N.Flying is back?



Oh noes! O_O” Guys it seems I’ve made a grave mistake here. I somehow overlooked N.Flying’s newest comeback. It only got put up recently today but I had meant to put out a post hyping it up a couple days beforehand. I guess this news got lost in my notes somewhere and I ended up skipping over it entirely… *facepalm* I know, I can be such a terrible fan sometimes. I guess such is the life when you are constantly spending your time fanboying over so many groups at once. But fret not because I’m gonna turn this negative into a positive by going ahead and talking about this group rock band right now. 🙂

Pretty much what you need to know for starters is that they are under the label FNC Entertainment. Who you may or may not know from producing other rock bands like FT Island and CN Blue. IN fact for some time now, the thing going around was how N.Flying is the 3rd to complete what is known as their “big 3” . Don’t know what I mean by that? Take another look at the initials of the company. Lol (F)FT Island, (N)N.Flying, and (C)CN Blue. Does it actually mean anything, no probs not. However it’s a good way to connect and remember the 3 of them. 😛

With that said let’s get the focus back to N.Flying though. The reason I would recommend them is because they have a different kind of sound going for them than from what is currently all the rage in Kpop at the moment. A big part of that is because they have an interesting mix of both rock and rap. A mix that I don’t think I have ever really heard coming from Korea before. So if your tired of all that edm/trap house stuff that we have been seeing a lot of these days, then this could be a nice new outlett for you.

As for the group members themselves, they’ve been around together since like 2013. But really had their official debut in Korea in 2015. The band consists of only 5 members. You have: Kwong Kwang-jin(rap/bass), Kim Jae hyun(drums), Cha Hun(lead guitar/vocal), Lee Seung-hyub(rythim guitar, vocal, rap) and lastly Yoo Hoe Seung(main vocal). Yoo Hoe Seung is their newest addition this year and quite honestly I feel he completes the group. 🙂

Some neat facts to know about them is that 1. Yoo Hoe Seung, their newest member, was picked up from Produce 101 recently. A show that I Obviously can’t escape as I always seem to end up mentioning it on here, one way or another. O_o And 2. The other neat factoid is that their bassist, Kwong Kwan-jin, was the original bassist for CN Blue. Which I think is far out but sadly it wasn’t something that worked out because of some personal reasons. No need to worry though as things clearly turned out for the best for everyone involved. 🙂

The only real shame here is that they don’t get much exposure because bands as a whole don’t usually get any in Korea. That is why I would implore you to share their music as much as possible if you like them. Any chance for them to get big will most likely need to be from a grass roots approach from the fans themselves. In the meantime here is their newest release for you to check out:


What I love about it is all that high energy and how it immediately hits you with those guitar chords. Its like they are not ashamed to let you know from the start that they are a rock group first and foremost. 😀 Furthermore you just gotta love that “at Sea” concept. Doesn’t get any more summer feeling than being out on the water on a bright and sunny day right? But then you got the overall composition of the track. It feels like the instruments and vocals are all on the same page. They not only mix well, they enhance each other. Both the vocals and instruments know exactly when to hit hard and when to pull back in favor of the other for the biggest effect. 

And with as much talent as I feel is involved with this band, it’s also nice to know that they can have fun and still be as silly as they are. I mean seeing them playing with their instruments in the backround as things were getting crazy was funny. Particularly that drummer. He kept being in the backround playing his drums away in like every shot. 😛 Plus I liked how it was filmed. It felt over the top and ridiculous but there where some cool filming techniques in there at the same time. Giving it a fresh feeling. I would venture to say this is their best work as a group to date. It may even be one of my most fave MVs of the year.

P.S. A lot of people have gotten shook by that ending… biggest twist in Kpop in a long while. haha
So what about you peeps, what do you think about this band? Like always until next time. 🙂



Here is the first song by them I ever checked out. It better showcases how they can incorporate a mix of rap/hip-hop


2 thoughts on “N.Flying is back?

    • Not sure if I can commit to calling it my favorite of the year so far but it is without a doubt the most fun for me. I must have hit that replay button like at least a hundred time already. lol 🙂


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