BTS and EXO, Oh My!

Yes you’ve read the title correctly peeps. Today I’m gonna be talking about non other than the Juggernauts of K-pop themselves, both BTS and EXO. ๐Ÿ˜€

But no needs to be worried because I ain’t about to go pitting these groups against each other or anything remotely like that. I’m nowhere near thaaat cray cray. I’m pretty sure if I even attempted it that would be a sure fire way to get both fandoms to turn on me. And yeeeaah who in their right mind would want that? O.O” Also as it so happens to be I’m actually a part of BOTH fandoms myself anyways. So really what I have in mind is to use this post as an opportunity to share my thoughts on some of the news that has dropped recently involving these 2 amazing groups. And honestly speaking, it was pretty much a no brainer to allocate these stories here together in the first place. Since there is bound to be some crossover in fandoms with them having a record of being so similar and all. That’s why that’s exactly what I wanna do. ๐Ÿ˜€

Bringing us right over to the first order of business on here, the fact that EXO has dropped a new MV! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Now many of you were probs anticipating it from the get-go but for me this was a thing that got me by total surprise. Since I had been so busy with life that news that this would even be happening went completely under my radar. Thus the only reason I did find out about it was because the video happened to be trending on freaking YouTube. Which I gotta say major props to EXO for that achievement. This so far is only the third kpop artists I’ve seen with my own eyes trend on there. Like you had PSY obviously, then more recentlyย Girls Generation, and now EXO too!!!

I guess it shouldn’t come to be much of a surprise though since they are one of the biggest K-pop groups ever. So instead let me shift the focus to the fact that I loved this MV. Possibly even more so than I liked Ko Ko Bop. Ok maybe the song itself wasn’tย better but I do think the MV as a total package for sure was. Because I really liked the animations at the start and all the cheesy green screen with all those bad affects. It gave it some charm. And like with a lot of K-pop music videos I liked the use of all those bright colors that we got. It made this feel more lighthearted and fun than what I’m overall use to when it comes to this group in particular. It made for a nice break from their more hip-hop centered tracks if you will.

If I compared the video to anything it would have to be to the likes of a group like Crayon Pop and maybe the duo CoCoSori too. Wait actually it may be like an amalgamation of the two. That’s cuz with Crayon Pop the comparison comes to from their song,ย FMย . To which if you have seen that, I bring it up because that MV played on the whole Japanese Sentai/Sailor Moon type aesthetics that this video kinda goes for too. And in terms of CoCoSori, I’m reminded of them because they also throw in weird effects for the fun of it. Meaning if you like those two groups you will no doubt love this. Or if you love this and are unaware of those groups I just mentioned then consider checking them out as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

For Now here is EXO’s Power:

Then that gets us straight over to the other piece of business which is BTS related of course. But before I get to that I have to bring something else that ties into it. That’s the fact that BTS not too long ago was reported to have shattered a new record. Yeah I know, what’s new? Haha They seem to keep breaking all sorts of records and popping up all over the internet every single day. However this one is big because as it turns out they have already sold over 1 million copies of their new album… over 1 MILLION and that shizz hasn’t even released yet!!! That’s right we are talking about pre-order sales alone. Impressed? Well that’s only taking into account Korea! If you were to take international sales into account too then that number would be astronomicaly larger. O_O

All this done before BTS even released an official trailer, concept images, etc to start their promotions. Which btw they finally released a trailer for their new album a mere 2-3 days ago..featuring Jimin. And was it any good? You bet your butts it was good. Like you had Jimin in it singing with his soothing voice while the music video maintained that beautiful cinematography that BTS videos have come to be known for. My fave moment in case you are curious comes at the 00:45 second mark. The spectacle combined with his higher voice inflection made for a breathtaking shot. Heck I’d also say the overall composition was killer too while I’m at it. The only thing that it lacked for me if anything was some choreography, but hey I’m sure we’ll get some good stuff in there with the official release. So at this point my only goal is to survive ’till then. lol Because I swear my hype is reaching dangerous levels….. Here is the video if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet:

But what about you peeps? What were your thoughts in all this? I would seriously love to know so share them down in the comments and let’s get these discussions going. ๐Ÿ˜€


14 thoughts on “BTS and EXO, Oh My!

    • I think Power is more fun that Ko Ko Bop but Ko Ko Bop is more lit than Power. So both are really good for different reasons. ๐Ÿ˜€ And yeah Serendipity was amazing. Always fun when they release videos focused on one of the members.


  1. Ah Serendipity was beautiful! Both vocally and aesthetically. As I approach my one year fan anniversary of BTS, I’m constantly amazed at the achievements they have made, and I get excited with every broken record. Love BTS!

    I did really enjoy Ko Ko Bop by EXO too. I’m more hit or miss with them, but I have several songs by them that I love and Ko Ko Bop is probably only second to Growl. Good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Yeah it feels so good to see BTS break all those records. I still remember back when they first debuted I told my friend I had a good feeling about them. But she was all like, they aren’t from a big company so they’ll probably wont go too far. Oh how wrong she was. Lol They have gone from being the underdogs straight to the top. Becoming one of the most recognizable faces of all Kpop. ๐Ÿ˜€

      And as far as Exo goes they are almost on par with BTS for me. In fact they were for awhile my fave boygroup. And yeah Growl is still my fave song of theirs. The choreo is fantastic and that beat is so catchy. I find myself humming it from time to time. haha

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  2. I love both groups but Jimin is my ultimate bias at the moment so… Having said that Power MV was not my fave but I do like the song! Checkout the live comeback performance for it though. My other bias Kai has a solo in the choreo that will not disappoint! Slick.

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    • Yes I have. Every now and then I catch myself doing the whistling part too. Haha ๐Ÿ™‚ Although I gotta say Go Go and MIC Drop are my two favorites from the album. Specially after watching the choreographies. One gives you the lit side of BTS while the other gives you the goofy side. ๐Ÿ˜€


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