A re-FRESHed HyunA 😇



Alrighty then let me see if I can get this blog of mine rolling again. And what better way of doing that than by touching upon my Queen HyunA’s return. Of course I’m talkin’ about her new title track called Babe. Because my oh my, she came back slaying it like she always does. Am I right..or am I right?? Lol Yeah she never fails at making me proud to be called a HyunA fanboy. hehe From her brief stint in Wonder Girls to 4Minute to all the way ’till now, what an interesting journey she has been through. 😛 I mean for the longest time throughout all her various concept incarnations I’ve always thought that there was something special about her. And yes I’m fully aware she isn’t necessarily the best at dancing, singing, or even rapping. However I feel she has been good enough to where her persona/charisma has been able to carry her over straight to the top. Making me think of her as someone sorta on the lines of a Britney Spears type. And no I don’t mean that as a knock on her cuz Britney is awesome. 🙂



I make the comparison instead mostly because they share that “thing” where once they go on stage they simply know how to electrify and put on a good show. Like if you haven’t looked at any of her live performances please take the time to do so. They can get a bit risque at times for sure but not to the levels that some of our own Western Acts can get into. And I’m sure if you go over and take a quick peek you won’t be able to look away. You’ll probs just end up going on a HyunA binge watching marathon. That’s because she has an aura that draws you in. Like I’m sure that even if she is surrounded by awesome dancers your eyes will immediately go to her. Only to then notice that not only do her moves “pop” more because of her facial expressions but also that she seems to have actual fun when performing. And those are the reasons I always anticipate her comebacks.




Oh and yeah I know, she was recently back with that whole 365 FRESH thing but what can I say. That wasn’t enough for me.. I’m selfish and needs me some more HyunA action. And on that train on thought, may I say that this new MV, Babe, actually turned out to be even more fresh than that song. Like this one somehow manages to be both chill AND upbeat at the same time. I really like when an artist can pull something like that off because it’s rare. Plus some of the notes, visuals, and yes fashion really standout in this thanks to their retro 80s/90s inspired feel. And while I wasn’t born in the 80s and have only a vague memory of the 90s I can’t help but feel like this captured a similar energy from those periods. If that makes any sense. Specially with some of the moves she does.

However when it comes down to the lyrics I’m not too sure on what to think. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate them. If anything I’m STILL figuring them out if you will. That’s cuz at first I had assumed that the lyrics were about a girl feeling younger and younger because of love. But now I’ve been seeing people in the comments sections talking about a much darker meaning. About how it’s a song commentating on the current status of the music industry.  Like their want for younger and younger artists. O_O Now taking the energy and vibe of the performances of the song it’s hard for me to come to that conclusion. But I am keeping an open mind and it makes me wanna take a closer look at the lyrics which I think is a big positive.

Either way in the end I think it’s a song both fans and even non-HyunA fans are bound to enjoy. BUT come on, how can there still be such a thing as a non hyuna fan among us? hmmm O_o Anyways though I think this will probs win you over mostly thanks to it being a nice break from her more “standard” pop songs that we had been getting lately. I mean for starters we get more of a focus on her softer vocals this time around. Something I think we haven’t gotten too much of at least when it comes to the past couple of title tracks. So what a nice change of pace if you thought her last title songs have kinda been starting to tread too much on similar waters. But don’t get me wrong, this is still very much a Hyuna Type song so you will get some booty shaking in there. Hahaha It’s just not too overbearing if that’s not your thing.

Meaning in conclusion, if you have never checked HyunA out before or if you have but haven’t liked her past stuff, then this is a good point to jump in or try again. So how bout it? Let me know if you will give this song a try. And if you have then please share your thoughts on it ok. ^____^


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