Monbebes around the world rejoice REJOICE REJOICE because it has finally happened, MONSTA X has nabbed their first music show win ever. Yup on November 14th’s edition of  The Show it was made official. They beat out Block B and EXID. This makes it their first win since their first EP was released back in May of 2015. So that means it has been what a 2 and a half year journey for them! Thanks for not giving up on them in that time. Hopefully this means people aren’t gonna be sleeping on this group anymore.

Now let’s see if we can nab anymore wins. *fingers crossed*

You can watch their tearful acceptance speech right here:


Just look at those shocked faces. Doesn’t it make you feel all the much better they have won. I told you peeps I had a good feeling about this comeback(although I do get that feeling with every one of their comebacks. lol) But I told yah I thought this new mini album The Code in particular was their best work to date in my opinion. Not a single track popped out to me as bad and it even had the track X, which to me was even better than this song even though it technically got them the win. So yup deep down I was like, there is no way they’re NOT winning at least one award this time around.

Making this a really good time to get into this group if you haven’t yet. Specially if you like EDM mixed with Hip-Hop as well as freakishly good choreo. For an example that shines a light on those things and also gives you a good overall idea of what yo expect with them, I will link to a performance version of the song that got them the award. 😀 If it doesn’t win you over I will be shocked because they bring the intensity and have a stage presence like no other.

DRAMARAMA performance


So what do you all think about this latest win? Is it as much deserved as I think it is? Let me know. And if this happens to be your first time with this group, what are your first impressions? Let me know that too down below.


7 thoughts on “MONSTA X Wins, FINALLY!

  1. Congrats to them. DRAMARAMA is not my favorite november comeback, at first I didn’t even like it but that has changed since then. I love the choreography too, I must have watched the performance version of the MV at least 10 times.

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  2. I’m happy for them! 🙂 I definitely think they deserve it. I love Beautiful but I don’t think it will win against EXO or BTS at the MNET award this year. So it’s good they are getting this win.

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