Life Lessons with BTS #3


Hold up, you didn’t think I abandoned this series did you because it’s back baby! Here better than ever before. This time touching on something I’m sure we’ve all been told at one point or another. That’s this idea that cellphones have been slowly taking over our lives. You have probs heard this notion being preached about by countless parents, other adults, people in the media, etc. Down to where it may seem unlikely that we will hit any new ground-breaking development on the matter anytime soon. With that said though BTS does have a song out there sharing their perspective on this exact topic. One that’s aptly titled, “Can You Turn Off Your Cellphone,” and it is one that I think warrants a listening to. If only because it’s done in true BTS fashion. Meaning you get some eloquent lyrics, a nice beat, and what I think is a really catchy hook to the song. Here check it out first:

Ok now before I get to anything let me address the elephant in the room. The fact that BTS themselves have gone on record plenty of times saying that they themselves wouldn’t be able to live without their cellphones. A point they clearly back up by the sheer amount of time they spend all over social media… ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA. lol Whether it’s their Bangtan Bombs on YouTube, tweets on twitter, countless posts on the V app, etc. It’s enough to make them seem kinda hypocritical at first look, not gonna lie. That is until you delve a bit deeper and realize that the song may not in fact BE anti-cellphone. Wait whaa?

Am I starting to tickle your brain here? 😛 Because based on the title I get it, you might of assumed that this would be about how we should all go out and do something extremely outlandish…like I don’t know maybe get rid of our cellphones. Specially when the hook is something along the lines of how phones are supposed to be smarter and yet we are getting dumber. I mean that’s a pretty good diss to cellphones. But yet, nope that’s not the meaning I came out with. 😛

Mostly I attribute that down the type of situations found in these lyrics. When you think about them they are all things that are problems not because the phone is making people do things. It boils down to the lack of self control or lack of enforced social etiquette. Like with other BTS songs it calls out the failure of people and what I suppose you would call personal responsibility. And the more it goes along the more it seems like they are singing about people who have outright become addicted because of this.

Also I just gotta take a sec to point out that they clearly speak from experience. Why, because they adequately express a lot of the problems I and I’m sure many of you have run into. Which is why I like the heads on approach this song takes. Best of all though is that these situations brought up by the lyrics are actually fixable. Without needing to eliminate cellphones!…So yay? 😛 Seriously though all  it’s gonna take is some effort on our part. By calling out some of this nonsense when we see it, just like BTS does in this song. If we as a society can come together on this we can make a positive change. In the meantime however, here are some of the situations I found the most relatable to me:

  • “Look at my face and give me attention”

This is probs the most common you will ever come across from all of these. I mean how many times have you been talking to someone yet they don’t mind you any attention because their too busy looking at that screen in their hands. Chances are you don’t bring it up though right? In fact that is probs why they continue to do it. Because they know they can get away with it.

  • “Talking face to face is an old story now”

Remember when people would meet up or at the very least actually use their phones to talk…well now it seems like it’s all about texting. Which wouldn’t be a problem but we’re reaching that point where there are people who actually get angry if you don’t text before you call. And that’s becoming more norm. Not only that but I have even seen people texting when they are in the same room. How do they not see that as a weird thing to do? O.O

  • I hate your (tap), I hate your (Swoosh)

Seriously though this ties back to the first situation. If someone is talking can’t you put down the phone for a second. Maybe you really are listening but it would be nicer to have your undivided attention for just a moment. Hearing your clicking and tapping sounds can be very distracting… 

  • “You’re busy updating again, on facebook or twitter.”

I understand people wanna share their lives but things can get so out of hand sometimes. Specially if most of your fondest moments where viewed through a camera lens and not your own eyes. It’s not like you’re really gonna go back and see all those previous things you shared. Not if you have been sharing everything, that would be impossible! O_O

So with little snippets like those hopefully you can see that none of these problems are truly the phones fault. It all boils down to human behavior here and what we as society have deemed socially acceptable. Although like I said earlier all these things could change. We just need to start speaking out. And if you are one of those people who are constantly using their phones then hopefully this song can bring to light the things you have been doing and show you properly the other perspective. That way you can see what you need to cut back on and/or fix.

In the end cellphones are just a piece of technology. A pretty amazing one that can be easy to rely on because it CAN do sooo much. Which does makes it easier to get addicted than other things, but hey remember it can become/remain mostly positive by maintaining a proper degree of etiquette. Maybe it won’t magically fix everyone’s addiction overnight but it could help prevent people of the future from falling down a similar path. And luckily I think this is getting some traction but only time will tell.

Well do you agree with my assessment? Maybe I projected too much of my own thoughts in this post, let me know in the comments. ^.^ Until next time.

3 thoughts on “Life Lessons with BTS #3

  1. You want to hear something really funny? I just bought my first smartphone on my 41st birthday this year. I kid you not, I did not own a smartphone prior to early this year. I actually had people thinking I was lying to them 😂 Since owning it, I still don’t do a lot of stuff with it, so I guess I am still not like most people anyway. Enjoyed this post, it was a fun read 😀


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