What’s K-poppin’?: 11/6/2017

Ready for some Kpop Talk because for today basically what I have is an assortment of all kinds of different stories that caught my attention throughout last week that I thought were pretty interesting. And seeing as I’m only one person running this blog I thought that it would be better, time wise, if I would just go ahead and put all my thoughts under a singular post. I mean some of the topics here are pretty straight forward anyways. So hopefully this turns out alright and you get a good kick out of this overall. 😀 Like always feel free to share any thoughts you may have down below.

And with that said, for the first order of business we have a continuation to my last post, The Flash Listens to Blackpink and Batman knows Gangnam Style:

Blackpink’s MV will be in The Justice League for over 1 minute


Yah the newest piece to be spreading recently is that Blackpink’s MV As if It’s Your Last will be featured for over 1 minute in DC’s latest release. Which if this is to be believed, is pretty great for Kpop fans around the world but my only hope is that it doesn’t turn into one of those Marvel type situations. Where they add extended scenes unique only to other countries. Because oh man would THAT be a total downer if it turned out to be the case here. Where if only in Korea you would get this Kpop scene as an extra. However I think it’s unlikely it’ll go down that way because the reports I’ve read seem to point to the The Flash actually being portrayed as a full on Kpop Fan in the movie.

Although this has got a few people worried in a different sorta way though. I’ve been eyeing some comments popping up fearing that if these newest reports are true then this could potentially come of as cringy when we see it on the big screen. On account of people thinking it’ll feel crowbarred in, kinda like a bad product placement. Personally I think it won’t because I’m sure if it did, there would be a high likelihood it would simply be cut out or altered all together. But the scene will probs pass by so fast you won’t even care much either way. As far as I’m concerned as a Kpop fan this is just a little fun nugget to look forward to and nothing too big to fuss about in the end.


4Minute’s Crazy Now Has over 100,000,000 million views


Then moving on to some Bittersweet news, recently 4minute’s Crazy MV finally crossed into the 100,000,000 view mark on YouTube. An achievement worthy of praise but sadly the group is no longer with us as they’ve already disbanded. This hits me specially hard because for the longest time THIS was my favorite girl group. And when this song was released 2+ years ago I was so hype about it sharing it with all my friends. Even the non-pop fans because surely anybody can appreciate a good beat drop. 😊

To this day I think this is one of those songs that you gotta show Westerners when you try to get them into Kpop. I find a lot of them tend to gravitate towards this kind of group that has a little more edge to them. Which makes it all the more unfortunate that while 4minute was seemingly growing internationally through YouTube, back home their record sales were apparently not as popping.

Still I hope and have my fingers crossed that one day we get to see them all back together on stage for at least one more time… but anywho


“The Unit” abandons it’s concept?


Which brings us to this next kinda downer type story too that focuses on the show The Unit. Not sure if I talked about it on here before but it was one those on my anticipated list. For starters it was yet another one of those Kpop Music Survival Shows. However, it was looking like this one was gonna have a pretty unique spin to things. Because the concept for it was to give idols a second chance at stardom! Like it even coined the term the “idol-rebooting show.”

So going in obviously all us viewers expected to see some idols who had debuted in the past but who maybe hadn’t quite made it yet. Instead though that was NOT really what we got with it. What we did get was a bunch of rookies and newly debuted members. Many of who have only been around like 1-2yrs. This left a lot of people scratching their heads the first week. Still many gave it another week but then that only seemed to make people more furious. Not only did the focus again continue to not be on the people who needed rebooting, it seemed like the opposite was true. As if those who did need it the most were getting less air time.

For example people were down on the fact that both Boyfriend and 100% respectively were being edited to appear way too little. Or in Boyfriend’s case edited to look bad and unmotivated(after being on standby for a whopping 12 hours to perform). But hey I suppose they should consider themselves lucky since they at least got some screen time. Since by watching the first two eps you wouldn’t even have noticed peeps like B.I.G, A-JAXApple.BN.CAMYNAME, etc to have been there cuz they got edited COMPLETELY out.

At this point might as well re-brand the whole show don’t you think? Like there was even a 13 year old trainee in there… Yeah I’m sure this late in his career he needs a reboot. *sarcasm* :/ And that’s not meant as knock on him at all. I’m just saying it feels like false advertising from the producers at this point. So in my opinion skip the show unless you want to watch yet another typical Kpop survival show but enough on that. This turned out more ranty than I wanted. It’s really not a terrible show and who knows my criticisms may end up getting addressed.


