Let’s Get Ready for BTS

Yes that’s correct everybody BTS is coming back real soon! And not only do we now have an official title for the album, Love Yourself ‘Her,’ we also have an official release date. It was recently confirmed that it’ll be available on, can I get a drum roll please? *drum roll* September 18th!!! 😀 Which to those of you who have been following the rumor mill, that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. We’ve actually known for quite sometime that it was highly likely to be released then. Making it kinda weird that Big Hit Entertainment didn’t just go and flat out admit it much sooner. But whateves the reason for that may be let’s just be excited. We get to have more BTS content sooner rather than later and that alone is enough for us to go out and celebrate. Although if you still consider the wait to be dreadful then you should consider pre-ordering their album in the meantime. By the time you read this it WILL be possible. Pre-orders go up on August 25th. And considering how passionate this fan base can be, I won’t be surprised if they end up breaking the internet…😆🤣😅

Anyways until ne

Wait a minute, hold up! I can’t end this post just like that can I? I mean I’m sure many of you probs already heard this news by now anyways. That is why in honor of this comeback I thought I would be cool to go the extra mile. Use this as a launching point to share some of  my fave BTS related things up to now. In what is bound to be a quasi selfish attempt where I’m gonna try to get you hyped up even more, but in all honesty I’m kinda really trying to hype myself up too. Hahaha 😛 So ready up cuz I’m getting started.

Fave BTS member


Jeeez I’m starting off strong here ain’t I? X_X. I know normally picking biases/faves is actually relatively easy. There is always that one member that gets our attention early on. But it hasn’t been so easy to pick when it comes to BTS. Because every member has that “something” that makes them shine. With that said though, I have finally settled on one and that member is non other than J-hope. 🙂 In all honesty it’s like I GOTTA pick him because he is the most like me out of all of them. That’s cuz I also have what you would call a “switch mode.”

Wait you don’t know what I mean by that? O_o That’s ok. Basically it means that on the “flip of a switch” he can go from being ridiculously funny to being dead on serious and focused. I know that’s pretty much describing all the members in a nutshell. Like I would even say making that discovery is part of the process to become an ARMY. One sec you think they’re all bad boys then the next you start watching clips of them from behind the scenes and quickly realize they are a bunch of dorks. XD

But come on deep down in your heart you already know don’t you, that from BTS, J-hope is on a whole nother level of extra-ness. Like one moment you will see him do a ridiculous over the top cover of a girl group *coughs*… Red Velvet… then the next he will be all serious and focused like he was in Boy Meets Evil. Which man… that shizz left me completely awestruck 😮 I simply couldn’t believe the high levels of charisma that he was able to reach in that. And them dance moves too. Even with the easy moves you could feel the extra “pop” in his step. It’s no surprise considering how popular he was in the past during his underground dancer phase. From what I recall he had been part of a street dance team during that time and even competed at some places. There’s no doubt on my mind that helped him develop the style he is known for today.  All the more reason to sing his praises.

Which gets us to the next thing…

Fave BTS Choreography

As far as Group Choreography goes I don’t think you can get better than BTS. In fact I consider them the best in the business. The only group to even come close would probs be EXO. Of course that’s all subjective though but it is how I feel at the moment. So picking just one choreo ain’t easy to say the least. I mean do I go with something like Dope that has a ridiculous amount of footwork or do I go with something older like Boy in Luv which has good position changes. Aagh, so many tough decisions..

All in all I think I would have to go with I Need U. The choreo for that simply complements the song itself so well. All that passion/emotion from the lyrics really translates and come across in the moves. It’s become so that I can’t picture the song without them. The only things that saddens me is that the choreography wasn’t able to make it onto the MV itself.

Fave BTS Performance

Based on what I said only a sec ago you might think I would go ahead and pick a stage version of I Need U but nope that is not the case here. 😛 Haha what a plot twist. Instead I’d have go a bit further back and pick their showcase of the song Jump. It’s NOT my fave song and it doesn’t even have that good of a choreo. so why that one?

Honestly it’s down to the fact that for whatever reason it never fails to make me feel “turnt up.” It’s such an energetic and fun song in that way. And that only goes to make it feel strange that Suga wrote and produced it! I always thought he would make something darker and more edgy. At that point in their career and even now I have never thought of him as the “fun” one. O.O lol  Plus the showcase version is  how I first stumbled onto it to begin with. You see it doesn’t have a music video unfortunately. So yeah I guess that’s why when I think of “BTS performances” this is the first that comes to mind. And when I put it like that how can I not pick it?  O_o

Fave BTS Song Without A Music Video

Oh and Speaking of songs that don’t have a music video. How come Baepsae never got one? From all their more hip-hop leaning songs it’s my fave. Heck I would argue it’s one of the best they EVER made  period. Not only is it pleasing to the ears, its even got a great message behind it that never fails to get me motivated.

Like it’s basically a song about pushing forward and climbing up the social ladder. Despite whatever negative comments some of the people on top might say to try and keep you down. Or despite the unfairness of others being able to move up simply because they lucked out with having everything since birth. If that notion of rebelling and winning through hard work isn’t worthy of a music video… then I don’t know what is 🤔🙄😣

Fave Miscellaneous BTS content

And to close this out I got my fave Bangtan Bomb ever. Ok that might be a stretch but it’s good, you can mark my words on that. It’s Jimin and V playing with an app and annoying their fellow members with it. I’ll admit it’s real stupid but hey I’ve done something similar to this to my friends too at one point or another, so I relate. Is that mean of me? Yeah probs it is and I should not have admitted that but keep in my mind that my friends have gotten their revenge….plenty of times Lol

Anyways it goes to show those other sides of BTS perfectly. The fact that they are a bunch of goofballs but also that they put in a lot of work hours into what they do, to the point where you see them here being all tired. In general I recommend you search more of these out because this is one of those groups where their back stage antics can be just as entertaining as their main projects. They are a lively bunch and make even the most mundane really entertaining.

