Oh Snaps, BTS is in L.A.

OMG what a turn out like look at all those peeps that showed up to see them. Glad to see them get such an overwhelming response here. Although it looked like things coulda easily gone bad for them there at some points had the fans chosen to not be respectful. But yeah luckily they were and the group was well prepared with a bunch of extra security just in case to keep them safe from any cray crays. I can’t imagine what woulda happened otherwise with sooo many people around. O_O

Anyways though what is important is that yes BTS has indeed arrived in L.A. leaving us with the question, Are We READY for them? From everything I’ve been seeing so far it looks like American ARMYs are definitely up to the task. Yes. Don’t know if you’ve been watching the footage going about but things are definitely getting turnt up to the max quite quickly on part thanks to them and it’s only the first day…

In fact to see how amazingly things have been going all you need to do is watch some behind the scenes footage of their DNA performanceย @TheLateLateShowย making the rounds. Cuz guess what, in it we can see some major fanchant action going on already. Seriously not joking guys these ARMYs be taking this shizz to heart and it’s making me proud AF. Hearing them made my jaw drop specially since this appearance was on such short notice, and those ARMYs attending didn’t even know they would be there 24hours prior.

Guess you just shouldn’t underestimate BTS fans ever huh? ๐Ÿ˜€ I bet they left the non Kpop fans in the audience around them completely shook.


This can only leave you to imagine what it will be like at the actual AMAs because it has been rumored for sometime that there could be up to 4000 ARMYs that show up in attendance. Which if it is to be believed is bound to blow the roof off the place. But even if it isn’t you can see what a couple hundred alone can do when you watch the behind the scenes footage I mentioned. Meaning no matter what, I think at this point it is safe to say things will only continue to get more LIT as the days go on.

However don’t worry for our K-ARMY counterparts thinking they are missing out on anything because they AREN’T, as I’m positive they are watching all these clips too. As I’m sure they will also get to watch the clips of all of BTS‘s performances since they will undoubtedly be finding themselves online immediately. Probs even in record time. Plus hey if that wasn’t all enough for them there is another good piece of news that dropped recently that will for sure be making their day…

You see apparently Mnet has also chosen to buy the rights to air the AMAs(American Music Awards) in Korea, for the FIRST TIME EVER. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Oh gee I wonder if it’s a happy coincidence? Or not, and its cuz of freaking BTSย who is gonna beย performing in what is not only set to be a monumental achievement for them but for all off Kpop in general! Hmm I think that sounds more like it. ๐Ÿ˜› lol Looks like Mnet is slowly recognizing this group’s mass appeal. So let’s all watch on that day and break social media together how bout dat. ๐Ÿ˜›

In the meantime I will try to keep you peeps up to date as much as possible with as much cool stuff as I can. While also throwing in my little commentary here in there because honestly it will be unavoidable. lol Now how about you tell me about what has been the coolest thing you have noticed because let’s be frank, there is a lot one could talk about on here. ๐Ÿ™‚


24 thoughts on “Oh Snaps, BTS is in L.A.

  1. What an exciting (and most likely exhausting day what with the long flight and jet lag) for them! From the fan-clips and tweets from the Late Late Show, they stayed professional and showed their classic 125% effort, though, so they did not look tired. How? I saw video clips and photos of them at the airport. After just a 5 hr flight on one of my business trips, I walk out of the plane in the most horrible mood. All tired and cranky. Yeah, I suppose having stylists help but still – they looked so calm and cool.

    I would like to believe Mnet bought the rights to air the AMAs BECAUSE of BTS. But that’s just me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am also so very proud of them. I’m proud it’s BTS making a world statement because they are so humble and down to earth. I feel like they are great ambassadors for kpop. And Jimin’s English has improved (actually, Taehyung’s, too). I loved how during the James Corden flinch game he yelled back, “James! Don’t worry – I’m not afraid!” And then RM behind him gave a, “Bring It!” expression (along with Jimin). Can’t wait to see it aired.

    By the way, I thought the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight (Nov 15.) will air them but I believe it is just the live concert and the broadcast will air on November 20th? It wasn’t too clear but that is now what I am reading.

    The only talk show that was clear was The Ellen D’s show. Taking on Nov 21 and broadcast on Nov 27. Sames with James Corden – according to the Late Late Show tweets, they have not made an announcement of broadcast date.

    So next up – AMAs! Woot!

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    • Jimin’s English threw me off too. I know that clip of him is gonna be one of the most played and is gonna be used over and over in many fan videos to come. Haha I also liked how overall it seems they felt comfortable with James. It looks like this was a really great first show to kick things off. And them fanchants too.

      Lets see how things will go on the other shows. Still a little worried with Kimmel and his brand of humor but I do think he will be impressed by the fans that turn out. and that will hopefully be a main focus to keep him from saying anything too weird. XD lol

      And for ellen I wonder if she will try to scare the boys like she normally does to her guests. Can only imagine Jhopes reaction if so. Haha

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  2. I really am worried we’re going to end up crashing twitter and the official website of AMAs. Billboard appearance was crazy, I can’t imagine what an actual performance will bring. I know I’m going to have to stay up at 4 in the morning.
    I’m so glad they started with James. He treated them so well and I also saw somewhere that apparently James said he has been trying to get BTS on his show over a year.

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    • I heard that too and to me its totally believeable. Cuz Ive seen interviews of him before and he has been on record saying he use to wanna be in a boy group. So I can imagine him fanboying seeing a group like BTS that not only sings, raps, and dances but also have such positive personalities on top of it all! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I’m ready! Wait, no I’m not! I just don’t know, lol. I’m way too excited for my own good. I knew these couple weeks were going to be crazy, and it’s already begun! Cue the lack of sleep from staying up late last night watching all the clips and the twitter explosion. And it was just the start! I’m seriously so happy for them, and this is going to be such a fun journey to go on with them and the other fans ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I hope we get more reactions of the audience tho. I wanna see what non fans look like when all of a sudden there is a fanchant going on right next to them. lol I also feel like this is gonna be a dream come true for these late night hosts because I’m sure as entertainers the idea of blowing the roof of the place is what they all want. And yeah BTS and ARMYs can give that to them. ๐Ÿ˜€

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      • I did see one shorr clip of a non-ARMY admist the Corden show performamce looking around her with a stunned impression not much different from a Jungshook look!


      • I did see some video of the audience from the James Corden show. They looked confused, lol. I look forward to lots more of that! And yes, BTS will definitely give these entertainers something to get excited about! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I’M SO EXCITED. My favorite thing so far that I’m looking forward to is definitely THELATELATESHOW bc that is already one of my favorite shows, and it also looks like they perform a TON of songs!!! I’m so excited. I want to know NOW when it is airing, and WATCH IT A MILLION TIMES FOREVER!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    *sigh* I’m so glad I’m an ARMY. Thank you boy for telling me all this! *bows gratefully*

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    • Have you watched the fancams of them on Kimmel’s Live Concert yet? They perform MIC Drop, Go Go, Blood Sweat & Tears, Save Me, I need U, and Fire. Not sure how much is going to air but still its awesome they got to do so much!

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      • YEAH. *jealous girl over here* I can’t wait until the episodes air. I saw a collection of the fancams, but I wasn’t sure which show they were from, so I just guessed they were all from LATELATE.

        THEY BETTER PUT IT ALL IN!!! I won’t settle for any less! ๐Ÿ˜›


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