Watching K-POP In VR

For today’s post I thought I’d start by sharing a little something about myself. A little known fact about how I happen to be a pretty hardcore PC gamer. The kind in fact who really enjoys to be on the up and up when it comes to the latest techie stuff. And it’s because of this reason that for some time I’ve actually had this cool Virtual Reality headset in my possession. It’s called the HTC Vive. By this point I’ve probably logged in god knows how many countless hours of gaming content on it. However lately I’ve been branching out to something new.



Nowadays you can instead catch me checking out a lot of 360 degree videos with it. Something which if you are interested you could definitely do too for far less of the cost. Cuz if you’re not a gamer yourself like me, you’re in luck since it has become unnecessary to buy a crazy expensive thing like mine anymore. A lot of the newer phones you see for example, have a level of VR capability in them already. All you need is their attachment headset to hold the phone in place and whatnot. Since you can already watch a lot of 360 degree videos available online through sites like YouTube today. Plus you got a whole bunch of newer and cheaper alternatives  that are constantly being developed and put out on the market even as we speak.

But anywho back to the main point I wanted focused on in this. That is if you haven’t tried these type of videos in VR already… you really should!! I admit I had previously made a mistake by completely over understating how cool that simple aspect of VR could be. I mean gaming for me is still definitely at a higher level because of the interaction part, but watching things in VR has a lot of potential to grow too. We only need for people to start being able to get more creative with the types of content they make available for it but I’m positive that’ll happen with time. In the meantime I think there is some good Kpop material out there for it right now to keep you entertained.

I know…it’s funny how everything somehow always comes back around to Kpop with me in the end isn’t it? But for reals Kpop in VR seems to make for a perfect pairing. Just think about it, the whole fanbase is full of people who would love to be closer to their fave idols and this is a legit way to do that…It gets you right up in the middle of the action and closer unlike anything before. It makes me think these people are a perfect audience to cater to and get the ball rollin’. The only con I’ve experienced thus far in all this is that on the VIVE at least, the screen resolution could use some work. Other than that it’s full of fun.



Take me for example. I checked out 4minute‘s 360 degree Canvas music video. And as soon as I had my headset on and pushed play I was blown away by the level of immersiveness. It was like I was in the middle of the video and I could look anywhere I wanted! Best of all for me was that on the VIVE it all looked 3 dimensional enough and not like I was looking at a flat screen. It was a pretty weird feeling at first, but at the same time though it was mind breaking-ly awesome how the members could walk past you and you could simply turn your head to see exactly where they were going. I guess it’s like real life in that regard huh? haha 😛 And trust me there is nothing more intense than seeing your bias walk right towards you like HyunA did to me in this video. 😆 Imagine seeing YOUR bias up close and think about how YOU’D react. lol

But all this shizz got me thinking, imagine if you pushed it further and you could watch your fave groups doing live performances with this. Being up and close as if you had front row seats. Or better yet imagine if you could live stream awards/music show performances on this as well. No more need for fan cams really. It will be like as if you ARE there and because of this you’ll be able to focus solely on what you want like your bias if you so choose. Come on tell me fanboys and fangirls wouldn’t love this type of experience… you can’t can you because you know they totally would. 😛

So hopefully this technology continues to grow at a solid rate and it gets cheaper soon too that way everyone can least get a chance try it out sometime. In the meanwhile I’ll continue to seek out any Kpop related content I can to watch in VR. So how about all of you, have any of you tried Kpop in VR already? Did you like it, was it too gimmicky for your tastes, or are you waiting for a better VR experience first? Share below. 😀

7 thoughts on “Watching K-POP In VR

    • Yeah even some seemingly mundame things could be fun. Like how nowadays a lot of groups do live streams with their fans. Just imagine if they did that in VR instead. it could be like a fun hangout with your favorite group. 🙂

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    • Yeah that would be sooo dope right? The best thing is that from a technical standpoint it shouldn’t be all that much harder. I thinks its more of a demand kind off thing atm. So I definitely see it happening in the not so distant future. 😀


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