Weight-loss: August Update

20170804_120518-1We’ve reached that point again guys, when I venture out from my normal Kdrama/Kpop happenings to instead shine a quick light on my current weight-loss antics and whatnot. Which for today I thought it would be fantastic if I started by sharing this new discovery I made. It’s a park that I found in my neighborhood let’s say sometime, about a week ago? But what makes it special and pretty effin’ cool all around is that it has what you would call an “outdoor workout station”.” I’ve actually seen and been to one these type of parks before but this is the first time I ever found one in my area so I’ve been feeling pretty hype about it. I was just thinking about buying some new equipment but hey it looks like I’m not gonna need to anymore, which makes me pretty happy. So I guess you can call this find a major win. ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s doubly cool here however, is that so far on both the days I’ve gone, there has been no one else there. Meaning I get to use all that awesome equipment all by my lonesome self. >:) haha ๐Ÿ˜› Probably that’s just cuz it’s summer though and it’s really hot here in California at the moment. Either way I plan on continuing to take full advantage of this situation.


And like I just said, I have only gone twice so far but both times I came back sore as all hell. Which is great because it tells me that I can get an actual workout with these machines. At first I was worried that because of all the training I’ve been doing at home that maybe these might all be too easy at this point thus defeating any purpose of this find. Luckily that is NOT the case at all. While there are in fact some beginner friendly things to get you started here, there are also some harder ones for those who have already been at their weight-loss thing for sometime.

Then to move on from all that stuff, I have also been trying to get my sugar addiction under control lately. I was almost getting there, like really really close, but then I started falling victim to that Ice Cream…-_- I’m serious when I say that I don’t actually eat anything else that has processed sugar in it because I have managed to cut soda, chocolate, chips, etc. already. However lately I can’t seem to give up on that Cookies N’ Cream Ice Cream. It’s sooooooooooo good. Aghh!! @_@. My current approach is to wean of it little by little. That is why everyday I have been eating less than the day before. My plan is to at least make it a “sometimes” food and not to keep it as an “everyday” food like I have been.

I’m really focusing on this because I feel I got the exercise part down already. I mean I have muscles that are easily visible now. Which is something that has only started to have happened more recently. I have even gotten to my original target weight of 170lbs. Heck I’m actually at 167lbs at the moment. However I have realized that going forward if I wanna loose any more fat it’s gonna come down to what I eat. Because I am already working out like 30min to 45min a day and I’ve been too static in my numbers as of late.

Therefore, I hope that around this time next month I can make a follow up post proudly proclaiming this addiction of mine finally under control. As far as everything else is concerned I will try to make a more in depth post next week, talking about what my current weight-loss schedule is like and what new things I have learned a long the way. Please do try to keep an eye out for it. ^_^ Specially if you have been looking to get started on your own fitness journey.

With all that said I will see you next time. Like always thank you so much for taking time to read this. ๐Ÿ˜€


6 thoughts on “Weight-loss: August Update

  1. All I can say is that your weight loss journey has been amazing. Awesome that you have lost so much. Sugar is evil. I cut 98% of added sugar from my diet almost 2 years ago and my taste for it has changed as well. A hint of added sugar for me in m y food can be too sweet for me now. So it’s possible to train your taste buds to not like added sugar. Having said that, my weakness? French fries! Carbs are not good, either, if eaten too much.

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