Netizen Creates Fake Rumor About Lai Guan-lin?


Sometimes Netizens go out of their way to do some real shady things and you don’t even get to know why… Take this pic for example. It was a part of the latest controversy to pass my way. It revolved around an apparent Anti-fan from China who recently started to spread the pic you see above of a supposed member of Wanna One, Lai Guan-lin. Which if were to be true would be extremely problematic because as one can easily see, the dude in the picture is obviously smoking a cigarette. And while that isn’t normally that “terrible” of a thing in of itself, if you know Lai Guan-lin you would know he is totally not allowed to be doing that sorta thing. Mainly on the account of him being underage and all… But fortunately as things have turned out no worries need to be had. Since based on the title you hopefully have already made the edumacated guess that as it turns out it wasn’t actually him in the photo. 😒

1532Meaning what happened here was a case of some cray cray person deciding to fabricate the whole scenario and passing it off as truth. And the sad thing is like with many rumors there were a few people who actually believed it at first. That is until this other Korean Netizen took the call to action! He managed to track down the actual person in the pic all by himself. Turns out it was of a blogger who has a bunch of pics online and seems to bare somewhat of a passing resemblance to the idol. Personally I don’t really see it myself but whoever swiped his pic must have thought , “eh this is close enough.” Now as to how the K-Netizen was able to track him down exactly is beyond me but major props to him for figuring it out.

But if that wasn’t enough he then later took things further when he actually contacted the blogger on Kakao Talk afterwards. A service which is kinda like a message/chatting type thing I believe, honestly I’m not too familiar with it. But the reason he was able to get in touch was cuz the contact ID for it had been linked on the guys bio. So once he did reach him he was able to outright ask if that was him or not in the picture circulating around. And in his own words yeah it was, so again let me say it was NOT Lai Guan-lin. If you’re curious about their little back and forth you can search around til’ you find the screenshots of the full convo online. 🙂 So yup a Case Closed!

…Or was it though? I mean the person who actually started the rumor and passed the blogger’s picture around hasn’t received any sort of punishment yet and in all likelihood never will. Which does really suck but all in all I still think we should call this a good end. I mean the rumor was killed pretty damn fast. Before it even had half a chance to become a full blown scandal and that’s a win in my book. However this event does go to show just how much power Netizens can have in this internet age we currently live in. Let’s just hope like in this case going forward we can count on the good prevailing over the bad…

So what do you think about this story? Does the K-Netizen deserve a Kpop medal or something for putting his Sherlock Holmes cap on and getting to the bottom of things? Share your thoughts freely down below. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Netizen Creates Fake Rumor About Lai Guan-lin?

    • Luckily in this case most of the fans didn’t didn’t do an instant turn and instead remained skeptical which was awesome. I’ve seen way too many situations were the opposite has happened and it’s always saddening. Where people just jump to conclusions over the slightest “evidence.”

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