind of topic but I feel I have seen so much on this that I don’t wanna drag it out much longer. However I did wanna take a sec to put out something on this that wasn’t an attack on him. That is why I now wanna wish T.O.P. the best and hope that he can get back to a good place were he can start focusing on the music or whatever other passions he may have. 🙂



11 thoughts on “My thoughts on the T.O.P. Situation

  1. While I personally do not have an opinion about the law itself,

    I do get the feeling that, “most of the hate has NOTHING to do with the fact that he committed the offense, but rather that he is an idol.”

    In other words, just your everyday people who relish the fall of public figures.

    But yes, this is K-Pop. So once a witch hunt starts it’s going to take a long time before it subsides.

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  2. My heart was breaking when I was reading all the articles. I understand that he broke the law and needed to be punished. (Marijuana is illegal here in Finland as well. Should it be that way is another discussion.)
    What really got me was the way the articles were written. They were so blaming.
    Then the overdose happened and it was quite clear that TOP was suffering from anxiety or similar issues (because the meds were prescribed to him).
    And still the articles blaming him continued.

    It’s just heart-breaking that people don’t get that being supportive and understanding doesn’t mean that you’re approving of what’s been done.


  3. Sorry – this is late. But I agree with you and many of the comments here. So what? Talent is what makes me listen to k-pop. It was a more offensive act, that is one thing but this is really very bottom of my ‘i care’ list of bad things one can do. I agree with one of the comments – I’m learning more about the kpop fandom’s negative side. It’s a little scary.

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    • Yeah the way Kpop fandoms can turn negative, sometimes at the flip of a switch, can be scary and off putting. That is why I tried to create a blog that focuses on the positive aspects. And the times I do criticize things I do try to be as fair and constructive as I can be. I think too many people have forgotten how to disagree in a civil manner and it’s a shame. :/


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