MONSTA X is LIT, Monbebes are on FIRE, and Wonho has a fever


It’s a beautiful day today because Monbebes around the world are getting turnt up as we speak because both MONSTA X’s newest Mini Album, The Code, and their newest MV for DRAMARAMA have now dropped. ๐Ÿ˜ŽAnd let me tell you something, my expectations were running ridiculously high for this comeback but even so this group has somehow managed to surpass them effortlessly. In fact, I’m gonna out on a limb and say this is the BEST thing this group has put out to date! Normally I’m the kind of guy who likes the title track and maybe 1 or two other songs on an album at best, but with this mini-album surprisingly I love EVERYTHING. Even my least favorite song is one I would add to my playlist. Yah I like the album THAT much so you peeps need to get on it quick!

Plus you can really see and hear how this group has matured as artists over time. Specially when you take a look at their newest MV. You can obviously see the increase of the production value but I think their performances on cam have gotten all around better too deserving much praise. And more importantly I feel like they have perfected the balance between their main vocalists who have some of the smoothest voices ever and their rap line who on the flip side have some of the most RAW voices ever. The two have always meshed well for me but I find this newest batch of songs takes it to a whole new level.

They seriously did not come to play with this mini album and it shows. So far I’ve been cruising between YouTube videos and forum posts to see what other people’s reactions are and it is all looking positive thus far. I have even noticed that everyone seems to have a different favorite song which is a good sign in terms of the quality of the tracks. But it’s not only us regular fans showing them support. Recently pics were going around of flowers that showed up from all kinds of celebrities in anticipation of MONSTA X‘s show-con for the fans. With one of them being from non other than BTS. So that was extra cool. One of my fave groups supporting my other fave group. Ah how good it feels to be a multi fandom person right? ๐Ÿ™‚ You can easily find these pics floating around if you wanna see for yourself.

Anyways when it comes to all this jazz I may wanna try to do an actual in depth review at some point but for now I just mainly wanna bring it up to people’s attentions because I know there’re still some people following me who haven’t checked them out yet. Yeah I know YOU exist. lol ๐Ÿ˜› So come on just give ’em a quick listen ok? ๐Ÿ˜€ To make it easier here is their DRAMARAMA MV. Let this start you on the path to becoming a fresh Monbebe ๐Ÿ˜›ย :

P.S. The tunnel you see in this MV was used in BIGBANG’s BANG BANG BANGย and BTS’s RUN.ย Thought it would be fun to know. โ˜บ

As for the other tracks if you like this then you may also like their other hype songs too, for example, one I think you gotta check out for sure isย X.ย I would best describe it as a rap line enthusiast’s dream. Has major potential to become a pseudo anthem for the group. Would also totally put it up there as my most fave of the bunch because I like the build up to it the most. Although the funky guitar riff thingy in DRAMARAMA is pretty catchy and unique sounding too don’t you think. It gives it a good run for it’s money but yeahย X still has the edge by a little…but I digress. On the other hand if you much prefer something smooth and more on the chill side there is something there for you too.ย  A song I would recommend with that in mind isย From Zero. But if you find that to still be too upbeat for your tastes there is also the song In Time for you to consider.

But to further help you peeps here is my personal ranking of the tracks from my most fave to least fave:

  1. X
  3. From Zero
  4. Now or Never
  5. Deja Vu
  6. In Time
  7. Tropical Night

Of course this is only based on my thoughts and my own personal preferences so don’t put too much weight on it. We all know I lean towards the edgier more intense songs. And in the end I doubt you could really go wrong picking either of these anyways. Since all of them have some some pretty wide ranging types of dope beats with equally as diverse vocals. And hey if you are someone who already checked them all out share your opinions with me because if anything I’m more curious to hear your rankings. ^___^

So yeah that’s basically my initial thoughts on everything. I hope to get more into this in the future like I said. After the hype has died down a bit so I can be less fanboyish about the whole thing. lol ๐Ÿ˜†


But before I close this out I wanna also send some well wishes to Wonho because unfortunately he is down with the flu and wasn’t able to take part in the group’s live show-con for this new mini album. Yeah it sucks but his health is more important so it’s completely understandable. At least things didn’t turn out worse since before it was expected that he had meningitis which is no joke. Luckily he dodged that bullet though. We shall see if he can get to perform during other promotions. It would suck badly if he had to miss all of them. Either way though he should feel proud that this new album and MV have both been getting a good word of mouth. And on that positive note I’ll end this post. ‘Till next time.

14 thoughts on “MONSTA X is LIT, Monbebes are on FIRE, and Wonho has a fever

  1. I know YOU exist too. lol ๐Ÿ˜›

    Ok first of all… the song Dramama was…. LIT!!!!!!!!! The rapping tho. #EXPLOSION
    My favorites The Code songs:
    1. From Zero
    2. Dramarama
    3. Deja Vu
    4. Now Or Never
    5. Trofical Night
    6. X
    7. In Time

    What do you think of Astro? I haven’t heard you mention them before. Have you heard their songs “Baby” and “Crazy Sexy Cool”? They are #LIT too.

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  2. Between Monsta X and EXID, and finding out about Red Velvet & KARD’s upcoming comebacks, I had a great K-pop day yesterday! ๐Ÿ˜€ Monsta X’s album is so freaking good. I can always count on them!

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  3. X is also my fave track from the album, I think it has a good balance of vocal to rap and every member gets to shine. I think Tropical Night is also my least favorite but I still love it because we have the rap line being kinda silly and being themselves.
    The Dramarama video is amazing! The cinematography and story line are well thought out and put together. I can’t put it above Beautiful at this point because I’m so biased towards that era since that’s when I became a Monbebe, but Dramarama is definitely right up there with it.
    Also your title is so creative!

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    • I like this mini album overall better than the other stuff but I also agree that Beautiful is on a league of it’s own. I would call it my fave single track above all. Its my most replayed out of every Monsta X song to date. ๐Ÿ™‚


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