Dating Scandals are Dumb (Nam Tae Hyun and Son Dam Bi)


Recently a video of Nam Tae Hyun and Son Dam Bi made the rounds. And of course some people’s first impressions after watching it were, “oh they must be dating.” Which isn’t a negative thing to think in the slightest. However like it so often happens, things can blow up quickly. As was the case here when social media started buzzing and a bunch of people started going around asking questions.



However things got shot down relatively fast in this case because Tae Hyun was quick with a statement to clarify things. Because as it turns out, there was a legit misunderstanding here. I’m sure you can find the full translated version of what he said with a quick google search however let me give you the basic gist. Pretty much he said the two are simply good friends and not dating. All they wanted to do was have some fun with the “Kwai” app and nothing more. Apparently the reason for their closeness in the video was because it was the only way to activate that particular filter. It wasn’t even meant to go out but the app is designed in such a way that it puts out the video on it’s own and he hadn’t realized. So he was pretty shocked by the sudden overwhelming response.

Fortunately though it looks like not too many nasty comments were thrown during this particular scandal, as it was more like fans being real nosy trying to get to the bottom of things more than anything. And now with it cleared up it should be a wrap but I do have some personal thoughts I’d like to add. Since to me what sparked wanting to go and actually spend the time to write about this was something he said in his statement towards the end:

I would like to apologize to all the fans”

Now based on context it wasn’t meant to come off as one of those dark and super serious apologies but it did get me thinking about romance scandals overall and how dumb they are in the end. Because in reality, way too many celebrities have been forced to apologize for nothingness over the years. As is the case here although maybe this isn’t the best example since things never got too harsh. This was pretty tame due to it being pretty short-lived. Regardless I think my point will stand. Which is that statements like, “I’m Sorry” should only be reserved for when people do actual wrong.

Cuz what would you even consider to be the wrong here, that he was having fun with a friend who happens to be female. Or if the rumor turned out to be true, would it have been that they were dating? You see what I’m saying? Even in cases where a scandal may turn out to be true I don’t think any sort of apology should be given because loving somebody shouldn’t be considered a negative to begin with.

Instead I think we need to focus on finding a way to get a couple of things through to people to limit the dang scandals from popping up in the first place… The first of which is that yes even celebrities deserve to have some privacy because they are still human beings after all. And two, that celebrities WILL date so you might as well just get used to it. Cuz that shizz is human freaking nature. Like even though in this case it turned out Nam Tae Hyun and Son Dam Bi were NOT dating guess what, they are going to date other people at some point.

That is why we need to get passed this strange obsession. Since we all know if somebody told all these negative people that THEY couldn’t date or if people talked behind THEIR backs prying for info every time they spoke nicely to somebody of the opposite sex, THEY wouldn’t like it either. So let’s all just go back to that whole “treating people they way we would like to be treated” thing. Real Simple. Well enough of my messy ramblings for now. How about you all share some of your thoughts instead. Like always I’m curious to hear you peeps out. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Dating Scandals are Dumb (Nam Tae Hyun and Son Dam Bi)

  1. This really is an amazingly sad story. Apologise to the fans? Like you said: for what? This is how you can see what impact the press can have on people ‘s lives. Or how things can be blown way out of context by other people. I don’t know: it seems there are persons out there that delight in wreaking havoc. What angers me even more is conments like: they are celibrities, they know things like this can happen. So stupid. People should just respect privacy more. Sorry for the rant this early in the morning. It just makes me both sad and mad at the same time 😢

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    • Luckily this has been relatively tame compared to similar type of scandals of the past. With more people wanting to get to the bottom of things as opposed to being outright negative. But even so I imagine it has to be very annoying to all of a sudden find yourself in a position of having to explain yourself over nothing.

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  2. It’s sad how idols have to apologize even for things like this. They have given so much to the fans – their music, time, effort and love. I hope fans would be more considerate and understanding when it comes to things like this.

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  3. I 100% agree with you – no one should have to apologise for something that wasn’t wrong in the first place. One of the biggest dark clouds in the Kpop world is the power that fans can hold over an idol/famous persons life.

    These “fans” claim to support their favourites yet when they see something even close to them dating, they just do a complete 180 and start demanding an apology. Did you not claim to be their fan, though? Do you not want them to be happy??

