The Flash Listens to Blackpink and Batman knows Gangnam Style

Bet you never thought you’d see that headline. 😛

Seriously though this is one of those tid bits I wanted to talk about before the recent BTS AMAs(American Music Awards) news had dropped. But thank God I waited cuz new developments have been made yo. Because I guess in a significant piece of news it has now been comfired that Blackpink does indeed exist in the DCEU Movie Universe now… O_o Say what!? Yeah it sounds like I’m joking but I am so not. All you have to do is take a look at the video I’m gonna be linking to. But let me attempt to give you some backstory and take things way back to the beginning first. You see all this shizz started when one of the newest Justice League trailers dropped. Cuz as soon as it did netizens were quick to catch something that left them doing a double take.

Believe it or not in one scene in the back round Blackpink had been officially added to the shot. Their newest music video As if It’s your Last appeared on one of the monitors in the Flash’s room for a quick sec. This started going viral among Kpop fans immediately, as you would expect because of how out of left field the whole situation was. I mean it’s Blackpink… In a Justice League movie. haha That’s so awesome yet so weird and and random too right?

At the start many people believed it was one of those crazy rumors from one of those troll websites or that maybe somebody had hacked one of these sites and replaced the video with doctored footage. I mean the whole thing is kinda hard to believe and even I was doubly skeptical. But then that video I mentioned earlier in the post popped up.  In it Ezra not only acknowledged it to be true he even admitted to being a Blackpink fan himself. 😮 And even does part of the dance in the same video clip.

Honestly though eventually you coulda noticed that the trailer was real before that, since so many official sites had put it up. Still before this new bombshell dropped I’m sure most of us thought maybe it was cuz somebody on the production was a fan and they probs had sneaked it in without anybody noticing it or something. Cuz there is NO WAY anybody could have predicted that Ezra is a fan and that that’s maybe why they put it in there. And while with any other actor you may think he’s just saying that, from what I’ve seen of him in the past I wouldn’t put it past him one bit to be a legit fan. Like this is the dude that is into cosplay, likes comic books, and has a profound love for Harry Potter. So yeah I can easily buy into him being a Kpop fan too. 😛

And hey even if you wanna be a downer and say it’s all a marketing stunt, guess what? That would still mean higher ups find value in Kpop fans to even do something like this. So either way you look at it, I think it’s another step forward for Kpop but even if it isn’t this story is still a ton of fun to talk about. Anywho  here is that video I keep going on about. Ezra admitting to being a Kpop fan meanwhile Ben Affleck name drops Gangnam style. To which Ezra is quick to reply that Blackpink is more gangsta than that, which I absolutely LOVED. lol  Seriously you just can’t make this stuff up. haha


So what yah think about this latest crazy development? 🙂 Isn’t it interesting when you find Kpop appearing in the most random of places. Now who knows if this scene will actually pop up as is in the actual movie but no matter what at least we got this trailer. Will be interesting to see if Ezra name drops any other groups during the press junkets. Wouldn’t be too  surprised if there is a sudden influx of kpop related questions for him. Well with that I wrap things up. In case you haven’t heard the Blackpink song being talked about here, I will link it too. ^___^



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