BTS@AMAs: My Thoughts


Been hyping this up since it was announced and now that it has happened it feels pretty unbelievable. We just had a K-pop Group legit perform at the AMAs. Let that sink in for a moment people. And the best of all is they weren’t there to simply be an act that kick started the show or to be regulated as a throw away performance. Nope, instead they were featured prominently toward the end at a point usually reserved for those who bring in the huge ratings! This may make some ARMYs feel used but here I am thinking it’s great. This is how these things typically work and I think we outta be proud that we are now BIG enough for all these places to want our attention for ratings as opposed to us having to beg for it. This undoubtedly means more amazing opportunities to come for BTSย down the line in the future, you can believe that!

Now I know there are still some naysayers out there, how is beyond me, but I know they exist and they think this is yet another passing fad which after this performance they also think has peeked. However, let me tell you why I think that is NOT the case in the slightest. For one let’s take another look at this appearance once again. Despite having so many popular people/celebs there, who was the act that got most of the buzz throughout social media? Yup you can sure bet it was BTS and it’s because us ARMYย are already huge as is, even before the AMAs. So this makes this NOT a case of the AMAs introducing BTSย as much as it is them acknowledging a phenomenon that’s already here. ๐Ÿ™‚

Which is why I think mainstream support or not,ย BTS is set and is gonna keep growing regardless. Because really when you get down to it this whole thing has been a grass roots movement mainly since the very beginning. Remember Big Hit was never and still ISN’T a big company in the slightest. Heck the situation in their own country, where the actual bigger established labels have all the power, is still a problematic situation to maneuver for them because of all the backdoor politics one can expect in business. Which is a part of why all these achievements in America get barely any coverage for them back home compared to let’s say if this was a group from the BIG 3. Cuz Big Hit hasn’t had the marketing power or connections to pull any strings yet…(although that may not be the case much longer)

Fortunately thoughย BTS has excelled in finding work arounds to this problem as they don’t even need to be on variety shows or get the top articles anymore. How then do they grow? Glad you asked because I believe it’s because they have become their own marketing machines at this point. By embracing all of social media and most importantly by connecting to their fans in ways not many other groups are doing. They basically give you, funny enough, a big look into the behind the scenes stuff with them and engage with their fans to a level in which they make you feel like family.ย Not only with the group but even among ourselves. And boom once you can do that it’s over we are with each other for life because you don’t turn back on family am I right. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜Ž

This kind of thinking has led ARMYs world wide to connect and form a sort of support group through their shared interest inย BTSย resulting in many new friendships to bloom. Making it a very positive, welcoming, and enticing reason to become an ARMY. Like I would go as far to bet you if you started talking about BTSย randomly, new like minded people will pop up out of nowhere to support you. The fandom is simply THAT awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€ and yeah sure some people may take advantage of this but I think people can tell who those people are quickly so it’s all good in the end. Anyways basically the point I’m trying to make is this fandom is something special and these guys are so good at putting THEMSELVES out there that I can’t see this wave going away anytime soon, specially if it was solely because the media(Korean or American) stopped coveringย  it suddenly. Like hello we’ve been together and growing since waaay before that.

Anywho though I really should move on and get back to the original focus and talk about the actual performance now. Lol Sorry for getting on my soap box and going on that tangent there. Haha So yeah of course BTS’s DNA, I saw itย live and I was giddy with joy the whole freaking time as you would expect. In true BTS fashion they came with the energy and delivered a solid performance. Outfits to Choreography was all on point. Was it all perfect? No, but the things I had problems with were more onย AMA‘s production side of things and nothing to do with the group itslef.

For example, an obvious first problem would be the lack of televised fanchants. They were there and you can hear them in fancams luckily however on TV they were muted. :/ Apparently they were too loud. ๐Ÿ˜› still too loud or not they are apart of Kpop so I was really looking forward to them so it sucks I din’t get that. I was also confused about the way they the whole thing was shot. Most of the time the camera was on the crowd! I think I know what they were going for. They wanted to show off the ARMYs because they are what BTS values most and it helps get a cross the point they this group is already big. It’s appreciated but with that said it went a little overboard because at the end of the day we still wanna see the group. lolย  And also what was the deal with showing a member when it was another one singing? Felt kinda sloppy.

Anyways though back to positives I did like the energy of the crowd and loved how they gave the boys a standing ovation. Much deserved. And to see their choreography on American TV, nothing can beat that. I think for Americans not used to this type of performance, it will blow their minds and that should be the main take away. Plus I heard this appearance was even tweeted about more than 20,000,000 times putting them literally in the record books according to Guinness World Records…Woah. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ



So yeah those are my thoughts. Now tell me what yours are in this whole thing. ^________^ Like always thanks for taking the time in reading my nonsensical ramblings.



