Let Stray Kids Debut TOGETHER


Group Name: “Stray Kids”

Members: Kim Seung Min(Vocalist), Han Ji Sung(Rapper), Yang Jeong(Vocalist), Hwang Hyun Jin(Dancer), Seo Chang Bin(Rapper), Felix(Dancer),  Kim Woo Jin(Vocalist), Lee Min Ho(Dancer), and Bang Chan(Production)

Concept: Being Dope AF

Genre: “Kpop, Hip-Hop”

I’m not exactly sure what JYP Entertainment was expecting when they put these guys together, but clearly it has worked because they are slaying it. And if you think YouTube comments and views aren’t enough to go by, then you now have itunes success to consider on top of it all. Cuz these 9(oh yeah 9) boys have been charting pretty good worldwide with their first song. A marvelous achievement for any rookie “group.” Already managing to snag a spot on the top 5 when it comes to Kpop in quite a few different countries so early on. In places like Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and even America. Pretty good considering around this time last month most people had no clue who they even were.

However you may have noticed me putting the word group in quotation marks towards the end there. Might have caught you off guard but I did it because for as awesome as their song Hellevator was… they have NOT had an official debut yet! I know, how sucky is that for realz? Instead they are trainees who are currently a part of a music survival show on Mnet called Stray Kids. Yeah yet another one of those. I’m sure many of you may have fatigue from the abundance of them but I do suppose this has a different angle to it so there’s that at least

You see luckily the show they’re a part of seems to have it limited to these 9 members only.  However it does then mean we got the reverse to worry about. Because even though in the comments everyone is asking for them all to debut together, it is unfortunately not a guarantee at this point in time. In fact, the amount of members among other details are up in the air right now. And that is particularly problematic for me because not gonna lie here, from the song they put out, I’m one of those people who thinks they are already good as is. So I REALLY don’t want the label to fudge anything up.

Specially when you take into account these dudes wrote and composed the song  together. Which in idol land is a pretty dope thing. Although they did it with some help I admit. But still it shows an added layer of talent. Plus when you hear the song itself it sounds balanced. If you asked me which members aren’t up to quality and you told me to single them out, I would be hard pressed to do so. I find all their vocals, rapping, and dancing to be on point. Same thing with the EDM beat in the back round. That’s why I personally think this track as is can stand toe to toe with big name tracks out right now. And I don’t think I’m alone on that.

If there IS one thing I would possibly change it would only probably be the name. It’s the only thing that doesn’t sound as popping to me but then again I do like the meaning they put out for it. How it’s suppose to symbolize how they will stray away from any one concept. Which on paper sounds super cool but I would still like a better name though. But who knows it could grow on me I guess. 😛 haha Anyways click on the video, watch it, and then look at the lovely comments down below. There’s overwhelming support down there growing day by day. Fingers crossed that JYP will notice this and realize that they have something special on their hands.  Because they need to have them debut as a 9 member group at all costs. 😀



So what do YOU think, are you a supporter of them too? Really hope you gave it a good listening to if you hadn’t already because I assure you it’s worth your time. If you love upbeat and hype music you will love this! With that I’ll see you next time. Bye Bye all. ^_____^

13 thoughts on “Let Stray Kids Debut TOGETHER

  1. I don’t have a horse in the Stray Kids race, but I’m not an elimination shows person, either (I watched VIXX’s like a year after they debuted, and that was upsetting enough even knowing the ending ahead of time!) so I do hope the company will just let the whole group stay together if they all want to. It’s why I can’t get into the temporary groups like Wannaone and IOI, either. The idea of them all splitting back up bums me out too much!

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    • I can totally understand where you are coming from. I’ve had similar thoughts to those type of shows too. However I still end up watching them every time. O.O” lol But hopefully this will be the first show to not have anybody leave the group. According to the show it is possible. *fingers crossed*

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      • Yeah I agree. I’m impressed at how good they are. And they aren’t even official! Dayum…. I am really impressed with them. Also the way they understand how to use the word elevator and change it for their song. Its crazy how good Koreans are at English. Our languages are so intensely different!


  2. My friend told me about Stray Kids a couple days ago and I fell in love with this video. At this point they kind of give me Pentagon vibes. I’m definitely not thrilled by survival shows even when they work out well (like Monsta X debuting from No Mercy} it’s still difficult. The fact that their so popular right now makes it even worse, kind of the reason I’m trying not to get into Wannaone because things are guaranteed to change.

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    • Yes I saw this like a few days after it came out but it wasn’t until recently I noticed it wasn’t an officially debuted group. I was shocked to find out this song was only like a promotion for the show. Hopefully they don’t decide to split any of them. I really think this group has MAJOR potential.


  3. I don’t know too much about Stray Kids except for the fact that this song is a killer pre-debut song! I also agree with the name. Stray Kids sounds too childish and I can’t help but fear for them if they’re still around in 5 years time – they’ll all be adults yet they’re still called “Kids”. Although I love this song, I really fear for them. Hopefully people will support them because I’m not the biggest fan of JYP and how he treats some of his groups – not mistreatment or anything I just think that a label should shine more light on their existing groups rather than restarting new ones. I don’t know, maybe that’s just be but I really do hope for good things for the group 👍🏼

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