BTS’s DNA doesn’t Disappoint


It’s 4:00 A.M. here in L.A. right now but I don’t give no flying fudges about it. Because I was up all night waiting for BTS’s DNA to officially drop. What can I say I know were my priorities lie. πŸ˜› Even went as far as having my mouse right over that refresh botton so I could keep refreshing Big Hit’s YouTube page over and over again. Cuz you never knows, we could have gotten it a tad early. Common I know I wasn’t the only one who did this right? Hahaha Anywho after the long wait I’ve now gotten a chance to finally watch it… multiple times mind you πŸ˜€ and thus we getz to the question on everybody’s mind, was the wait worth it? In short, yes it freaking was and then some! Like remember when I said this was looking like it was gonna be a chill song? Turns out I was correct, ok more like 20% correct. In all honesty this thing actually turned out to be waaay more hype than I thought it would be and I was NOT ready. Oh how I was not ready for it at ALL.



Ok so where do I start cuz I don’t even… This MV was pretty much a sensory overload but in the best way possible. Cuz in true BTS fashion this mv has got a bunch of things going for it like bright colors, bright fashion, an upbeat tempo, fun choreo, and even some dynamic camera movements for an added artistic flare. Which btw, you know how they refer to movies/film as “moving pictures” sometimes? Well to me BTS videos are always like moving paintings. You can tell that the people behind their MVs put a lot of thought to every image that pops up on screen. So while I’m always praising BTS themselves I’d like to now take a second to sing the praises of everyone else that has worked on their projects too. Really all you peeps are amazing and have over the years enhanced these amazing members that we have all come to love. 😊

Then that gets us over to the lyrics. Which as far as they are concerned, I actually wanna save that talk until I can properly review this MV and their new album in general. I would do it right now but I’m so tired that there is no way I could do them justice. So be on the lookout for a more in depth review at a later date. For now the main thing to know is that the song is about two people who are meant for each other. And with that said I’d like move on to a couple of my fave moments from this MV. Lots there to gush about like for starters that dang Choreography. I swear my jaw hit the floor multiple times throughout but there was one specific moment that I had to repeat over and over. It’s the moment that happens at the 2:58 mark. What seriously gets me is that while the moves aren’t overly complicated in of themselves, the members commit to them so powerfully. And you gotta admit that pseudo breakdown/beat drop is totally badass. Giving the moves that added bit of energy to make them pop even more.

Also I really liked how they incorporated the whistling. It felt organic to the song and not overly done. Plus it set up a solid foundation for them to add upon as the song progressed. Which to me is the best aspect of the whole thing. I loved how it started casual and slowly got more and more up-beat as it went a long. Never getting too crazy and instead doing things in it’s own way to were it stands out from their other songs like Fire and Not Today. Β 

To me this song felt like BTS trying to go in yet another direction and it’s something I respect. We have gotten to the point where there are many different faces to them now. Different eras of them to like if you will. Long ways have they come from their more strictly hip-hip style days. That may annoy some of the early fans but I think it’s what has kept them constantly feeling fresh. πŸ™‚ In other words they’ve got all sorts of Jams.

What about you peeps? Anything in particular that stood out to you? Let me know. It’ll be interesting to see if any of you are not big fans of this new direction that BTS has taken for their new title track. However the early signs seem to point to people loving it. Lots of likes to go around and last I checked it was trending #3 on YouTube here in the US. But can we get it to number 1? I say challenge accepted…


P.S. a little thing of Note:



Considering Serendipity and how much I loved it I was kinda expecting Jimin to win me the most over in this song. However the dude that ended up getting most of my attention instead was non other than V. His part wasn’t a lot or as much of a focus like it was in something likeΒ Spinebreaker, but I felt his presence really stuck out to me in the MV. I thought his lines were a nice contributing factor to that chill vibe I mentioned earlier. That voice of his is something. Not quite what you would expect coming out from him πŸ™‚





16 thoughts on “BTS’s DNA doesn’t Disappoint

  1. Help me! I can’t get the whistling out of my head.
    It’s sort of inevitable BTS’ music would change. They’re musicians and they’re still growing up. Even if this doesn’t work or they decide to change the style again, they owe it to themselves to try something new.
    Anyway, DNA, Pied Piper, and Mic Drop is all I’m going to listen for the next few days.

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  2. Damn. DAAAAMMNNN! It’s just a fantastic song and video on a whole ‘nother plane! Another dimension!!! I can’t get over how well they didn’t disappoint with DNA. I agree with EVERYTHING you’ve said/pointed out. But what I really agree with you is just how they commit to every movement in the choreo – down to the facial expressions and hand gestures. It’s their trademark for sure.

    I also like 3:30 with Jimin – and just a couple of seconds after that he does a cool hand moment and facial expression with the down beat. It’s a small moment but it caught my attention.

    I put a pre-order on the entire L.O.V.E version box set through Amazon gift set a couple of weeks ago (gift for my daughter – hoping she can wait until Christmas – But I just couldn’t help it. First thing this morning. I bought both DNA and Serendipity from iTunes. I JUST HAD TO HAVE THOSE ON MY IPOD FOR THE GYM!!!

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  3. I love the song, it’s not what I expected but I love everything about it. I’m pretty satisfied with the line distribution too. Can’t wait to see the full choreography.

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  4. I finally listened to the album and watched the MV last night, and I’m so in love! The aesthetic is on point, and the whistling is perfect. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head ever since that first MV viewing, haha. As always, BTS has just knocked it out of the park!


  5. OMO!! Love everything about this new album sooooo much! Of course, everything about the video is stunning from the visuals to the choreo to the vocals. I really liked it. But I like several other songs on the album even more and can’t wait to see which ones get a video. Mic Drop, Go, Pied Piper. Those are my favs, but I really love them all. And records were breaking left and right. What an absolutely fantastic comeback πŸ™‚

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  6. LOL! Reading through some of the comments, that whistling seems to be in everyone’s head! I’m walking around whistling it without even realizing it – my daughter pointed it out, “Hey – You’re whistling that DNA bit!” πŸ™‚

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