BTS is Heading to the AMAs


November 19th, mark it down folks because history is about to be freaking made here yet again by this group. As BTS will be the very FIRST Kpop group EVER and I repeat EVER to perform at the American Music Awards! Yes you read that correctly. I wrote the word perform because from all these reports it looks like they will be doing a live stage of DNA… at the very least. Will it be a remix, will they get to do another song with it, if so which one, so much for us to speculate on till’ then! 😛

For many this was a move that deep down we were hoping would be possible considering the latest traction they’ve been getting. I mean they won a BBMA(Billboard Music Award) earlier this year so with that in mind this shouldn’t have been thaaat far off right? But still I find many peeps tried to keep expectations down because they thought this group had already achieved soo much with this latest comeback. To the point were it would pretty much be greedy to outright ask for anything more. But regardless I’m sure secretly we were all thinking, “but wouldn’t it be cool though.”

And probs also thinking something like:

“Hello their latest album blew up in 1/3 of the world. Of course they deserve something like this.”

And with their song DNA making it into the Top 100 Top 200 Billboard charts respectively, for multiple weeks mind you, those shouldn’t have been seen as that crazy of thoughts to have had in retrospect. Either way the point now guys is that this shizz is really going down. Big Hit themselves tweeted it out and boy when they did,  I don’t think I have ever seen anything BTS related trend as fast as that! 😮 I was so amazed and shocked by the news that it took me awhile to form any semblance of coherent speech when it dropped. I just sat there starring at my phone for minutes waiting for my brain to reboot. O_O

Because remember it was like less than two full days ago where they had been trending big time for their new Love Myself campaign. About how they would be creating this new awesome thing to help troubled youths world wide. It was a beautiful thing for them to start and I’m sure we didn’t think we would get anything else that big for at least awhile. But never UNDERESTIMATE  BTS


Then you also have the whole Ellen business that had come out before this whole AMA thing took over. Which was originally what I had been planning to talk about cuz that was some dope news on it’s own. Since somebody working in the Ellen production had tweeted how at somepoint they were planning on having BTS over. Which for awhile even I thought it was just some dumb baseless rumor until a representative of Big Hit acknowledged the two sides indeed where in talks! And when that happened I was like yo I need to talk about this. But hours later as I’m in the middle of writing about it the even bigger news broke and I had to rework the whole thing. haha

I swear at this point somebody needs to start a news organization dedicated solely to BTS. Now I won’t be surprised if something even bigger happens in the next few days. 🙂 So what are your thoughts in all this? Are you exci-, oh who am I kidding of course you are! So common fanboy and fangirl your heart out with me right now. Tell me everything you are feeling cuz you must be feeling overwhelmed with all sorts of feelz. Haha ^___^


P.S. If you somehow haven’t heard DNA already here it is:

It’s a pretty chill song isn’t it? But hey if you like something goofier you can check out GoGo instead or if you want something that goes hard you can check out MIC Drop. Whatever your tastes, this group has it for you which is why I think they’ve blowed up as much as they have. 😀 😀

35 thoughts on “BTS is Heading to the AMAs

    • ARMYs hype levels must be dangerously high right now. This years AMAs about to be most talked about in years. haha I remember reading somewhere how BBMAs loved the attention from ARMYs and I think the dude who owns BBMAs owns AMAs too. Which means the people at the top here in America understands the reach of BTS. Meaning BTS could be about to get a whole bunch much more oppurtunities. 😀

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      • That’s true. I saw so many journalists tweeting about the news, and most of them were related to Billboard in some ways. Half the time I’m not sure if these people are acting or not, but I think those people like the boys too, they’re too well mannered not to.

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  1. Its just amazing how well these guys are doing and how they manage to be so humble about it. As long as they keep this up, i am their dedicated fan. Also this feat is not just something that BTS should be proud of, but kpop as a whole because the reach of kpop is increasing trenendously. Even kdramas and korean television shows are catching up.

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    • BTS is one of those groups that could have a whole movie made about them. Their whole journey of going from having basically nothing to being on top of the Kpop world is awe inspiring. Its good to see all that hard work has paid of. I only hope for them to find away to increase their rest time because sometimes I think they’re too busy.


  2. Ahh – I heard both news as well. Like you, I thought the Ellen D show thing was just a rumor. I hope it happens as I LOVE her! And I think she would make it a great show with BTS. Plus, I think BTS would enjoy it! Anyway – I hope Jimin will be healthy soon. Scary how he had to get rushed to the hospital.

    On a side note, I really appreciate your blog. I don’t have any friends who like Kpop and most don’t understand why I do. My very close friends respect me for my own personal tastes but I also sort of get made fun of liking Kpop. Sad, isn’t it? I’m a lot older than most Kpop fans and you would think therefore I have more mature friends but obviously, I must not. LOL!

    It’s okay. I mean, sometimes, it makes me feel lonely. I don’t care that they don’t share the same interest with me but it’s never nice to feel like people think you’re weird just because you like something they don’t get. At the same time, though, I’m not ashamed of loving Kpop. I will never stop liking something just because other people are being idiots.

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  3. Yeah, the news pretty much made my day! Just the day before I was talking about how I was sure they would perform at the BBMA’s this year and I was wondering what song they would do. But that would be like 6 months away. Then this news drops out of the sky that they will be performing at the AMA’s…and in just 2 weeks! I couldn’t hardly contain it! I’m so ready for more excitement like we had last May as BTS takes over the awards and gains a ton of new fans 🙂

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  4. honestly, its like my world is falling in place. BTS finally coming on Ellen! I am not really worried about the AMA thing cause I know they will rock it and leave every one in awe! but the thing is Ellen is my role model and the love of my life and seeing the boys on her show! imagine the exposure they get and how everyone will know about Kpop cause… duh…. who doesn’t watch Ellen!

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  5. “Whatever your tastes, this group has it for you which is why I think they’ve blowed up as much as they have” PREACH! also the fact that they are going on Ellen. I’ve been screaming for days

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