Telling People I Like K-pop


This may sound uninteresting to many but truth be told, I’ve never had any troubles in this regard. No, Seriously. Ok let me think about it again just to be double sure here….umm……hmm..🤔(this is me thinking btw)…nope not a single bad experience comes to mind. Am I just lucky? Yeah I suppose that could be the case. Not many get a chance to grow up with parents/friends who were as open minded and supportive as mine were growing up. But I should also give some credit to the fact that I was never one to shy away from the things I liked to begin with. You would be surprised how easy it is to get away with liking and doing stuff if you just have the confidence to go with it. 😀

Like I wanna say I was 13 when I first discovered Kpop. And ever since then I have had no qualms about blasting it loud and proud through my headphones or through my speakers. I still very much remember back to the first time my parents noticed this. They were all like, “what’s that?” All I responded with was, “It’s Korean Pop Music,” and ever since they’ve been cool with it. Sometimes they would even sit by me and listen along! They for sure were a bit surprised at first but for them as long as I wasn’t doing something that may end up hurting me or others, they were pretty lax. Probs helped that I was a very straight and narrow kid. Again parents tend to be more supportive if you behave, yeah I know what a novel concept right. 😇☺

As far as my friends were concerned, they were pretty supportive too. 🙂 I think this is due to me being open minded myself. I was never negative on the things they liked therefore they were never negative on the things I liked. It was like we had this understanding from the very beginning that there was no way we were gonna like everything the other person liked and you know what, that was ok. What really matters is that we gave things a try and if we had any negative reactions to something we would be honest about it but then we would move on. No need to dwell on negativity when there is so much positivity out there to focus on instead. At least that’s my motto. ^_^ Plus with as many Kpop songs as there were out there, it was almost a given I could get them into at least one of them. 😉 For example, many of my friends got into that SORRY,SORRY craze. It’s too fun to NOT do that dance when apologizing for something.  😅

Now stranger’s reactions could vary the most though. I’ll admit that yes sometimes I got some “interesting” stares from people. Particularly I must admit when my phone would ring O.O… Why then you ask. Well that’s because for the longest time Exo‘s Growl has been my actual ringtone. Haha And every time it goes off, well you can just imagine. Reactions can range anywhere from straight up confusion all the way to bright smiles from all those people who recognize it. Lol In fact it’s a pretty good way to see who the Kpop fans in the room are. 😛 I’ve met some awesome people that way.

Oh and here is that song in case your curious:

But the real question is, is there a takeaway in all this? I guess it would mainly be for you to not put so much focus on what other people may think and more simply put, just do you your own thing. Nice things can truly happen that way. And if anything thing else, please do try to be open minded yourself. I mean you can’t go on expecting others to be if you’re not right? And if you happen to be around people who are giving you trouble for something as harmless as Kpop, well then use it as a learning experience for how NOT to be in the future. Make sure you grow up to be one of those adults who will actually be open to the things your kids might like. Trust me that will make you an awesome parent someday. That is how my parents were and it made for the funnest childhood ever!

And yeah that’s basically all I wanted to say. How about you guys? Did you have a radically different experience than me when you let people know you liked Kpop? Feel free to share your stories. And remember if you ever need a Kpop buddy out there you can atleast count on me. ^_____^


16 thoughts on “Telling People I Like K-pop

  1. I think the first thing I heard is: They all look the same
    XD I think Kpop get more well-known so people are more open.
    I remember when I was a kid, I told my classmate I love anime and manga, and they gave me a dirty look like they like watching drama is a super fancy thing.
    But seriously, if I hear someone ringtone is Kpop or anime song, my eyes will light up and feel super happy that I find people have similar interest. 😉

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  2. Oh my gosh, I remember trying to explain what Kpop was to my friends. And saying ‘Korean pop music’ wasn’t enough for them, so I got into detail about groups and maknaes and everything. Oh and btw, have you seen BTS’ Love Yourself video. It’s so cute! ❤️

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  3. I did get dirty look from my friends when I would say I like Anime or manga, the usual those are children stuff (even if it is, what’s wrong with that?) though never from my parents. Being a good kid does help. My first encounter with kpop was sorry, sorry and that’s only because my best friend knew I liked Anime and so she didn’t hesitate showing me something that wasn’t mainstream. But all of this was years ago, people’s attitude has changed just a bit and I’ve also learned not to care.

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  4. Fantastic post with some great advice 🙂 My family is fine with my love for kdrama and kpop. Dad thinks it’s weird but leaves it at that while Mom is pretty supportive. I was able to get my sister interested in both on a more low key level. Despite my kpop ringtones and my awesome BTS shirt, I still haven’t attracted any other fans in real life though, lol

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  5. Great to see Kpop giving you good experiences and giving you a way to meet awesome people. I’m sure you’ll be a cool parent one day. But try me, a 30s adult liking Kpop. 😂 Got used to the quirky reactions though as I’ve been here since 2009. I’m just glad to see how it brings people together just enjoying music. I met really good friends, young and old, through Kpop. *whispers* p.s. I love BTS too. 😂

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  6. Now that I think about it, my parents never really showed any interest in what I like. They know about a few, like manga and anime but my mother doesn’t really care and my father thinks that they are stupid. I only told two people that I like K-pop, one of them is my uncle who laughed a bit as a reaction and the other is a close friend of mine who doesn’t seem to be interested to find out more about it.


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