Anybody excited for the Good Doctor on ABC?


I’ve known about this up and coming American Adaption for sometime but it doesn’t look like too many people have been out there talking about it. Can’t help but begin to wonder why that would be the case. Like is there anybody out there who is hype for it at all, or could it be that I’m the only one? O_o I know American Adaptions of stuff from other countries don’t have the best track record to say the least but for some reason I get positive vibes from this project. The first trailer I saw was out about 4 months ago and I thought it managed to capture the most important aspects of the original K-drama.


Which when you look back on it, at it’s core it was a show mainly centered around one question. Should this guy named Park Shi-on who is on the autism spectrum be allowed to be a surgeon. Because while he is insanely smart his social skills aren’t on the same wave length as everybody else around him, thus patients and doctors alike don’t know how to react to him. Leading to some comedic but mostly serious problems that the k-drama wasn’t too scared to shed a light on. If anything it had it’s moments when things would get “real” as they say. Cuz unfortunately there IS a lot of stigma around people with autism. Not only in Korea either but in many places all over the world today.


Thus with a part like that the casting is without a doubt a super important element. Because you need someone who will be able to play the character both believably and above all else respectfully at the same time right? Luckily I think Freddie Highmore is a good pick to do just that. If you have never seen him over on Bates Motel you would be doing yourself a terrible disservice. What he does as a young Norman Bates on that show is nothing short of masterful. He can make you feel a gambit of emotions within a single episode. One moment you can be cheering him on, the next you are scared of him because he is being all psychotic, then the next you find yourself pitying him. It’s crazy how quickly he can shift between gears. To me that makes him perfect to tackle a complex role like this one. Oh and btw that show I just mentioned is on Netflix so come on no excuses, go watch it and familiarize yourself with his work in time for his new show. 😀

But getting back on track, like I mentioned before the original focused on that important question and from the first trailer it looked like they were full on embracing it. In fact I even found people after watching the trailer began to ask if they themselves would mind being treated by him. To me that tells me that the writers are fully aware of what they are doing and what they have here on their hands. They know this is a chance to shine a light on something that we haven’t really seen much of on screen before. And also I can’t help but be intrigued by the more serious approach they seem to be taking with this new version. While the original did touch on some deeper subject matter it did ultimately fall on some typical K-drama tropes too. It wasn’t without its fair share of cheese. So It’ll be interesting to see for example how the romance angle will compare.


In addition to all that I think it’s important to not downplay how cool it is too see/have a main character who has autism. Because I think it’s awesome to represent everybody in our media. And usually with this type of character they would be regulated to a secondary character but here there is a chance to have somebody front and center who is actually fully fleshed out. Somebody who might even serve as an inspiration for those on the spectrum who might rarely get to see themselves represented in media at all.

…Aaand on the off chance that it does end up totally sucking…well you will always have the original to fall back on. But I truly believe it will be hard for this thing to fail and be bad. Why? Cuz if there is ANYTHING Americans can pull off it’s crime shows or hospital shows. 😛 And this is on ABC after all, remember Grey’s Anatomy anybody? Nuff said. Hahaha

Though if it does well in ratings and with critics you will need to buckle up. Because I’m sure you know very well they’ll try and get at least 10 seasons out of it. That’s potentially the biggest problem in my eyes. Well with all that said, what are y’all’s opinions in all this? I’m dying to know. The show will air it’s pilot September 25th I believe, so be on the lookout.  ^____^



12 thoughts on “Anybody excited for the Good Doctor on ABC?

  1. I’m pretty much hyped up from the trailer. I love how Americans make their hospital dramas look very realistic… Just worried on the extension of the story line and number of episodes. One season for the drama is enough so I hope they are able to stick to that.

    I’m looking forward to how Freddie Highmore will be able to execute his surgical skills and autism at the same time all throughout the drama. I’ve seen him in the Movies: Finding Never Land and Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. So I have really high hopes for him as an actor.

    Now I’m just looking forward to the success of the series. 😁

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  2. I’m definitely going to be checking out the American version. Now I’m not into medical shows at all though. I will watch one or two kdrama medical dramas a year, but I never watch American ones. I think as a whole the American Good Doctor will be a fine medical drama with the spot on casting of Freddie Highmore. I have no doubt he will do the role justice.

    My main concern is that the show will lose the strong characterizations and heartwarming elements that the kdrama had. American shows just don’t handle that very well. And without that, it will just be an episodic medical drama. I think this one has a bit more hope since the main character is autistic and will hopefully take the opportunity to explore a variety of issues concerning him. So I’m definitely a bit worried, but also hopeful at the same time. It will definitely be interesting to see how it turns out.

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    • Yes it would be nice if this doesn’t turn into a show where all the doctors are having sex with eachother. There are way to many things to focus on instead with a premise like this. Fingers crossed that they put a strong emphasis on character development with this one. 🙂

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  3. He was absolutely amazing in Bates Motel. Until I read this post I had not yet heard about this series. It will probably be quite a while before it gets a release here in Holland, but I will keep my eyes out for it. Thanks for sharing this news 😊


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