Well that’s all folks. I woulda shared more but I wanna make sure I have more to talk about at a later date. Yes that’s right you can expect way more BTS related posts in the near future. For now feel free to share some of your BTS faves down in the comments below. Remember this is a zone where it’s safe to fanboy/fangirl your little hearts out. 😀 Until next time.

22 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ready for BTS

  1. You know I’d comment 😂 Hobi is such a sunshine 😍☀️ Tho, I would always go for Seokjin I love him so much 😭 I’d go for Danger tho for the choreo Idk I just love the steps especially in chorus! Fire would be fun to dance along to as well! For the performance, I’d go for Spring Day. They got me on their dance practice of that so yeah 😌 I laughed about Yoongi! He’s definitely so savage but we all know he’s a softie inside. The song without a music video that I like so much is of course, 2!3! I love how they care so much about the ARMYs it makes me want to tear up just thinking of it. Overwhelming. Bless the Bombs for keeping us behind the scenes. It’s always fun to watch their antics! I’d love their Bon Voyage segments though. I live for bare faced/sleepy/lost/sweaty/hyped Bangtan 😍😌

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  2. My bias is J-Hope too and my favorite choreography is the one for Blood Sweat and Tears. I think Seventeen’s choreographies are also very good and their synchronization is incredible. I haven’t watched many BTS performances so I don’t have a favorite and I agree with what you wrote about Baepsae. My favorite BTS miscellaneous content is when the boys take pictures with big snakes and J-Hope gets scared. I don’t even remember how many times I’ve rewatched the part when the caretaker puts the snake on J-Hope’s shoulders and he looks like his soul left him. 😀 For him probably it wasn’t that funny but I laughed so much at his reaction and expressions.

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  3. Thank you for reminding me about this, now my wallet is crying and so does I. My bias is Suga btw, my fave choreography goes to 좋아요 Part 2 cos hip-thrust is life, my fave perf would be their MAMA 2016 Perf and lastly my fave song w/o MV is…..Hold Me Tight!

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  4. I can’t wait for their comeback! (Or for the chance to check out the album preorder: I tried looking up Kpoptown last night, but the site was down!) I’m really terrible at actually watching stages and dance practices, but one special performance that always stands out to me for them is their cover of Perfect Man: it’s one of my favorite Shinhwa songs of all time, and Jimin was INCREDIBLE as he covered it. (Speaking of Shinhwa, Jungkook’s Celebrity Bromance episodes with Shinhwa’s Minwoo were really cute! I’ve said before that my impossible variety show dream is one where Minwoo mentors dancers from different Kpop groups, haha.)

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  5. V bias here! Fire is my fave bts choreo and love is not over is my fave BTS song. I can’t totally wait on their comeback for sure it would be lit! And MAMA 2017 awards as well! I’m just very excited! 😍

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  6. Yes! I didn’t Stan BTS just for nothing and definitely not just for looks. They are amazing, down to earth ,crazy and spontaneously creative group so no wonder many of us loves everything they are making! 😉


  7. The entire rap line is my bias!

    But if I *had* to choose one, it would definitely be Rap Monster. He was the first one I could consistently identify + his proportions are TO DIE FOR. lol. What sealed the deal for me was coming across this one Problematic Men episode and my jaw just dropped because apparently he’s also freaking smart!!! Like top-1%-of-Korea smart. WOW.

    Fave Choreography is a tough one, because I’m not well-versed in dance… But I’d go with Dope maybe?

    Fave Performance is Cypher Pt 4 HANDS DOWN!! And Cypher Pt 3. Hahahaha. My bias is showing 😅😅

    Fave Song without an MV is Look Here! It’s such a hype-you-up song. And until recently, Spine Breaker. HAHAHA.

    Fave Miscellaneous BTS content is them reacting to their Blood Sweat Tears performance and them reacting to their BST MV as well!!

    Sorry for the long af comment, I got carried away!! HAHAHA!


  8. GREAT UPDATE! And I am so psyched about the come-back! Woo-Hoo! As I am relatively a newbie to K-Pop, this is my first comeback experience EVER! I missed the EXO Ko Ko Bop come-back by just a couple of weeks as I knew about them, liked 2 songs of them only and didn’t get into this whole new world until early August. Yup – I was a total k-pop virgin up until then!

    I love how the Maknae line likes to bug Jin. The poor guy but his reactions are priceless! I don’t blame them for wanting to get a rise out of him. Pure entertainment. I like the video you posted especially. I saw one other video with the scene where they are annoying Jin w/ that app and the translation of what he said was priceless – “I feel overly burdened now!”

    I agree with you that picking a bias from BTS is difficult. My daughter, being 13, is all about V, though from time to time, she says Suga and Rapmon can be a bias wrecker. But they are unique. Where my EXO bias is Kai, each BTS member has something really cool and charismatic about them. Which makes them fun to watch both on and off stage because pool that all together and it’s a pretty wild time!

    My fave choreography is either Fire or Boy In Luv. Fire and Not Today are my fave MVs. Song, though – hard to choose. It depends on my mood I suppose! Do I want something more low-key are full of energy?


  9. My favorite performance is Bapsae especially during their Epilogue concert. Bapsae is meant for Jhope. He nailed it! Of course I also love I Need U and Butterfly. ❤ Well, tbh, I love all of their songs and choreos. Hahaha. They nailed it everytime. (hearteyes)


  10. ahhhh I LOVE JHOPE HE IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFEEEEEEE. also i am ready to die from this comeback ahahah. please check out my new post about the comeback on my blog ❤


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