“Gashina,” my on-going obsession


Lately I’ve been mad busy with BTS‘s comeback that I haven’t been listening to too many other artists. Specially not on repeat. But all that’s changed since a couple of days ago when a certain person was able to sneak into my “BTS only” playlist. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s non other than a former Wonder Girl. I’m talking about Sunmi over here. 😀 Been listening to her song Gashina on/off for like the last month or so but lately my obsession for it has suddenly been reinvigorated. I think mostly due to me discovering MiSO’s dance cover of it recently. Her version may have had it’s own feel due to her distinct sassiness and facial expressions but it remind me overall how lit the song was.

That seriously had to have been what got the tune re-stuck in my head. 😅Now if you were to take a good look at my current playlist you’d see that it’s only between BTS‘s new album…and then Sunmi’s Gashina. What is there to really say about it, it’s a good song. However in case you ARE Actually more curious as to why I like it, let me elaborate. Basically “the go to answer” is because Sunmi has got fantastic vocals but to me there’s more to it than that. It’s because the MV struck out at me as being quite unique in a couple of ways. I enjoyed it’s laid back feel but it was more so its quirkiness that endeared it to me the most. I also thought it striked the right balance of cuteness and sexiness with just the right underlying amount of cray cray. The vid overall might not be as poppin’ as your typical Kpop MV but I really liked it’s semi-indy feel. I think because of this casual vibe it’s a song that non Kpop fans could jam to too and thus dip their toes into the fandom for the first time possibly. 😀



But if all that wasn’t enough for you, you also have the Live Versions to check out as well. And yup all of them are equally straight up fire. It’s like those things I’ve mentioned are dialed up to 11 in them! Everything is still balanced well but you definitely feel the increase in energy. This girl has such an aura about her when she’s on stage that it’s hard not to focus in on her. It’s one of the main reasons she is one of the few solo artists I’m following at the moment. I unabashedly love how easily, time after time, she can go out there and completely slay the hell out of these sexy concepts. She always manages to do it with such grace, class, and elegance too.

Her choreos are never all that complicated but the way she commits to them always incites some kind of emotion. Whether it’s in making us smile, blush, or whatever else. As for the lyrics they tend to fall on the romance side of things which makes it fitting for me to bring her up on my blog since well, I cover that genre often during my drama talks. hehe lol However in the case of this song the lyrics are more on the break up side of things. It’s about a girl broken up over her ex but being all like, “I’m gonna be ok without you.” So it’s got a solid message for you peeps to get behind.

Although Sunmi herself has gone on record to say that it’s open to more in depth or slightly different varient interpretations than that. Since you see the term “Gashina” itself technically means girl in dialect. But from what I’ve heard and been told she uses it to create some wordplay that can effect the meaning you get from the song. Meaning this is the point I let y’all know that I can’t help you any further than that since I don’t know any Korean myself. But hey if you do, maybe you can clarify this part better for us. 😅😭😆😛

Anywho, hopefully hearing about all these different types of things together peek your interest and make you wanna check more of her out. In the off chance that it does I strongly recommend her songs 24 Hours and Full Moon. Like always I would be curious as to what you peeps have to say. And if you already love Sunmi then let me know down in the comments and we can fawn over her together. 🙂



14 thoughts on ““Gashina,” my on-going obsession

  1. This is the only song I’ve heard from her and I really like it. I really enjoyed watching the dance practice video of the song, it was funny and interesting to see the female backup dancers doing the male backup dancers’ parts and vice versa. 😀

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