What if your mom met BTS…

and you didn’t…?

I bet you would be majorly salty about it am I right? Well, that’s kind of what happened to some peeps today thanks to Jimmy Kimmel. lol Yup the epic prankster was at it yet again with his world-renowned troll-ish hijinks in full effect. Like I seriously swear this dude knows how to push all the right buttons to mess with you on a deep psychological level.Β  😭It makes me hope I never end up on his show ever… or does it? πŸ€” Watch the full video to find out everything that actually happened. πŸ˜›



As you can see the girls were trolled into believing their moms got a chance to meet BTS while they didn’t. Making me feel bad for them but at the same time I did think the idea was fantastic, not gonna lie to you. To the point were even a part of me wondered what woulda really happened had they left it at that and only the moms truly got the chance to meet them. haha Coulda been real interesting, messed up, but real interesting. However luckily for the super fans the show opted NOT to torture them and they did get a chance to meet them too in the end. Although I think they new something was up from the very beginning and I think deep down they new they were gonna be getting the chance too.

But it does pose the question, how do you think you would react if this happened to you except in the end you DIDN’T get to meet them? I know I would be bummed to the max. Even for all my positivity it would probs take me a long while to recover. But don’t worry eventually I would look back on it as such a messed up but funny memory that I would treasure forever. And even though I would be feeling sad for myself at first I still think I would be happy for my mom or any other person who got to meet them instead. 😊

My only hope is that they could at least get some good pics or footage for me at least. πŸ˜‡But enough about me. Share what you think you would do.Β  I’m way more curious about dat. πŸ˜›


PS. Wasn’t that one mom straight up savage when she said, “Sucks to be you.” Somebody had to have told her to say that line for comedic effect right? Cuz if not she is my new hero. Cuz she has no chill in her game whatsoever.Β πŸ˜…πŸ˜ŽΒ Also I loved how V reacted to it. His reaction was pretty much same as mine.

14 thoughts on “What if your mom met BTS…

  1. I would probably make my mom tell me everything up to every little detail she remembers over and over again. I would be very jealous too. These two moms and girls are so lucky. I wonder if Jimmy has ever seen such an enthusiastic fanbase before.

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  2. Well for starter i will be so depressed i could never meet them. Because living where I am, BTS does not have any concerts or any kind of program where I can atleast see them at a distance. So if my mom got to meet them and I could’nt, yes I would be immensely depressed. Also my mom would’nt know the boys that well so that would be such a loss because there is so much I would love to ask. And the people in this video who got to meet them-you guys are so lucky. So lucky. All i can do is sit and watch far far away and think about relocating my home or something. πŸ˜›

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    • Thanks to me my mom knows some things about BTS. So I think she would be able to have more fun with them then others. lol She would probs be trying to get as many pictures as possible of them. Even if she doesn’t listen to them she thinks it’s cool how they are growing so much internationaly. πŸ™‚


      • I’d be that mom. I’d do it and then use it once in awhile to tease my daughter… “Hey… remember that time I met BTS and you didn’t?” Yup – that’s me. πŸ™‚ They did get to meet them at the very end, though. But Kimmel played them like it would never happen during the whole set-up and post-interview afterwards. At the end of the video I see the daughters standing with the whole group for a shot. But they DID get played. LOL!


  3. OMYGOSH. I’M SO JEALOUS!!! I’m jealous of all of them. To be honest, I’d die if someone else I knew saw them and met them. DAMN! I’d be so upset. It’d probably break my heart. But I wouldn’t hate the person or hold it against them. I’d be happy for them. I mean… anyone lucky enough to meet them should just be happy. πŸ™‚

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  4. I showed this to my daughter and asked what she would do if I did this to her. I asked her if she would stop talking to me forever. She said no but at least for a week she would not talk to me. πŸ™‚

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  5. Yeah, I would be mighty unhappy! I was feeling so bad those girls, lol. I think most of us would eventually be happy for our parent, but that fan part of us would probably be jealous forever, hehe

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    • At the VERY end of the video clip they finally did get to meet BTS so it was happy ending for all. But Kimmel set them up GOOD!!! LOL! I guess he knew it would be too cruel to not introduce the daughter to the guys. πŸ™‚

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      • Oh yes, I was so relieved to see that! When I watched it on TV last night I didn’t see that last part, so I felt much better when they posted it online with the ending. He did get them good though. That would have seriously been too cruel not to let them meet the guys, lol

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