Let’s Get Ready for MONSTA X


November 7th is almost around the corner and from the looks of it you can expect for it to be a special day for all us Kpop fans. “In what way,” do you ask? Well… in the way that MONSTA X is gonna be coming back with both their brand new album Protocol Terminal and their new MV called DRAMARAMA. 🙂 Oh yeah this news is true, damn true so start making preparations now. lol But if at this moment you somehow find yourself unaware of who this group I’m talking about even is, no worries, I gotz you covered too fam. Because I’m gonna be dropping some dope as fudge knowledge about them on here. Since my goal today is ultimately to inform and spread the word as much as possible.

For you see this group is up there in terms of my personal faves and has been since right around their debut which was somewhere mid 2015-ish? Either way the point is, for some time now I would put them on par with the likes of EXO and BTS. 😮 I know to some that has got to seem like all kinds of crazy but heck I’m not backing down from my statement. Instead you know what, let me push it a little FURTHER by saying that if you like either of those groups then you WILL no doubt love Monsta X too. *BOOM* There I said it, what now. 😛

I say it mostly because these guys ALSO push out jams that incorporate pop, hip hop, AND edm. But don’t worry they do it with a twist and style of their own. Mainly by focusing most of their songs on romance related topics. Meaning that more often than not what you will end up listening to from them is, “the most intense and in your face love songs ever.” 😛 Yeah it’s a weird way to phrase it but there is no better way since it’s true, their beats always be at the forefront killing it with their intensity. A lot of times to a surprising degree because no matter how much you are warned you never expect “love’ songs to go as hard. And if you feel trepidatious cuz you think the whole edm thing is overplayed at this point, DON’T BE! I assure you Monsta X songs stand on their own and don’t sound like anything else out there. 🙂

But if that all isn’t enough to get your curiosity going..then you may also wanna consider checking out this cool show called No. Mercy. Cuz that show is what led to the formation of the group in the first place. It’s one of those Kpop survival shows, like the music ones that happen to be all the rage these days.. It’s only 10 episodes total and lucky for you it is easily available on YouTube with official subs. It’s a good amount of footage for somebody to get an inside look and a more personal feel for the guys. Just be forewarned because the show can get a bit savage and real at times. Totally being serious about that. .

Unfortunately though even with amazing bonus content like that out there, too many people have still yet to become as enthusiastic about this group as I have. Instead a good many continue to sleep on them for some weird reason and it boggles my mind. Like they should be winning awards left and right in my opinion. They clearly have a bunch of bops under their belt already. But at least it looks like we’re making some progress I suppose. For example,ever since they dropped Beautiful more reactors have been reacting to them and also they’ve had a spike in their views on YouTube too. 😀 The only thing that gets me is these should be a given considering how this group basically has everything that the top tier groups tend to have. I mean let’s go through the list real quick:

  • Great vocals- check
  • Great rap skillz- check
  • Relatable lyrics- check
  • Camera presence- check
  • Interesting Personalities- check
  • Good Choreo- check check check

Lot’s of good qualities they have but hey if all that STILL ain’t enough for you….well it looks like I’ll have to unleash the hidden trump card up my sleeve to finally convince you. That is Kihyun, my big bias of the group. What makes him special and deadly is his beautifully angelic voice. I swear it’s one of the best you will find in all of freaking Kpop. A point made the ever so clear if you have ever listened to the Shopping King Louis OST. Cuz in case you didn’t know this, the whole group worked on a track for that drama. They released a song called The Tiger Moth and in true Monsta X fashion it was lit.

With that said there was an acoustic version for the same song that Kihyun alone sang which specially got to me. Everything about it was perfect and the way it was incorporated into a key scene in that drama made it doubly so. Every time people say idol singers aren’t true singers, he is one of the people I turn them too. I mean just have a listen to it here:


In closing I’ve selected two other songs for newbies to enjoy. I think these represent the group in a good light, one is an early song of theirs and the other is a more recent one. They both however showcase a rawness, intensity, and fluidity that make them a group to be on the look out for. So if you do plan to give this group a shot let me know down below. And if you already happen to be a Monbebe let me know your out there too! 🙂

P.S. Please turn Captions ON

MONSTA X(몬스타엑스) _ Trespass(무단침입)

몬스타엑스(MONSTA X) – 아름다워(Beautiful)

18 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ready for MONSTA X

  1. I already marked Nov. 7th on my calendar! I’m a huge Monbebe and Monsta X was the very first kpop group I stanned. Also, Kihyun is my best friend’s bias. I honestly can’t believe they’re so underrated. I also stan BTS and EXO and I think Monsta X is definitely on their level! We’ve gotta get them their first win!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I want them to win so badly this comeback too. The thing that reinspired me though was how NU’EST finally were able to get their first win after 5 long years. I don’t wanna have to wait that long but it shows we don’t need to loose hope. 🙂


  2. Trespass is one of my favourites! And Nov 7 is marked for me too~
    I really like Rollercoaster and Be Quite too!!!
    P.S-Do you have a bias? I’m all for Jooheon.


  3. I can’t wait for their comeback! Though I admit, EXID’s is the one I’m the most excited about right now. But between the two of them and Red Velvet, there’s so much to look forward to!


      • Yeah, I can never stick with just one group! GOT7 is definitely my favorite, but there are so many other artists I adore and look forward to, and there are always more I wish I had the time to look into!


  4. I honestly can’t wait! Monsta X is one of those under rated boy groups who have a lot of talent but cause of other groups being too popular, they get suppressed! I saw Shownu in the new variety show, the master key and he really did a good job other than the fact that the editing didn’t give him enough screen time… but he was amazing! Can’t wait for their new mvdrama! yoo-hoo! Monbebes forever!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I also have to get more enthusiastic about them. It’s not that I don’t like their songs because I do but I haven’t been pulled into the fandom yet. This was the case with Seventeen. I thought their songs were good but I was far from becoming a fan until Don’t Wanna Cry. That song won me over completely. I will definitely check out MONSTA X’s comeback, I hope I will like it more than their latest one.


  6. I started getting into MONSTA X a few weeks ago, actually. I LOVE Beautiful. And I also like Hero, Newton & Shine Forever. Thanks for introducing me to Trespass. I’ve seen it floating around but hadn’t really given it much of a chance until now. Excited about their comeback! Lately, they’ve been on my playlist (as well as Got7) more than EXO. Though never more than BTS I admit. 🙂


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