Or should I SAY, THEY’re here…


That’s cuz as of this very moment there are 3 versions of this new remix floating about. The MV that is featuring Steve Aoki on ibighit‘s channel, an mp3 that features Desiigner on spotify, and of course the much anticipated Japanese MV over on Universal Music Japan‘s channel as well. It’s crazy, we have so many versions to enjoy! And right now I’m positive they will all go big. ๐Ÿ™‚ In fact I think they already have because last I checkedย BTS was charting number 1 in 34 different countries on itunes already. Meanwhile they were in the top 100 in like 20+ more which could very well soon go up to 30+ and possibly even toย  40+.

Yup really positive news indicating an overwhelmingly positive reaction thus far, but it now for many begs the question, could this have a chance to beatย DNA‘s accomplishments or at least come close? O_O Well, I won’t lie to you people so I’ll say that it’s gonna be really difficult to do so. However with that said tho, there IS a chance because remember this time around we do got more things working in our favor and more people at the top supporting this release. Like take this for an example, some radio stations already agreed to play this new track BEFORE it was released. Two radio DJs said so to BTS themselves during interviews and since then more had gone on record saying they will too.

Also let’s not forget the major fact that this group has already performed this remix version on broadcast here in America, which you just know is gonna be a huge help in marketing. You had them perform it on Jimmy Kimmel live which has fancams of it and then more recently the boys made an appearance onย Ellen. Once all those performances pop up on TV and the Clips go on YouTube you know it’s gonna blow up their views even more specially for this new remix track. Then if that wasn’t enough we can’t go on forgetting all those new ARMYs that were recently made thanks to the AMAs…. yeah things are looking up big!

Anywho here it is MIC Drop Remix(feat. Steve Aoki):


Here is Mic Drop(feat. Desiigner and Steve Aoki)


and lastly here is the Mic Drop JP Version:


So there you have it. What are your thoughts on these newest releases? As for me I think they are absolutely LIT to the nth degree. But then again I loved the original the most out of all the tracks on the mini album to begin with. Because, can we all agree it was the most intense track of them all and also had the sickest beat too? Which is mainly why I was nervous at first they were gonna mess with it but looks like in the end things turned out for the best! Steve Aoki managed to make an already dirtay beat even dirtay-er. Further proving why he is such a world wide respected DJ. And then added to that, while some don’t think Desiigner’s part quite fits in the beginning of the remix I actually do like it. But hey if you don’t, that is cool too cuz like I said there is more than one version and you can focus your time on one without it. SO yeah on that note I think I’ll close this out.

Oh but before I do, another cool tid bit. For all you twitter users out there or not, “#MicDropRemix” has been trending with over 1.4million tweets on twitter already too. ^____^


****BIG UPDATE****

BTS is now Trending Number 1 on YouTube in America. Also…. This group just became the first K-pop group ever to trend #1 on the U.S. iTunes singles chart! Woot Woot!!! A lot of Congratulations to go around.

32 thoughts on “The MIC Drop REMIX is HERE

  1. They all looked so damn good on that MV! I still haven’t listened to the one with Desiigner but will be checking it out on Spotify NOW. Thanks for sharing this bit!

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    • You know what just happened. I had to add a little update to this post. Because apparently while I was writing it I missed BTS trending on youtube here in America and also them becoming the first Kpop group ever to get a number one spot on the U.S. iTunes singles chart. Yup BTS is out there being legends again. lol

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      • Way to get ‘beyond the scene’! These boys are killing it! Just got back from listening the one on spotify. It’s hella dope. And the haters will probably be hella sick ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. I don’t really like remixes but this one came out amazing. The boys look very badass in the MV. I feel that this version has more impact but the original one is my favorite.

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    • This music video had so many moments I liked. Like J-hope’s “bang bang” part where RM and Jin suddenly appear. Or when you see Steve Aoki in the backround while they were dancing. Yup so much good stuff with this music video. ๐Ÿ˜€ still their first live performance of the original will always be my fave. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Desiigner sounds great, BTS sounds great, the remix sounds great, the MV is amazing. I can’t wait for the TV performances. I wasn’t actually certain how the English lyrics are going to sound but even that sounds smooth.

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  4. I’m floored. I’ve lost how many times I’ve watched the remix video. It’s like I can’t get enough of it! I am like you – MIC Drop was already my favorite song from BTS’ Love Yourself album. It was fast becoming one of my favorite songs of 2017. Then THIS came out and it’s just so amazing on so many levels!!! I like the Japanese MV too.

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    • Yeah they clearly spent a lot of time on it. I was surprised by how much detail they put into the filming. I know they are known for their creativity but again usually remixes don’t get as much love. At least in my experience. Like how awesome were a lot of those transitions… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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  6. BTS keeps surprising me again and again. I like both versions of MIC Drop. Can’t really choose. Its such a cool way to talk to the people who hate them haha. I busted the replay button on Youtube, watching it over and over. V and Jin looked amazing in this one! I wonder how they did V’s hair like that?

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    • Honestly they all rocked this however I think this song will always be J-hope’s in my eyes because I can’t get enough of his intro. That beginning choreo he has really makes him shine! But right now whats truly amazing is they just beat Blackpink’s former record again so they now have the number 1 and number 2 most viewed in 24 hours MVs!!!


  7. I must say I’m just floored by how much I love the remix! I was definitely worried, but thankfully my fears were relieved. The remix is fantastic, and the video is beyond amazing. My fav part is during Suga’s rap when the boys go slo-mo flying through the air. But there are soooo many creative and amazing parts to the video.

    I’m one that doesn’t really love the version with Desiigner. I do think it’s decent, but I just don’t enjoy his style of rap. And it just feels criminal not to have J-hope’s opening. But it’s good enough, and like you said, we have plenty of versions to choose from to meet our individual needs. I’m excited to see how the song performs as it has broken several of DNA’s records and has more support. Also greatly looking forward to those show appearances this week ๐Ÿ™‚


    • It definitely blew away expectations. ๐Ÿ˜€ We knew the vocals would be on point but could you believe the beat could get better too. lol And those transitions. Also did you notice the call backs to their older MVs in the video?


    • Mic Drop was my fave song on the mini album already and the remix did the impossible and made me love it even more. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Steve Aoki needs to remix more of their stuff in the future. From what I heard this was his first number 1 on US itunes too!

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  8. Wow. So proud of them. What would you do if you met them, kwenz? Would you fangirl, or just stand respectfully back and smile? I’d do the second to be honest. I might yell happily, but I wouldn’t have hysterics.


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