Artists of the Year Goes to… BTS!

In true BTS fashion, only BTS can top their own Kpop news stories. Wondering what I mean by that? Listen to this, within the last 48hours their appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and on the Late Late Show were finally broadcast here in the United States. Sounds tight right? Well, while yes that would normally be bomb news in of itself at any other point in time, today it sorta gets overshadowed because the guys have now gone on to win awards for best music video(Spring Day), and also win for Artist of the Year(presumably for conquering the world like no other Kpop Group has) at the 2017 MAMAs(Mnet Asian Music Awards).

And if that wasn’t amazing sounding enough for you, what is truly getting ARMYs hyped up more so is how BTS was basically able to turn the whole feel of the the event to as if it was one of their own concerts. That’s cuz you might as well say they really did do a mini concert. The boys delivered a kickass intro and not only performed 1 song, or 2, or 3, but a total of 4! Yup the event organizers sure know who brings in the ratings. 😉 They did a stage performance of DNA, Not Today, Cypher Part 4 AND of course their latest hit MIC Drop Remix.

Which can I take a sec to point out how awesome it is that what lead up to the remix was Cypher Part 4. I mean for the longest time Mic Drop has commonly been refereed to as the unofficial Cypher part 5 so it was just extra neat to me. 😀 Also to see these songs that address the haters on such big stages feels good too. Although at this point I don’t believe this group has much haters anymore. I think this year BTS has done a good job showcasing how humble, creative, dedicated, and all around talented, etc they are. To not only to a Korean audience but a world wide audience at that. At this point you can still dislike their music but I find it hard to believe anybody could not at least respect them.

So yah to say life has been good for them this week or even two would be the biggest understatement of the year. 🙂

Anywho here are all the performances at MAMA:


Intro+ Not Today

Even though I don’t like how this award show was handled this year or other years for that matter, on account of their system for selecting winners being wonky to me. With fan voting only sometimes being meaningful while other times it’s not at all. And let me not get into the voting controversy this year.. I do think in the production side of things we can all agree that Korean Award shows in general seem to be light years ahead of their American counterparts. I mean take a look at the this intro for example. The way the group has those visual backrounds/foregrounds to work with is nothing short of breathtaking. Like the use of all those colors is dope and keeps everything from looking too generic and plain.

As for their Not Today performance I just love it in general because they can always pretty much recreate the whole MV on stage. I know a big part is because when creating any new track they think about such things for them beforehand… but yeah as far as MVs being translated to performances go, this one deserves to be considered more so at the top because the level of accuracy in it’s recreation is scary good.



Then the next one is their performance of DNA. I know a lot of fans even the die-hards tend to think this isn’t one of their best title songs to date. Regardless, even if that’s the case I think it holds a special place in all our hearts because it was the song that got the boys on the Billboard charts. 🙂 That fact alone cements it’s place in history am I right? But also there’s the fact it was the one that was performed on the AMA’s(American Music Awards) stage too.



Then of course to end things they had Cypher Part 4 and Mic Drop Remix. What else can I say? You have probs heard me go on and on gushing about the original Mic Drop and the Remix beforeand how they are my fave of all the newer songs. There is just something special about the rap line and their more hip-hop focused songs in general that always get me. I think it’s that level of intensity they bring to them. But in this case it could also have been because they remind me of the original type of sound they had at their start, which got me into the fandom in the first place.

Meaning to see these two songs back to back is like a nostalgia trip without it technically being a nostalgia trip if that makes any sense. Pretty much the overall point I’m trying to make is I specially recommend these specially for anybody who is a hip-hop enthusiast out there. You will love the energy, the confidence, the choreography, and of course their effortless flow. But seriously the choreography tho. Don’t know how they keep finding ways to make MIC drop any better but they keep doing it, that new extended dance break is straight up fire yo.



And there you have that.


Now how about we talk a little about their other appearances I mentioned earlier? Since the boys were also on Jimmy Kimmel Live and The late late Show recently! A fact that’s real cool because those are really popular talk shows with a lot of reach here in America. So for them to have been on those is a monumental leap forward as well as it gives them a continued growing exposure on their quest for World Domination. Exposure that has resulted in a reception that thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. If you were to click on any of the videos you would see plenty comments from new people who have been converted over to our side and it really warms my heart to see.

Of these first let’s talk about the Kimmel appearance shall we. This was particularly huge because they held an entire mini concert for the group. They got to do a lot of their latest greatest hits like Mic Drop Remix, Go Go, I Need U, Blood Sweat and Tears, Save me, and Fire. Only two of those made it to broadcast though(Blood Sweat and Tears and Mic Drop Remix). Don’t worry though since the others still managed to get posted to the official Kimmel Youtube page. 😀

To me from a promotional standpoint I think out of all, this was the most important. Think about it. It got to introduce more of BTS‘s songs to Americans. Even if it was only Blood Sweat and Tears that was the new one showed on Broadcast. Why? It means on air we have had THAT, DNA, and MIC Drop which I think makes sure they are NOT just one hit wonders in America! It also shows they have a diverse type of sound so they don’t get pigeonholed moving forward either.


