ARMYs Rejoice, We Got The Nomination!

**Newly Updated 🙂 **

What’s this? It looks like we did it fellow ARMYs!!! Not sure how many of you reading this took part in the Mwave voting that just finished but if you did then I send you my deepest of gratitude. Finally we can go get ourselves some much needed rest. lol It’s been one intense experience maybe even the most intense I’ve ever had in one of these fan voting sessions. Why is that? Oh yeah it’s gotta be because this shizz was so close throughout the whole effin’ thing! Seriously major props deserve to go to EVERYONE involved not just ARMYs but EXO-Ls and everyone else too. These fandoms poured their hearts and souls into this and their efforts win or loose should be recognized. Your final results for the top two spots are as follows:

BTS–  17,377,282 votes and EXO– 17,181,550 votes.

Yup told you it was a close race. It was only a 195,732 point difference.

Now since we won this Music Chart for October it means we get a nomination in this year’s MAMAs(Mnets Asian Music Awards). Un-Arguably one of Kpop’s biggest music awards so it’s always a major deal to get recognized there. And while I’m not really about the trophies in of themselves I do really enjoy the voting process. It makes for a fun bonding experience within the fandoms and helps us with what we actually want. Getting more exposure for the idols we love, that way other people can hopefully discover them and see in them the many talents we see. ☺

But with this technically only being a nomination it means we gotz more to go. So for realz go take yourself a breather because we will have much more voting to do later on starting October 19th at 22:20:48 KST. My advice in the meantime…go mark your calendars right now and while you’re at it write down your voting ID information someplace safe so you don’t end up forgetting all that stuff. Last thing you wanna do is register from scratch all over again right? If anything maybe register some more. 😉

As for me I’m heading off to bed now. Voting like a bazillion times really wears you out who knew? 😛 I’ll probs update this later and fill in some more details. So if you see me re-post this that means I’ve probs added some new stuff at the bottom or within what you been reading up to this point. So don’t be a stranger and feel free to click on it again. 😀



I’ll leave you with BTS’s D.N.A. Like that if some random non kpop fans stumble on this then they can at least know something about the  group I’ve been talking about. haha

7 thoughts on “ARMYs Rejoice, We Got The Nomination!

  1. I know what you mean! Things sure have been all kinds of crazy, especially these last few days, hehe. Lots of hard work from both fandoms. I’m so glad they were able to get the nomination! And yes, it looks like the wild ride will be continuing here in a few days. Thanks for voting and get good some rest 🙂


  2. I listen to both DNA and Mic Drop every day – multiple times. Both tunes are on my playlists for work, working out, drive-time, etc. No where close to getting sick of either of those amazing tunes. I watch the live performance of Mic Drop a couple of times each day. J-Hope still wows me. He’s not even my bias. But he amazes. me. every. single. time.

    I don’t think Grammy’s has an international group/song/album award. I wish they did – I would LOVE to see BTS get recognized at the Grammy’s (and win).


    • Im pretty much the same but I would throw in Go Go too. I like that one, MIC Drop and DNA because they showcase 3 different sides to them. The goofy side, the lit side, and the chill side. 🙂 As for the Grammys, I would say itd be impossible but doing what peeps think is the impossible has kinda turned into their thing. lol

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      • I have just started getting into Go Go! I haven’t bought it through iTunes yet because I’m still waiting for the full LOVE version package to arrive this month. I already caved and bought Serendipity, DNA and Mic Drop knowing we’re getting the CD anyway for my daughter’s Christmas gift! LOL! I like the choreo now, too. I remember you said you like how much they commit to their choreo and that shows even more so with the somewhat weird choreo for Go Go.

        With the Grammy’s, I think it’s going to be difficult, too. The board has some strict rules with nominations – it’s more political like the Oscars. It’s why I’ve long lost interest in watching either of these 2 award shows. I might keep it on as background noise but for the most part, I’m usually watching Walking Dead since it’s on the same night as when they run these award shows. 🙂

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