Big Hit Drops New Teaser For DNA


Last night I was out with some friends and didn’t get back till the wee hours of the morning. Got home sooo tired that I’ve been out cold until only minutes ago. And what do I wake up to? Non-stop notifications that BTS has officially released a new teaser, for their MV DNA! I was like, “quick to the internets!” So I opened up YouTube and searched the video out and as of watching it the thing has already ranked up over 4 million views. 😮 It’s only been up what, 6-7 hours? You ARMYs are too strong. hahaha This time around we got a Jungkook-centric video and yeah pretty much fans have been left Jungshook as they say. 😉

Marking this as a great follow up to Serendipity. Which was a fantastic piece of marketing for them. However if you recall despite how much I loved it, there was one tinsy tiny thing that I wanted that the previous video didn’t give me. Remember what it was?… Yup, some choreo. And with this new video I have now been teased. Unfairly teased cuz we got only a little brief glimpse of it but teased nonetheless 😛😝 And oh what a build up to it it was.

So pretty much this was my reaction. I hit play and as soon as that big hit logo popped up my blood got pumping. Then Jungkook showed up on screen whistling and I was like ok is this whistling thing gonna play a big part of the song? I can dig that. Then he proceeded to start walking and taking his sweet time getting to where he needed to. lol And I was just there getting closer and closer to my screen in anticipation wondering what the heck was about to go down. SO I’m like waiting, and waiting, oh and yes waiting some more. Then the other members pop up on screen too looking all snazzy but like they’ve been there waiting for Jungkook as well. 😛

That’s when the shizz went down! Jungkook assumed his position up in front and the beat started kicking in. And we got that whistling from before being incorporated into the song itself. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of the choreo like I said before and thus the video cuts right off, just as it was getting good. That’s when I remembered that it was only a teaser… dang. But I’ll tell you what, I’m really liking the chill vibe of this song. They continue to impress me with their ability to diversify their sound. Going from songs that are intense, to lit, to ballad-y, to chill(like in this case), and back around.

So what about you peeps, have you guys had a chance to check it out yet? What did y’all think? Let me know down below. Oh and remember only 3 more days until the official release. So make sure to set those alarms and to clear out those schedules. I’ll be seeing you again soon. ^___^


**Update** Teaser #2 has now been released as well

Oh my gosh what are you doing to me Big Hit? I wake up again today and already another teaser!? Space them out more, you’re gonna have me drop dead at this rate. lol This time it’s shorter though being only a 29 second clip. But it’s enough for fans to be awestruck yet again. And it looks like Jungkook still hasn’t tired himself out and is out there whistling his little heart out out. hahaha

The question now is whether this new teaser is gonna be trending on YouTube like the first one? Oh didn’t you know, the first one was trending here in the US and possibly in other countries too. It was amazing really. Makes me think the MV itself is gonna blow up if the freaking teaser can. So I’m calling it now, this comeback is gonna be converting a bunch of non-kpop fans just watch.

However let’s get back to this clip for a sec. We got a smidgen of vocals and they totally play of the chill vibe of the beat that I mentioned yesterday.  So it doesn’t look like they will be baiting and switching. I fully expect this to be more of a casual kind of song to listen to. It does make me wonder though, what kind of choreo are they gonna go with for it. I feel like they could go for a surprisingly strong one like they did with I Need U. Which would be all kinds of dope for me. Anyways don’t forget to share your thoughts on this teaser too. 😀



8 thoughts on “Big Hit Drops New Teaser For DNA

    • I got a really good feeling about it. I think it will be a memorable first comeback for you. 🙂 Like I think Serendipity alone already made it worthwhile if you ask me. 😛 Plus I noticed this teaser trending on youtube…and it’s just a teaser. lol


  1. Very promising! Even though we hear just a small snippet of the song, I’m going to throw caution to the wind and say I think it’s going to be good! Hope to see some cool choreo which I think we will see. Jungkook is not my bias but I will admit he looks pretty good in the first teaser. Okay… we’ll know on Monday what the rest of the mv looks like right? Can’t wait!!!

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  2. I simply can die in peace right now, as always BTS are amazing. I had a similar reaction, I even wrote about it here, when they released LOVE YOURSELF. Nice post. ❤

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