21 thoughts on “BTS@AMAs: My Thoughts

  1. I did the same thing on my blog, just going on ramblings about how amazing this all was lol. But I totally agree I wish I could’ve heard the fanchants on the televised performance rather than just the fancams. And the Guinness World Records!! That’s crazy!!! So proud of our boys. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. The only thing I’d like to point out is that korean media did and is still reporting about bts at the AMAs. I’m pretty sure it’s also gonna pop up on the news. So it’s not as if they’re just overlooking this achievement : ) i

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    • That’s good to hear. My comment was mostly aimed at past achievements. It does seem things have slowly gotten better since late 2016. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully after this AMA performance the media will be more timely in their reporting. I would love for Korea to recognize this group as one of their greatest exports and not just a group who happens to be getting some more publicity than usual, if that makes sense. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Well, in regards to the AMA’s the k-media has been constantly updating their news content. I’m not sure how and if it was trending yesterday on Naver, but that has less to do with the media and more with k-netizens. Since BTS hit it big in Korea itself, the media was always quite on top, as far as I can tell (though I also must say I don’t follow it extensively).
        As to them being recognized by Korea itself or recognized as an export, I personally think they already are? They have been in multiple ads the last year for big companies and their last one is for, a website run by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. It’s this one if you haven’t seen it yet:

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  3. EXACTLY! Mine and my daughter’s frustrations of the camera work during their AMA performance is spot on with what you have written here. At the most crucial part of the choreo where the speed and footwork picks up, the camera crew spends more time focusing on the audience. Seriously??? I get they are trying to capture the excitement of the crowd and show what BTS-mania-in-America is all about but there were better times to do that. UGH! At the very end of the performance, I found myself so frustrated! I was like, “They did it again. The interviews, the camera work – they are doing it ALL WRONG!” LOL!

    But I agree – the positive of all this outweighs the negative here. I”m just being a grump. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And I also agree about why they are not just a fad. They are truly their own marketers and it’s quite fascinating, to be honest. i fully agree – AMAs did not introduce BTS as much as felt a need to hop on the BTS bandwagon! I was floored they performed near the end right before a legend such as
    Diana Ross. Though, I was tired from staying up so late the day after (I’m from EST so it was close to 11PM by the time I went to bed; and I usually am going to bed at least an hour earlier).

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    • I feel your frustrations! I was concerned about the camera work going in, and it was terrible. Like you said, literally the second the serious choreo kicks up the camera jumps to the audience. And it kept doing it! But even so, it was still a fantastic performance and I agree that the positive far outweigh the negative. Let’s hope the camera guys are a bit better though on some of their upcoming show appearances ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I guess it’s expected though considering they’ve never had an act quite like BTS there before. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t be easy to work out the angles when you got so many dynamic movents going on at once. I suppose they’ll just need to ask them back over and over until they get it right. ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

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  4. I’m glad we have fancams! We need to see those fan chants! But I do understand why they muted them. ARMY is just too much to handle, lol.

    And of course, the media is jumping on the BTS bandwagon. Sure there is some “using” involved, but really that is what the industry is like. But just like how they are benefitting from BTS, BTS also just gets more and more recognition. So I look at it as mutually beneficial. And like you, I think BTS will have some staying power. But even if not, they will continue to grow on their own with the help of their fans just like they always have ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I’m not usually all that into fancams myself but lately they have consumed me. Thanks to the fancam for this, the late late show one, and the ones for the Jimmy Kimmel mini concert. They’ve all been A.M.A-zing. ๐Ÿ˜›

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    • It’s exciting because it seems the more time passes the more shows/interviews they add to their schedules. Will be interesting to see what happens when MIC Drop Remix happens. It’s got major potential to explode like crazy with all this buzz surrounding them. Could it break the internet on the same level DNA did?

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  5. OMO YAAAASSS!!! As much as I loved the performance, I was kind of disappointed because there was no fan chant, later I learned it was muted but when I finally saw the fan chants on Twitter, I felt like the experience was complete. Anyway, they completely set the stage on fire!!! โค


  6. Love Loved Loved this blog post! Honestly I was so bummed that they muted the fan chants and of course the camera work was sloppy but that totally did not stop me from getting hyped up at all! BTS’s week in the states has proven to be amazing to the point where I just couldn’t keep up with everything and lost a lot of sleep [Time differences]! But I have no regrest streaming till 4am!

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