BeatBurger Drops “Monster” MV

***Ok I’m aware this is a Re-post but I gotta throw it out there again because BeatBurger just dropped their new MV Monster!!!***

Gotta say I was expecting it to be kinda dirty sounding based of the teaser and it did not disappoint. The beat is dope and I think the flow of the rap is pretty solid too. Can’t speak on the lyrics yet as I have no idea what is being said but I hope to get back to you on that ASAP. However despite the language barrier I think its easy to notice that the swagger does get across and you can tell the cadence is on point. Overall..I’m simply curious as too how many of you peeps are gonna end up reacting to it positively.

Because through and through this thing does have this sorta weird interpretive artistic thing going for it that could either pull people in or push them away. It’s definitely not your standard K-pop video at all, specially not you typical SM video for sure. But then again this group has never been comprised of your typical “idols” to begin with so there’s that.

At the moment it looks like it’s being received well though but hey it hasn’t been out for too long yet so that could change. The only kinda negative comments I’m seeing at the moment are from people confused thinking this was connected to EXO or more plainly asking why it has the same name to one of their songs. I don’t have answers but Exo probably doesn’t mind too much considering they have worked together in the past. For example, Jae(one of the members) has done choreography for them before. 😀

So go give this a listen. I think its strange and eerie vibe will offer you something new and make your day feel a little different because of it. I think they chose right to put this out on Halloween. 🙂


Original Post

I was going through my normal routine today of scouting through the internets for new Kpop videos when this new teaser for an MV called Monster(no not EXO’s Monster) happened to pop up. I’ll be truthful and say I almost passed up on it because I saw the name BeatBurger and was like, “wtf. what kind of name is that?” On the other hand it was this weird title that at the same time made me stop long enough to notice SM‘s name attached to it. Yeah SM as in one of the BIG 3. So then that made me think maybe this could be like a new group under their label or something. But when I later did a quick google search I found I had to eat my words.

In fact they’ve apparently been around for quite sometime, they’ve been with SM since around 2009 actually. Except they were originally brought in to help in a behind the scenes kind of capacity with things like Choreography, production, and such. For example, in the past many of them have worked with big name groups such as Girls Generation, Super Junior, EXO, and the list of artists only goes on and on from there. They however hadn’t really gotten much exposure as a full on group until Electric Dream  which was the name of their mini album back in September 24th 2014. But don’t get it wrong, they had worked on projects together way before then.

The main thing about ’em is that they are primarily an EDM hip-hop focused group, so I think you can see why I’m ultimately talking about them on this blog. 3 of them are dancers/ Choreographers/producers and they are Jae, Sang hoon (Greg), and Mihawk. Then you also have Flash Finger who is a DJ, MQ who is the rapper, and lastly a guitarist named Stephen. A weird assortment of guys huh? That is why they aren’t really considered an “idol” group per se.

But anyways to get back on track with the teaser I had found, I thought it would be cool to share this since it’s gonna be dropping on Halloween and sorta fits the whole spooktacular atmosphere of the month. Ok maybe not too much but I did think the teaser had some interesting imagery behind it with at least a little bit of a creepy vibe that I adequately enjoyed. But the truly surprising thing in all this is probs how this is an SM song with a 19+ rating. 😮 Trying to remember when was the last time I ever saw that. 🤔

Anywho, here is that teaser:


Although this teaser alone is probs not enough of a sample size to determine whether you will wanna check out the full song when it drops right? Which is why I have another song ready for you here. To give you a better idea of what you might expect from them out in the future. Now be forewarned that the MV doesn’t showcase all the members on screen so don’t be too surprised when all you see is MQ rapping away. I did mention earlier they aren’t your typical idol group. Either way just give it a shot and as always let me know what you think in the comments below. 😀

The MV is called VEGABOND and was released last year.


Personally listening to this made me wanna see SM tackle the whole Trap- Rap thing more often. Been awhile since I’ve seen any SM artist kill it this hard in the hip-hop game but hey maybe that’s just me…


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