The American Media x BTS


There’s been a surplus of BTS news in America lately and as a long time fan it has been warming my heart. ☺ To see this group who pretty much started  from nothing, slowly climb its way up to the top(world wide now) through sheer hard work has been nothing short of miraculous. If you look back you can easily see the difference this last year or two has made. From things like them now having a bigger place for themselves to now also being able to sell out huge venues and of course getting mainstream attention. It’s fantastic really,  but I’m certain the thing we as ARMYs above all else truly love the most is that in all this time while their music has changed and evolved, their core messages/values/humbleness has stayed the same. They continue to push themselves as artists and write about meaningful subjects they believe in that people everywhere can relate to. 😄😃🙂

Basically put, there is a lot one could praise them for. Unfortunately though it doesn’t seem like enough of this stuff I mentioned is getting through or brought up by most of their interviewers lately and it’s why I’m making this. Because I’m not sure about you but during this round of promotions in the West I have been left a bit perplexed. 🤔 You see the few times they have gotten anywhere near close to any of these topics it seems they just barely touch on them. Now I ain’t saying that the promotions we have been getting thus far have been bad, a waste of time, or anything of the sort. But more like I wish we could be getting a few of these interviews to go a bit deeper is all. At least more so than the typical surface level questions we’ve been getting a lot of:

(Who is your favorite celeb crush, how does it feel to be performing at the AMAs, which American artist would you like to collaborate with, and of course the will you be releasing any English songs or an English album in the future ones?)

Not to say that those type of questions shouldn’t be asked but I do think we are at the point were you need to diversify it up. Cuz everything is starting to blend together because it’s all so similar. Like there is so much good stuff you have a chance to ask about and bring up instead, things that are pretty recent too. Like can you interviewers please bring up the Love Myself campaign for example, cuz that would be all kinds of dope. I mean you got a group in front of you trying to help children on a world wide scale in cooperation with UNICEF(The United Nations Children’s Fund ). A cause for which they are even donating a percentage of all their Love Yourself: Her album sales. 😇 THAT seems like it could be of interest to Americans more than let’s say what their fave crushes are, or am I wrong?

Or if you do wanna talk about how they feel to be at the AMAs, you could try to bring up how they are such “underdogs” in this since they’re from a very small label. I feel this specially could connect them even more so to a wider audience because who doesn’t love a good underdog story? For starters I think people would be amazed to know the entire company they’re from is made up of only like what, maybe 50-70ish employees max. Which compared to other popular companies from Korea out a drop in the bucket. Take JYP or YG as examples. Two of the biggest labels in Korea, they respectably easily have on wards of 100 maybe to even close to a 1,000 employees working for them and I’m pretty sure that isn’t counting the actual artists they represent.

Then you also got the whole “they practice 12 hours a day” angle that could be interesting too, because talk about amazing work ethic that is respectable am I right? 😮 I remember seeing that pop up on one international interview back around April and I thought it woulda been cool if it could have been explored more. It could also be tied to, if you did some research, to how V on an episode of Celeb Bros casually dropped that he hadn’t been out with a friend in 2 and half years. And I’m sure that coulda probs been exaggerated said in hyperbole and actually not 100% true. However I do think there is a level of truth to it which could segue into exploring the social costs to being an idol.

And these things I’m bringing up are only the tip of the ice berg I think. Yet so far, if you are a non kpop fan, all you will be getting from most of these interviews are:

  • They’re a kpop group
  • They will be performing at the AMAs
  • They feel amazing to be there
  • Oh and we now know who their fave international crushes are

So basically..It’s a shame all these new potential ARMYs aren’t getting a chance to see their best traits right of the bat. With that said, I do have hope for the future because I’m sure the quality will grow the more BTS gets to promote here and yes I’m sure they will be back. 😉 Plus I know a lot of these publications aren’t like the go to place for hard hitting journalism in the first place. But if I could give them at least one piece of advice, one that will for sure help. It would be to hire a translator please, because if the reason is that they don’t wanna ask anything too complicated on account of the members not all knowing English…well then they should be able to speak in Korean to get their points across anyways.

Seriously all you famous publications can surely hire someone to put up some subtitles of what they say or something. It’s done when American’s go overseas and I don’t see why it can’t work the other way too. 😀 That way we could get them all to share and it wont all be on RM’s shoulders to carry the whole thing. Plus to me I don’t think they NEED to be speaking English to be honest and if anything if they do it should be considered a nice extra.. at least that’s what I think.  Anyways, been wanting to get that off my chest. Hopefully it wasn’t too ranty or too much a downer and you got where I’m coming from. Feel free to disagree.

In the end again like I said previously I do think it is cool that they are getting all this extra exposure and I am finding these interviews enjoyable. I simply want people to get a chance to know this isn’t your typical group and that they surely aren’t the “stereotype”  of what people have been conditioned to believe boy groups are like. They are much deeper and their fandom comes in all shapes and sizes for a variety of reasons. Anywho enough of my ramblings how abouts you share your thoughts with me instead. ^____^



P.S. I think this time around this has been the best interview so far. There was good back and forth and the whole thing felt very laid back and chill. We got a little more from the members but I do think the interviewer coulda done a bit more research himself. At one point he asked them do they dance at their concerts…*face palm*. lol he did make it a welcoming environment though. 🙂 I will keep you updated on any juicy interviews going forward.


