BTS confirmed for “Jimmy Kimmel Live?”

Looks like it’s a resounding yes if you go based off what Soompi, AllKpop and Newsen have been reporting recently. And as surprising as it may sound at first when you sit down to think about it I guess it does make a ton of sense. It is like an organic next step for them. Mostly on account of how they ARE gonna be performing at the AMA‘s(American Music Awards) already, and making “the rounds” as they say IS what you kind of expect from those type of artists. It’s just happens to be a lot more surprising in this case cuz it’s freaking BTS we are talking about!!!! Weird to see a Kpop Act getting the same level of treatment is all and we are simply gonna need the time to process am I right?

But that’s the BIG thing too ain’t it? Artists typically “make the rounds” like I said. Meaning we may need to prepare ourselves for more of these announcements to crop up over the course of these next few days. The Late Show, The Late Late Show, The Tonight Show, etc. it could all be fair game after this latest piece of news. And yeah that could obviously include The ELLEN Show too, so don’t be surprised if that happens as well. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

The bigger question though that I don’t see enough people asking is, are they gonna be performing while they’re on there too? Cuz that’s what musical guests normally do right? Which then would open the flood gates cuz it would mean there is the opportunity for them to perform something different from their AMAs performance. Like for example some of their other LIT songs new or old. Possibly a Dope or maybe a Not Today. I mean oh my gosh that would be the greatest thing ever wouldn’t it, but I think I may be getting ahead of myself over here. Need to calm myself down. lol ๐Ÿ˜›

Still whatever actually happens this is some major news on its own no doubt. I swear you peeps who happened to jump into the BTS bandwagon this particular comeback picked one hell of a time. If there is only one concern to be had in all this it would be that Jimmy can have the type of comedy that can easily offend some peeps. Making me a tad worried then that he may say something that could get lost in translation or accidentally anger Korean fans. Yeah that is a possible concern.

Which is why I always thought the Ellen news was perfect for the boys and is why I’m still hoping for it to pull through too. I mean with her you can off the bat expect a more calming and pleasurable experience I think. And with her they can have a a proper translator so we don’t go on overworking RapMon again. ๐Ÿ˜› But like I said previously I’m just glad overall they are getting any attention at all as I’m sure the group is too. That BBMA(Billboard Music Award)ย really opened new doors for them huh? Can’t wait to see the influx of new ARMYs over these next few weeks because it.will.happen. ๐Ÿ˜€

Now come on, this is big news so there must be lots you wanna share. And like always I’m here to listen to your own ramblings down below. haha ^____^

***& ok update time**

Looks like the appearance is confirmed for November 15th. It shall be a part of Jimmy’s series of outdoor mini concerts. And as expected good luck trying to get tickets cuz I tried but those shizz sold out quick. Haha However the most important thing here is…. we really could get multiple songs! ๐Ÿ˜€ Man must this fandom be up in the clouds right now.

16 thoughts on “BTS confirmed for “Jimmy Kimmel Live?”

  1. I want to hear more about the Jimmy Kimmel appearance for BTS. I’d like to hear it come from the show itself – I suppose I want to ensure this is not just a rumor? I want something more official – has Big Hit announced it, too? I admit I haven’t bothered looking on their social media accounts yet. Can you tell I’m nervous about all this? LOL!

    Yeah – a little worried about Kimmel’s ability to offend and push it a bit. I was really hoping to hear confirmation about The Ellen show (I’m a big fan of hers as is – and her humor is clean but good; I don’t mind dirty humor but if one can stay clean and have people in stitches, I think that speaks more in volume). It can still happen, I know, so I’m very much crossing my fingers as I feel she is a better fit.

    Regardless, this IS crazy! BTS is just killing it on the global and main stream spectrum. Why am I nervous for them, though? I can’t explain it… but that’s how I feel. I’m anxious and nervous and I don’t know why.

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    • Well I think this is true because I went to the site to get tickets and it was already sold out. T_T lol But I also feel some anxiety for them because they get so little rest as is and with added promotions its gotta be sooo tiring. Then to navigate in a language you aren’t use to. I would be stressed as all heck.

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      • Okay – so it’s not just me. I have never felt this way for any artist before. It is interesting how there’s a certain level of protectiveness towards these kpop bands by their fans. I am guessing it is because their lifestyles are so different from the N. American bands. Sure N. Amer musicians are stressed, too. But perhaps it’s because these kpop bands started off as kids who were taken away from their families – like a strict boarding school and the entertainment business all wrapped into one. The level of pressure to do so much in such a short period time tough work.

        And perhaps I feel that most people who will now be introduced to kpop because of BTS do not get this. They assume it’s the same as any boy band one finds out about from N. America. I mean, I didn’t know, either at first. I did my research to discover how very wrong I was.

        Well – lets hope for the best for them!

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      • Yeah idols in general seem to have to go through a tough process to get put in a group. And even then there are no guarantees. So its even more awesome when a group like BTS comes along. Who is able to makes it without the help of the 3 major labels like was the case with them. So I think that connects fans that much more to this group specifically. Because how can you not respect that kinda hustle.

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  2. Woohoo! I seriously need to reign in my excitement levels because they are through the roof! I too am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that BTS, a kpop band, is going to be on all of these big shows.

    And we are all here witnessing something huge. It’s been building for a while, but yes, those BBMA’s were a catalyst that really got things rolling. And over the next few weeks, their popularity is just going to move on to another level. It’s really great to be a part of it. So much to look forward to in the next couple weeks! It’s going to be crazy!!

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    • The best is gonna be all the other behind the scene stuff and other random tidbits they film while they’re here too. Its also kinda weird to know they are gonna be so close by. Specially since the Jimmy Kimmel show for example is only minutes from my house. Haha

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      • That’s torturous! You need to be at the ready 24/7 as they announce these appearances so you can go see one. You just gotta be lightning fast, hehe.

        Oh my, I don’t even know what I’m going to do with all the extra stuff!! With behind the scenes stuff and interviews galore I won’t have time to do anything but watch and read about BTS for that whole week, lol.


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