BTS to Guest/Perform at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”


No this is NOT a dream this is in fact REAL life! 😇 Big Hit just like with the Jimmy Kimmel Live news has now gone on to confirm an Ellen Show appearance too… And at this point I don’t really think we should be surprised by these things anymore. Since I’m so sure these stories are still only the the tip of the iceberg. I say this because the label could have easily waited another day or two to drop this since there is enough out there to keep us busy for now. What this tells me is that there is much more news for them to drop. Maybe I am looking too deep into things but doesn’t it seem that way? 😛

That is why I think we ARMYs need to accept something right at this very moment. What do you ask? Well I believe we need to embrace the simple fact that breaking news is from here on out about to become a common occurrence in our fandom, for many weeks to come and who knows maybe indefinitely for the foreseeable future at least. But either way, whether you agree or think I’m nuts let’s get back to the actual news.

For those who haven’t kept up and don’t know what’s up, here is the basic time line. There was a rumor going around that BTS would appear on the Ellen Show that had ARMYs world wide riled up. That is until a much bigger story dropped that began trending about how BTS would be performing at the AMAs(American Music Awards). Understandably so this suddenly became the big news on everyone’s radar overshadowing the previous rumor. However later when things settled a bit, much to our surprise Big Hit confirmed that not only had there been talks with Ellen‘s people they were in talks with other shows too!


This was the moment the Ellen stuff got put further back in the back burner for a sec while ARMYs then went, “what other shows are you talking to?” From there the speculation started to run rampant until out of nowhere we got news that a Jimmy Kimmel appearance was confirmed. Suddenly THAT was the BIG story. Specially when peeps found out it wasn’t a normal show appearance and that BTS would be there to be a part of Kimmel‘s on going mini concert series. And much like the previous concerts it meant, the tickets would be FREE!!! So everybody rushed over to the website as you can imagine, me included to try to get one. Did I? Nope unfortunately because turns out they were out before I had even woken up that morning. 😭But I’m sure you peeps don’t care about that so let’s continue. 😐😅

What happened next was the big surprise that inspired this post. Yup that’s correct The Ellen Show finally being confirmed too..not even a full day after the Kimmel announcement may I add! And sure ARMYs kinda expected it for the longest time but it doesn’t make it any less awesome or impactful. Cuz it’s gonna be all kinds of hype to see the positivity of BTS mesh with the lighthearted humor of Ellen. I expect a pleasant experience for all to be had. Though I’m sure many like myself genuinely thought this news would drop at least a few more days apart since we were still recovering from the last bombshell weren’t we? But I guess Big Hit really be enjoying all this attention. 😆 lol

So yup there you have the basic gist of it all. And I say basic gist because in the middle of all this there have been other stories that I didn’t even get a chance to get to. Like how the boys were announced to be releasing a re-mix of MIC drop in a collab with Desiigner and Steve Aoki next week!!. Or How their DNA MV hit a new milestone by getting over 3 million likes. OR better yet how they’ve managed to stay on the Billboards Hot 200 Chart for a record 6 weeks already. Yeah so much stuff one could cover huh?

What about you peeps? What do you think about this latest development? Are you like me and have you TOO resigned to the fact that BTS breaking the internet is gonna be commonplace going forward? Let me know down below. ☺


#Extra- If you stopped by this and haven’t heard of BTS before here is a bop to start you on your journey. It’s called Dope.



22 thoughts on “BTS to Guest/Perform at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

  1. I am SO HAPPY to hear confirmation about The Ellen Show! And I agree. I am curious as to whatever breaking news are just around the corner. Will it just be these two shows? Are there more? And I assume some one like Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen had their shows guest lists lined up already. So… if that’s the case, who got bumped for BTS? I mean, these shows had to take advantage of BTS’ schedule situating them in the states. These are too busy otherwise. LOL! I think Ellen would get a kick doing the Go Go dance with them, btw. 🙂

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    • Thanks to the internet we are now more connected than ever. So I wanna see everyone embracing things from other countries more and more. I think when you do that people become more open minded in general and people can get a long with eachother better. Cuz it makes people relate more once they share common interests.

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    • With how many opportunities the BBMAs were able to open I can just imagine what the AMAs will do. For example it could create a bunch of new chances for all sorts of collabs with the other artists they meet. It could even open it up for even more shows to invite them. Once they see all the new eyes their fandom brings. 😀

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  2. When it rains, it pours with BTS! The news just keeps coming, and like you said, I think it will continue. I still can’t believe they are going to be all over my TV! It’s just crazy 🙂 I also really love your timeline of events since it really sums up what so many of us have experienced over the last week, hehe

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  3. So they are confirmed to also perform DNA on The Ellen Show and I just am curious – will either or both talk shows also include some actually talking? I hope so. More with Ellen. Because she’s so good at doing her research and is always on social media and especially YouTube, I don’t doubt she will check on BTS on YouTube in order to bring up some good conversation pieces. Jimmy Kimmel – I don’t really care if he sits down to talk with BTS. Maybe it’s better if he doesn’t because I don’t trust him to be tactful anyway. Having said that it would be great exposure for them. Like after the BBMA, I expect some amount of back lash (thinking back to some of the racist comments on the social media feed) and I would love BTS to carry on anyway – giving interviews, being themselves, spreading the word on #ENDViolence, etc. Squash all that negativity with their positive attitudes! (Thankfully for every negative comment there was after the BBMA, there were tenfold more positive comments.)


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