“Love Myself,” BTS’s newest Campaign


If you follow me chances are you already love BTS but if you for some reason don’t then you may be about to at least gain a newfound respect for them. That is because it has recently been reported that the group has launched a new campaign called Love Myself with the help of UNICEF(The United Nations Children’s Fund). With the goal being to raise money and fund resources that help out children and teens who may unfortunately find themselves under all sorts of horrible circumstances. For example, this aims to help those who are currently living in abusive house holds, who may be facing school violence, and who may be sexual assault victims as well.

And as we all know the group has had a long and strong historied career of talking about such important youth related topics since their debut. Anywhere from tackling school bullying, to mental health, to suicide, etc. but doing so while also being sources of encouragement themselves and promoting a hard work ethic. In fact those attributes have kinda been the thing that has launched them to the top in the eyes of many. Because they are some of the few idols who are able to get out of that normal comfort zone and delve deeper. Since unlike many idols out there, their label has been good in allowing them creative freedom. So this move is almost like an obvious next step for them.

Now they will be able to use their newfound popularity as of late to bring even more awareness. But don’t think for a second this is just them stamping their name on something and then moving on. Not the case at all cuz the 7 members and their label have already shown commitment to the cause by donating about $450,000. And the shizz doesn’t end there! Remember how their newest album sold over 1 million copies? Well 3% of all the physical sales is gonna go to this too on top of it. But hold cuz yes there is more. 100% of all Love Myself goods will be going to the campaign too.

And then if you personally feel up to it right now, you could even donate some cash yourself. Which it seems a lot of ARMYs(BTS Fans) want to. I say it on account of the website having crashed a couple times already after going up. A pretty good sign eh? I truly hope this campaign turns out well and that many peeps get helped as a result. Even if you can’t pitch in I still recommend heading over to the website to get a better understanding of it all. 🙂

All and all good on BTS for deciding to do something like this. They’ve already been on record helping small communities before but with them being global it only makes sense for their positive efforts to expand globally too. Can’t wait to see what other good things this group has in store for us because they just seem to be full of surprises lately.

#ENDviolence So what are your thoughts about this newest BTS development? Share with me in the comments. 😊


P.S. If you find yourself needing a pick me up or you don’t know BTS and want a little example of what the hype is about, check this out. It really showcases both the commentary aspect of their music and the kind of positivity they can spread. At points it may come of sounding melancholic but if you take a real close look at the lyrics it’s encouraging overall. A good song to remind you to push forward. 🙂


12 thoughts on ““Love Myself,” BTS’s newest Campaign

  1. I bought the full L.O.V.E. version of Love Yourself on pre-order. I’m now even happier I did this to support their #EndViolence campaign. And my daughter will be happy too come Christmas day when she unwraps.

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    • It’s like the best bonus extra you could ask for. 😀 what a way to use fanboyism/fangirlism for good. All that influence focused in one area now. Can’t wait to see how this campaign grows and changes over time.

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  2. It’s such an incredible idea! I’m really happy to hear about it, and about how many ARMYs are contributing their own money already. I love when idols use their fame as a way to do good things like this.

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    • I agree. It only makes it better to know BTS approached UNICEF. Goes to show how into this they really are and how important they feel about it. Hope this project helps many people going forward. 🙂


  3. I’m thrilled with this campaign. A lot of celebs just sort of stamp their name on something or do some minor contributions. But BTS and their agency are not only putting a lot of money into this cause, but are being incredibly active with a well developed and planned campaign. It really is at the next level, and you can tell it really means something to them.

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    • Totally agree. And it’s nice that the cause they picked is something they have talked about for so long. Really helps in showing they have been serious about their messeging up to this point. Hopefully all goes well with this campaign and it’s able to helps lots and lots of children and teens.

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  4. BTS is really one of a kind. I just wish I knew them sooner but I guess it’s better late then never.☺ I bought the L version of the Love Yourself: Her album but I plan to buy the other three versions too. The pictures are just too beautiful so I want to own every photobook. I’m looking forward to their future songs especially since I’m someone who has many insecurities and I really want to love myself but that doesn’t work so easily. So far their lyrics managed to make me feel less alone and a bit more hopeful so I’m already very grateful to them.

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