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20 thoughts on “The American Media x BTS

  1. I was literally talking to a friend on Twitter about this exact thing like an hour ago and I’m totally in agreement with you. The fact that it seemed like no one was asking genuinely fresh questions has been driving me nuts.

    Ask Namjoon – what books have been inspiring you the most right now
    Ask Seokjin – how are your lil sugar gliders? Are they growing up well?
    Ask Yoongi – how long ago was it that you did boxing because it seems like your technique is still with you from the zombie run you did in the BTS Run episode
    Ask Hoseok – who was the member who had the most to say about your mixtape?
    Ask Jimin – how have you come back to America and become so much more confident in your English? Did anyone help you with that?
    Ask Taehyung – how many cameras do you actually own?
    Ask Jungkook – how to you choose what song to release a cover for?

    They’re not the best questions but they at least show that you’ve done your research about them.

    I am really praying for Ellen to hopefully talk to them about their UNICEF project because of how philanthropic she is.

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    • Yes I have higher hopes for Ellen too. I really hope she can shed a spotlight on their hard work and dedication. And maybe even go into some of the different messages they hold important. After all this, I just wan’t people to come out with at least a couple meaningful things about this group. If anything I think the UNICEF colab needs to be talked about and I think it will with her. I wouldn’t be shocked if she donated even. 🙂

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      • She would 100% donate as well. If she doesn’t announce it on the show then she would most definitely talk to them backstage. I feel like the questions most interviewers are asking them are either the same as everyone else’s or they make the boys look superficial. But hey, if they’re happy being interviewed then that’s all that matters 😊😊


      • It seems like overall they have been enjoying the experience and I do think at the end of the day people can probs be amazed by their stage presence alone. Enough even to wanna search out things about them on their own. 😀

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      • I’m not praying for every household to know BTS but for them to be the ones to introduce this wonderful genre to more people on a live broadcast while being at the biggest musical influenced country is what I really want. You don’t have to be a fan of the music but at least being aware of its existence and maybe go passed the discrimination and negative connotations that are attached to the genre is what I’m really hoping from this. I know it’s a big aim but hey, FINGERS CROSSED 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼


  2. I totally agree. Literally everyone on Twitter has been screaming about it because this is such a superficial way to introduce them to an American audience and it basically sets them up to be a passing craze rather than something lasting–which they are!–because no one gets to know anything interesting or new about them.

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    • Good to know I’m not alone on this. Because I think there is enough interesting things to find even with a quick google search. Heck even going to wikipedia will give you a plethora of things you could go into. Like the different social commentaries they have made through their songs over the years, how they come from a small company and yet have excelled, or even the different achievements the boys have made before even getting into the group. I think there is enough to were you could make a 2+ hour movie/documentary about them so why can’t they have a nice 3-6 minute interview. Seems so bizarre. Maybe we need to get a show like 60 Minutes to do a whole special on them. lol

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  3. This is literally the same as last time. I can’t believe none of them mentioned the UNICEF campaign. I hope Ellen pulls through. None of them did their research. How the hell do they think a group from Korea became so big? You would think they would at least be a little curious.

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    • Yeah its so weird ain’t it? Like even if all these hosts or their staff were lazy, all they would need to do is take a quick peek at their wikipedia page. Im sure you could find at least a couple interesting things there simply by skimming through. Or type in “why I like BTS” in the search bar. Im sure there are plenty fans out there who have condensed a lot of reasons in one post. So yeah really weird…

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      • If only an AMRY could conduct these interviews. Like that girl Sabrina from Kiss fm. BTS are inspiration to so many people and these people can’t somehow careless.


  4. I’d love to hear questions like: What Korean artists inspired you to go into Kpop? We need JK fanboying over GD and IU in America. We also need to hear those stories about how they were their own lighting crew for photoshoots, wore their MV outfits over and over again, and how they had to stand on the street and ask people to come to their concerts the first time they came to LA. We need to hear about JK in his trainee days, missing his family and Bangtan accepting him as family. We need to hear about how Tae’s mom bought him an expensive jacket before he joined Bighit so that the “city boys” wouldn’t tease him. We need to remember how emotional Yoongi was when they won the Daesang because of the long road riddled with hunger and depression that brought him there.We need to hear why they think it’s important to write songs like N.O. Not Today, Silver Spoon, and 21 Century Girl. How they’re passionate about writing songs that will affect change in youth and warn against dangerous habits and obsessions like Go Go and No More Dream. We need to hear how much they care about us ARMY that they wrote a song telling us not to get too obsessed with them. We need to hear about the producing process. We need to hear how much Yoongi loves Save Me. How much Tae wants to be in Cypher, and how much Jimin can’t live without the stage. We need to know how what Namjoon reads inspires him, how Jhope had to learn rap from scratch because he’s a dancer, yet now his flow is wicked, and how much Seokjin’s dancing has improved. I hope all these crucial pieces, the reasons I fell in love with Bangtan only 5 months ago, won’t get lost here in America.

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  5. Yes, I’m glad you’ve posted about this. I feel the same as you. I’m so happy for them but much of the interviews have fallen flat. And no mentions of their #ENDViolence campaign? I am hoping Ellen will bring this up. Since she’s proactive about stuff like that.

    I think us bloggers are doing a better job describing BTS & their work.

    YOU should be interviewing them! We would get better answers then. 😦


  6. It’s always cool to see something that you have been a fan of from the early days, finally break through. Can definitely imagine the excitement for that 😀 It is a bot of a shame then that the interviews have so far been a bit crap 😢 Hopefully that is going to improve over time.


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