Yup it’s true the MIC Drop Remix has in fact been pushed back.


No need to panic though folks because it has only been pushed back for 1 week, thankfully. Originally it was supposed to drop on November 17th and now it looks to be aiming for a November 24th release instead. Apparently the change up happened after both Steve Aoki and Desiigner, their collaborators on the track, wanted to re-discuss the release date. After some talks I guess they all came to the similar conclusion that it would probs be better to wait until AFTER the American Music Awards and all the following promotions thereafter too were done. This is all according to Big Hit‘s statement.

If you don’t believe me you can check out their twitter here. They put out the new date themselves as well to a link to an article on Naver explaining everything.

Personally I think this news is actually fantastic because I always did think it was weird to release this hotly anticipated track sooo close to the AMAs. Let us not forget they go down on November 19th!!! I think this way now we can focus all of our attention in hyping that up first and making sure it blows up as big as it should. Then once it’s over we can do the same for MIC Drop. Last thing we need is for these two things to be so close that they end up cannibalizing each others hype.

It may suck at first because I’m sure we wanna get our grubby little hands on everything BTS related as soon as possible, but trust me you’ll be ok. 🙂 Think about it, we got Kimmel, Ellen, and The AM freaking As to look forward to to keep us real busy. And who knows what other kind of surprises await us in between too. Cuz you just know they’ll use this opportunity to film all sorts of behind the scenes extras while they’re there. So don’t go on being greedy fans ok? 😛

Now tell me the truth are y’all actually gonna be ok in all this? Let me know down below. In the meantime to make the wait as easiest as possible here is the original Live Performance. In all it’s swagalicious glory. I tell you, I’m damn curious to see how they can make this track any more “turnt up” than what it already is. 😀

…Ahh what a great track to address all those haters ain’t it? Feel bad for all those ANTIs who wasted all that time focusing on such negativity towards BTS. Hopefully they can move on and find some positivity soon. ^___^


P.S. Also congratz to BTS for getting 10,000,000 followers on twitter and being the first Korean account to do so. Now you guys get a brand new trophy to put in your guy’s bag. 😉 Make sure to keep it safe.



MIC Drop Remix has Dropped. Click here to get my thoughts. 🙂

12 thoughts on “BTS’s MIC Drop Remix DELAYED

  1. *SWOON* They are just fantastic… AANNND amazing. I enjoy their music and their style and their bravery so much. I never would have imagined a kpop group getting so high in the American media as them.

    As always, thank you for supplying me with this great piece of information. I always look forward to your posts. 🙂

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  2. I’m okay with this push-back date. It makes sense.

    Of course, the selfish part of me wish they would use the AMAs as a release date so they can perform it on stage for the first time but that’s too risky I suppose. I was just hoping they would find a way to perform Mic Drop live during one of their venues during their visit. But it looks like they are sticking with DNA for all 3 performances. But this is so monumental that I’m just glad they are performing. Period!!! 3 times! 3 different shows!

    The AMAs Spotify is showcasing Fire, DNA, and Blood Sweat and Tears. Which I think is pretty cool to be rivaling other artist like Diana Ross who is also on the playlist three times. You would think they might only be displayed once!

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    • Yeah I was hoping they would perform other songs too like MIC Drop. However it makes since for it to be DNA since that seems to be the one in particular that blowed up from the album. Either way with rumors of how many ARMYs will be in attendance at the these shows, it’s looking like either way there will be plenty of support. I am only curious though if BTS and Big Hit are gonna change up the song in anyway. Not expecting a remix of that one too but it is their first Big American performance. I wonder how much creative freedom the AMAs will give them for the stage production as a whole.

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  3. The impatient fan in me is of course disappointed about having to wait even longer to hear the remix. But the logical part of me completely understands, I think it is a good move to wait for all the reasons mentioned. Like you, I think Mic Drop is already so amazing that I really don’t see how they can make it better. I think I’m going to pretend it’s a different song so I won’t compare it so much. Good luck to me with that 😉

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  4. I’m glad it’s delayed. I’m so happy that our boys get to do this collaboration and everything but I’m not sure if this will end up being something I like. Not a huge fan of Desiigner and don’t know enough about Steve Aoki to decide either way, but Mic Drop is so lit already I hope this remix does it justice.

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    • I can understand the concerns because I agree the original is soo good already. It’s hard to imagine it being better. As for Desiigner, I don’t think I have ever heard his stuff before so I can’t comment on his involvement but I will say Steve Aoki is a very respectable DJ. 🙂


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