BTS makes it on Billboard’s “Hot 100″… Again!


I’m here supposed to be relaxing this week, taking a break because of my Birthday and all, but what happens. Would you care to take a guess at all?…. Yes BTS be out here making history once again. This time by not only beating but completely shattering their previous Billboard “Hot 100” record they had with DNA. How bad did they shatter it? Well their previous record was having ranked in the number 67th spot. This time however they climbed way higher and snagged the number 28th spot! Yes you have heard me correctly, a kpop group has now managed to crack the top 50

This is interesting because it can only go to further show to those haters out there that this group shouldn’t be seen as some random viral craze of the week. Specially not one that is gonna now be on its way out anytime soon, because let’s be real here. If that would be the case they would not be charting higher and if anything they would be charting lower now instead. But as one can clearly see that is not happening. If anything this group is trending higher up and their popularity is exploding farther out day by day. As is visible by all the respectable publications that are starting to pick up on all this BTS news. You’re even seeing legit news sources both locally and world wide begin to cover them on a scale beginning to rival what you would expect for a Hollywood star. It’s all kinds of cray cray.

More so when you stop to take a closer look at this song that has won the 28th spot. Which if you haven’t heard by now we are talking about the MIC Drop Remix here. The one that features Steve Aoki and Desiigner.  I say it’s “cray cray” for this song in particular to be charting as good as it is because it’s a freaking remix people! Of a song that was originally a B track and that has been out for months already. That makes it truly doubly amazing that it could easily out do just about all of DNA‘s achievements when THAT was their TITLE Comeback Track. Goes to show how devoted their fanbase is and also how high on demand their music is for all the new people recently jumping on the bandwagon.

This can only make one wonder, if BTS can accomplish all this with just a mini album and with a Remix of a track that had been out there previously, what will happen when they do release a full album next?! It’s almost unfathomable isn’t it and that’s exactly why I don’t think the group should be seen as yet another trendy K-pop act or anything of the such. Instead I think it is safe to say they are are in fact a Global ACT now which only makes their Global Artist Award at MMA much deserved.

So yeah where does BTS go from here? The GRAMMYs? I mean it has been joked about but it doesn’t actually sound as far-fetched as it may have a mere year ago am I right? Oh what an exciting time it is to be a fan for sure.

So if you somehow haven’t gotten on board yet I would highly advise you that you do. Other wise you are gonna miss out on a good piece of history being made. I say this because it’s not about a specific group getting attention anymore. It’s about seeing barriers being broken. Showing that people across the world can relate to each other and that different languages and cultures can cross over in a sustainable and meaningful way. And that it doesn’t have to be Hollywood crossing over all the time to other places and that it’s ok for other things to cross over into Hollywood instead. 🙂

Anyways like always feel free to share your own opinions with me. 😀 And in the off chance you haven’t heard MIC Drop Remix, here it is*boom*:



P.S. Also let me share this too because it just feels right to. It basically expresses all the reasons I love BTS but in a far better way than I ever could. It was done by a youtuber called xCeleste. 😀 It gives you the skinny on their long and historied career up to this point in time. Highlighting the tough road this group has endured to EARN everything they have now. After watching this you will understand why BBC Radio 1 is doing a special documentary on them.

14 thoughts on “BTS makes it on Billboard’s “Hot 100″… Again!

  1. Happy Birthday, Miguel! I hope you have a great week! And wasn’t it nice for BTS to reach 28th on the Billboards as your birthday gift 🙂

    I was wondering if Grammy’s would at least invite BTS to be guest performers like the AMAs did. All I know is that their full nomination list for their 60th show did not show BTS. I have read one critic saying BTS has almost zero chances of being a nominee on The Grammy’s. The critic seemed to be criticizing the Grammy’s board, rather than BTS. Basically saying they are a ‘snob’ against boy bands. And the issue also be that they would compare BTS to past boy bands such as Nsync, One Direction, etc. without taking a deeper dive of who BTS stands out from such past boy bands which have reached fame in N. America.

    Their rules for nominee selections are strict and well, no surprise, extremely political. I actually have stopped watching The Grammy’s (and the Oscars) seriously for years and years now. If there is an artist performing I might have it on in the background but that’s about it.

    If what I have stated above is true, that is a shame. They are missing out, I think.

    Still, there is hope. I think BTS needs to prove their longevity for the Grammy’s to take them seriously. The Grammy’s are just like that – annoying as it is. Yet, I still feel that an invite for them to perform there can’t hurt! At least it shows the rest of the world the are open and warming up to BTS. Plus, next AMAs and Grammys will have BTS signed under that Sony US label division (Red-something?) which may be a game changer for US award show nominations, right? Thoughts about that theory?

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    • I think the fallout from all these American promotions will help them in the future. I was recently reading how Corden and Kimmel for example ranked high for most buzz among late night show personalities because of BTS and ARMYs. Also BTS showing up at the AMAs broke trending records. So I think if things like that continue the GRAMMYs would be dumb to not at least invite them.

      Like these people could be music snobs all they want but at the end of the day the people in charge still want ratings because its what brings in the money right? And BTS definitely brings in a fresh fresh audience that also helps expand their branding further East. I know in a better world them having thoughtful music that has connected with so many people should already be enough. but hey in this case even from a greed perspective, it has become evident peeps should keep BTS close by.

      So yup them having good music plus having such a world wide fanbase in my eyes guarantees we will see them at the GRAMMYs for sure. 🙂 That’s why I got no worries whatsoever. lol

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  2. Record shattered! You just can’t relax when it comes to BTS these days. They keep breaking records left and right as they spread their awesomeness around the globe. It truly is an amazing thing to watch, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it 🙂

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