    I could honestly rant about this topic forever but thankfully this ‘issue’ wasn’t as bad as a lot of other similar problems have been. Taehyun’s been through enough recently so something like this would’ve been the last thing he felt like dealing with.

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    • Yeah I bet most people wont even remember this in a few days.

      The sad thing for me is how sometimes people don’t realize that simply because you’re not saying hurtful things doesn’t mean its ok to pry. Its gotta be fustrating for these celebrities to constantly have to explain all these interactions away. Like when I saw the video I thought, that’s cute, then I moved on with my life. Only to find later he had addressed “the rumors”.

      Good on him for taking things in stride. But still, id like to live in a world were this kinda thing is just cool with everybody. 🙂

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  4. God I remember when Baekhyun and Taeyeon started dating… both apologies and I still try to figure why.
    Before being Idol they are human, they have the right to be happy. If they want to date it’s their right. Fan have to right over their life.

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    • #nomoreapologies

      Seriously though that Baekhyun and Taeyeon statement is abit weird “I love this person and this person loves me. We are sorry about that.” Obviously not exactly how they said it but pretty much that is how it comes across. So bizzare. O_o. I would make a terrible idol cuz I would make a public announcement of my relationship and maybe do a MIC drop at the end. XD lol


  5. The K-Pop world puzzles me though – mainly how the fans take it so personally when one of their biases are said to be dating (whether it is even true or not is another thing). And then the apology these k-pop idols have to shelve out.

    I blame the industry though – I have noticed with just BTS alone how other than the very early debut-music videos, they stopped using any girl as the ‘object of affection’ within the story line. Any skin-ship we see are between each other. They are made to room with each other and are always seen with each other, thereby giving fans a false hope that these boy are very much single. Of course, with the crazy schedule any of theses k-pop idols have, I wonder even if they have time to date!

    But seriously, these companies must have some strange contracts about dating OR they just do everything in their power to keep it hush-hush. I read an interview with Got7 Jackson – he said had a gf but was forced to break-up with her if he wanted to get in on the contract?

    And, might I also ask, why does it seem that these k-pop idols, the ones that are announced as officially dating another k-pop star, seem to date only ones that are within the same company? Is it controlled by the company? Or just that they end up running into each other often enough? Is it a publicity stunt? I bet it’s a combination of all the above.

    I get what the company is also doing to the band members depending heavily on each other. And it falls into the culture of hyung’s taking care of the maknae’s. Which, actually, is very cool. Being Chinese I get that – sister/brother responsibilities fall outside of just blood-relationships. It’s ingrained in us to take care of each other like a village. It’s also a very militant way of training – the ‘I’ve got your back’ thing. I know because my husband is a firefighter and a big part of their job is to get along with each other because at any given emergency scene they HAVE to trust their lives with each other.

    But in the case of the k-pop industry, these companies force the above type of ‘family’ bond in a not-so-healthy way. I feel sorry for them, you know? The lack of freedom must cause severe mental health issues and we’ve heard some of them confess to depression already. These are kids who were plucked at an early age – as young as 15. And their lives are so controlled. I appreciate the music and talent but must admit this shady side is something hard to ignore. I talk about it with my daughter a lot. I don’t want her to be blind about the glamor and glitz. She’s fully aware of the downside of the industry.

    Maybe I’m over-analyzing things – maybe I’m very wrong and I hope I am! It’s hard not to see the dark side of it all. I know these k-pop idols chose their paths – some probably have chosen a better path than what they were previously on. Especially those who came from a poor background and are trying to find a means to support their family. I just get ‘child exploitation’ flashing in my mind when I think of the under-age ones during their debut years.

    Sorry for rambling – this has been bothering me since stumbling upon the k-pop world. I’m therefore even more thankful to these k-pop artists who work so hard to produce such high-quality music and performances.

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  6. It always saddens me to see these stars having to apologize for things like this. Whether it’s false or they really are dating. They should be able to live their lives and be happy. Fans shouldn’t feel like they have some sort of ownership over them. I do understand that the culture around idols is different than in western countries and that fans become much more invested in their idols, but I still don’t see that as an excuse to claim ownership of them and prevent them from living their lives. It’s just really sad, and I hope it’s something that will eventually change.


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