Let’s change things up now and preferably talk about something positive. Like how Monsta X released a teaser for their new MV DRAMARAMA and also a teaser for all the tracks on their Mini Album! Yeah, have you had the chance to listen to them? From the snippets released I love them all so far. Truly feel like this could be their chance to finally win their first award on one of these music programs. Better late than never. Although I feel like I’ve been saying that for the longest time, to the point I must sound like a broken record by now. Anyways here are those teasers enjoy:



To me the standout note from the MV teaser is that Monsta X needs to learn how to drive! Watching it I was like, “another car crash?” Like seriously maybe they should consider hiring an Uber next time. 😆 lol 😛 But I kid of course. As for the tracks themselves, like always I dug how upbeat and energized they all sound. Having the right beats to work with their power vocals and their smooth vocals as well . If you made me pick favorites right now I would have to go with X and Dramarama cuz they sound the most intense and you know that’s exactly how I like my musac. 🙂

ICiA drops Sad Heel

Then to close this out I wanna shine some light on this group because they could seriously use the support as they are from a smaller company(OGAM Ent.) and their views aren’t strong to say the least. Their MV Sad Hell dropped November 4th and has less than 5K views thus far. It’s kind of sad because compared to their last song I really like it. Which not to say their last MV, Time Bomb was terrible but it did come out feeling waay under budget. And like I said it WAS by a smaller company but even so in that case it didn’t make it much easier to swallow. 
Cuz the way that the whole thing was shot was a bit too spazzy to get into.

This one though while it may be even more bare bones than that one I feel it came out looking much better. I would even say the simple aesthetic fit the type of song it is quite good. Since the song itself is more laid back and chill. From what people told me it’s supposed to be about getting over a bad break up. I recommend it if you want something less showy and you like supporting these more indie-idols. Also fun fact, under the same YouTube channel you can find MiSO’s Pink Lady MV. I’ve mentioned her a couple times so you may wanna check that out too if you have the spare time. 🙂  


So there you have it. Hopefully one of those stories was able to get your interest. 🙂 Like always I’ll see you again next time. Bye Bye.






10 thoughts on “What’s K-poppin’?: 11/6/2017

  1. Honestly, I’m not sure about the movie Justice League itself! I still haven’t watched Wonder Woman and I plan to. I heard it was good! But I tried to watch the Superman Batman movie and I couldn’t get past the first 15 minutes! And I just couldn’t get past Ben Affleck being Batman. I mean, come on DC! They need to step it up and learn a bit more from Marvel (aka Disney) in keeping the franchise more consistent. I’m not saying I love all Marvel movies that have come out but am pleased with 85% of what I’ve seen so far. Though Warner Bros is doing a fantastic job with the TV Series, Gotham (at the moment, I’m enjoying it more than Walking Dead and I am a huge TWD fan).

    But I know, this isn’t about comicon movies – this is about kpop! And I agree – I do hope the Blackpink bit airs all over and doesn’t get cut/shortened just because it’s not ‘main stream’ because it’s evident there’s enough kpop fans now. And if they show the full bit of Blackpink in the North American version of Justice, I might even go watch the movie!

    I have listened to all the teaser tracks of the Monsta X comeback album and I’m pretty excited! I’m surprised – Monsta X is on my play list but I haven’t bought any of their full albums. This next one up is promising so I might just purchase the entire album.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Funny you say this isn’t about comicon movies because I actually liked Wonder Woman so much I reviewed it on here. Haha XD It was one of the few comic book movies in awhile that left me coming out feeling hopeful. 🙂 So while all the marketing is saying Superman is the beacon of hope, Im like sorrys but movie wise the title goes to Wonder Woman no doubt. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love how the whole album sounds. I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!!! =D I like the song “From Zero” best right now. Omygosh. SO EXCITED FOR IT!! 🙂 Yay. Thanks for sharing. I don’t particularly follow Monsta X, and I’ve only ever really heard about them from you, so I’m glad you shared. Now I get to listen to these greats songs when they release!! Yay…

    Also, the rest of the news is just nice to have in general. I always like to know more about what is happening in the Kpop world. You’re like the nicest, unbiased dude who keeps me updated with the news. So thanks for that!!


    • Yeah MONSTA X is primmed to explode in popularity any second. If not this comeback then the next, but Im so sure it’ll happen at some point. They’re sorta like BTS was back in the early days in that respect. Where I think slowly they’ve been growing an audience but they just need that one opportunity to really show off all they’ve got 🙂

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      • Yeah I totally agree. There’s that one spark moment when you suddenly are just like OMYGOSH. I NEED TO FOLLOW THIS BAND… FOREVER. That happened to me with BTS when I watched DOPE the first time. I was just SHOOK.

        Seriously. 😛

        Are you a fan of Taylor Swift at all? Her music has certainly changed. To more intense. I know you said you like intense music.

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      • Cool. x) I thought you might like her stuff.

        I think a wide range of music is a great thing. I listen to things as different as a guitar version of “Maestro” from The Holiday all the way to “Deadpool Rap” by TeamHeadKick. I may be crazy… but HEY, at least I’m happy. 😛

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  3. Yeah MONSTA X is primmed to explode in popularity any second. If not this comeback then the next, but Im so sure it’ll happen at some point. They’re sorta like BTS was back in the early days in that respect. Where I think slowly they’ve been growing an audience but they just need that one opportunity to really show off all they’ve got 🙂


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