The Beauty Inside Review


Hey guys if you’ve been following my blog since the very beginning then you may recall me having “reviewed” this movie already. And the reason I put the word reviewed in quotation marks is because it wasn’t really much of one the first time around. Yeeeaah it leaned more along the lines of a simple recommendation since I was basically like ,”I saw this. I liked it. And you should go see it too.” There wasn’t much else to it and I didn’t properly get into the whys of the matter. In fact not only was it a short post it was also not all that of an engaging one to be honest. Because of this reason I’m back to take another crack at it since I genuinely believe this to be a nice little movie people should check out.

The name of it is The Beauty Inside and luckily for you peeps even after all this time you can still find it available on Netflix. At least my fellow Americans can, I’m not so sure about the rest of y’all, sorrys. 😅Hopefully if you don’t have it on there then you can either get it on VOD or on some other kind of streaming service platform. But anywho the reason I wanna bring this up again today is because it’s one of those movies that makes for an interesting watch. Regardless of whether you end up liking it or not I think. Although if you’re like me and you have a special type of thing for rom-coms with a nice supernatural element thrown in there, oh then no worries because you’ll for sure be likely to enjoy this.

Really it’s got a dope premise, so just please hear me out. In this movie you have the story of a guy(Woo-jin) who falls for a girl(Yi-Soo). He’s a designer/woodworker who first meets our leading lady one day while hanging out with her at her furniture studio. And while he is immediately smitten by her and finds himself wanting to confess to her, there is this teeny-tiny little problem stopping him from doing it. This is where that supernatural element we talked about earlier comes into play. For you see, Woo-Jin has this problem where every time he wakes up he does so in a completely different body!!! 😮 *mind explosion* …As you can imagine that’s a tricky thing to explain away…


It’s a concept rich of ALL sorts of potential and while the film makers might not mine it for all its got, they do get a substantial amount from it.. For example, when it comes to the humor department. 😊  I don’t think it ever got boring or less fun seeing Woo-jin wake up in a brand new body. It was always so interesting seeing him have to adapt to and having things ready in case for whatever new kind of body he might get. I never stopped getting curious to see what he would look like next and in turn how his new look might affect his relationship with his girl. To which I gotta give total props to the team of actors because they all had good chemistry together. I completely bought the ups and downs of their relationship and of the consistency of all those actors being a single person. If you’re wondering as to how many times the lead is switched out, well let me tellz you. It happens a whopping total of 123 times! Yup that’s right this movie pulled in 123 actors to portray the SAME person. Ain’t that crazy? 😛

Fortunately though it’s not all complicated for poor Woo-jin. He does have some good luck to where he doesn’t have to hide his identity from everyone. He has at least one person he can rely on through all this scenario. That is his childhood pal called Sang-baek and let me say straight out he is one.weird.guy. lol His humor is more mature and that may push some people away at first but I swear overall it was a solid special kind of bromance between them. I wish I could discuss it deeper with you but it will be better if you experience the strangeness yourself. More so the one scene that cemented their relationship for me because it was mad funny and all kinds of wrong at the same time. 😭😅🤣 lmao

But no it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in this movie. This is a K-movie after all and for some reason even the more cheery ones seem to need to get melodrama-y towards the end. This isn’t able to escape that because it does set to out to ask the tough question from the very beginning, is it what’s on the inside that really counts? A question pushed to its limits by the other worldly scenario of its plot. And boy does the movie make it difficult to answer at points because as it goes a long it does pose legit problems for Yi-soo. For as out there as the movie is, it brings in some real world consequences that I hadn’t been expecting. I mean when you stop to think about it how would you go about explaining to those around you why you keep getting caught out on dates with what look like different people?



Sounds like some pretty good stuff thus far right, but alas nothing can be perfect. This did have a couple things that could have been handled better. For one there were a few missed social commentaries it could’ve delved deeper on. I mean it skirted around some cool ideas like the “importance” of looks and how different looks can have a drastic impact in your life. But more so than that I woulda liked if it had focused more on the different ways the main character’s changing appearance affected the female lead. It was getting to really interesting places with that but like with the possible social commentary it was short changed a bit. Not quite as much but still…

Overall I did think this was a good movie though even more so considering it was done by a first time movie director. It had solid acting, good cinematography, and I liked it’s unique backdrop of taking place in areas full of all these different types of furniture. I would totally recommend this to everyone. Even if romance isn’t typically your thing because I think the whole notion of a guy waking up in a new body is something interesting in it’s own right. Anyway I give this a solid 7.5/10  



11 thoughts on “The Beauty Inside Review

  1. Well, unfortunately I am not a fellow American, and it is not available for me 😭 Too a\bad really as I liked the way this sounds, pretty original concept and premise too. Oh well, at least I got to read your review for it 😊


  2. I love the Korean entertainment industry and watch everything and anything they release. be it music or a series or a movie. the beauty inside is one of my favorite movie. the plot was so interesting. new faces each day. a sweet Melo drama. I was only disappointed when they didn’t show the process of the change. but maybe the impact wouldn’t have been that strong if they did. anyway, it is a must watch movie and I really hope it got the recognition is deserves internationally.

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