Off Air Performances


Blood Sweat and Tears


Mic Drop Remix


Then we move over to Corden’s Late Late Show where things were a bit more lively and interactive there. They may have only aired DNA on their broadcast but in it you could at least finally hear the fanchants we had been waiting for and their camera angles were pretty good to boot too. Also they had an extra segment called Flinch which is probs the best segment the guys have been in when it comes to all these promotions. I mean it because that shizz had to be the funniest of them all!

If there are any complaints to be made it’s that the lighting during the performance itself could have been brighter. Not sure why they had it be as dark as it was. But really that is it.



Then when it comes to the terms of the Flinch segment I mentioned, I don’t know if it could have been made any better. Like you got more of the member’s English which was nice and then best of all you had all them funny reactions to the game itself. Which for those who don’t know what Flinch is, it’s a game where people stand behind a special glass as fruits are projectiled towards them. The point for it is, as the title of the game would suggest, not to Flinch. It’s simple but fun. And as you can expect the boys all failed except for V who proved he is the biggest badass of the group I suppose. lol I had money that SUGA could win too but nope he didn’t. 😛

But can you guess who where the members who failed miserably?…….

P.S. “Hey Corden… Don’t Worry I’m Not Afraid.”



Did you guess Jin and/or J-hope? Because if you did….. you guys are winners!. lol 😛 Woo!


Welp there you go. My quick thoughts on that too. I guess this officially brings all my “BTS in America” talk to an end. Well, until they come back that is. 😉 Anyways thanks for reading all of these.

17 thoughts on “Artists of the Year Goes to… BTS!

    • I remember some people were worried because of the MAMA voting controversy that they wouldn’t win anything. I knew that would be ridiculous because they have accomplished so much in a year! Glad to see them continue to grow and expand. Next up is them performing at the Music Station Super Live in Japan!

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  1. I’m very happy for BTS, their live performance at MAMA was amazing. I never thought that their choreography for Mic Drop can get even more awesome.
    I wish I had V’s confidence, he was so cool during the Flinch game. J-Hope and Jin’s reaction was the best, I laughed so hard, especially at J-Hope.

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  2. NICE POST!! I can’t wait to watch all of these *but i’m in a library and i can’t play loud amazing kpop music*. I’m always interested to read your posts bc they always tell me what’s going on… and tbh I mostly miss the news until I read about it on here. :/ weird i know.


    Weirdly, last night V phoned me in my dream. It was so cute! I was like, “who is this?” and he said, “V.” i was amazed!!

    anyways. hope you are having a good day kwenz boiiiiiiiii. enjoying your time as announcer? hope so!!! also… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!! *i want a hippopotamus for Christmas!!!*

    ok. i probably made someone’s head fall off writing all this. BUT WHO CARES?! I don’t. i am just happy. 😀 🙂 🙂 😉 😛 😀 😛 😛 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Wanna know what’s truly amazing?.. The first part of BTS’s MAMA performance is trending here in America on Youtube in the number 15 spot. Think about that. A Korean Awards performance is trending in America. 😮 Blew my mind finding that out. I don’t think I have ever seen that happen because I don’t think it has ever happened! I’m guessing everybody really is amazed by that intro. 🙂

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      • WOOOOAAHHHH. 🙂 Just amazin’. So proud of them!!!

        IT hasn’t happened. They are truly the first. They have just broken American history. THEY ARE THE FIRST KPOP GROUP TO BECOME A UNIVERSAL, GLOBE SENSATION!!

        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        I’m amazed I became a fan right before they went worldwide sensation. When did you become fans of them??? Probs was a long time ago. But I’m just wondering what I would have thought if I’d never heard of them before. I probably wouldn’t be that impressed. I mean… kind of interested. Its just that, once you get into kpop theres no going back, is there?!?!

        NO THERE ISN’T! 🙂

        have a good day kwenz.

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  3. Mic Drop performance was lit! The dance breaks were awesome too. And yes, until the release of the actual one – it will be the unofficial cypher part 5! As always, thank you for sharing and writing about these amazing creatures who deserve to be the Artist of the Year notwithstanding Mnet’s machinations and all that.

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  4. Haha! V definitely stood his ground during the Flinch game. No vegetable or fruit is a match for our Kim Taehyung! It’s no surprise – he wasn’t afraid of the zombies during that BTS RUN episode either. 🙂 They did alright at MAMA! I saved all the relevant MAMA performances on my Youtube account so I’m looking forward to watching it tonight on the big screen with my daughter.

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    • Watching these performances only made me wanna go watch them live even more. Gotta start saving to get them tickets. lol Whether I watch them live when they come back to America or I have to take myself to Korea.. it’s gonna happen!

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  6. Everything BTS is doing right now is beyond amazing! The MAMA performance was stunning. It is too bad that it overshadowed their appearance on James Corden because it really was so much fun. But I know a lot of new people saw it.

    I really liked the Jimmy Kimmel performances too. Did they actually air 2 songs on what you saw? I watched the whole thing on TV and they just showed Mic Drop for me. I was surprised since I had heard Blood, Sweat, and Tears would be one of them too. Still awesome though. Plus we still have the Japanese release coming up as well as the New Year’s performance. Let the good times keep coming!!


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