What’s Kpoppin’? 12/13/2017

For this weeks topics we got Seungri donating a bunch of his own money for his Birthday, CLC further proving they are meant for edgier/sexier concepts, BTS drops a new MV and huh wait a minute, hold up is that last one true… BTS really dropped a new MV? *checks to make sure* 😱 Oh my gosh it’s true everybody panic now! Agggh!!!!

lol JK don’t actually panic please. 😆…

Then we got some other tid bits to talk about in between. So buckle up and get ready because this should be an interesting ride. Let’s try and get through this as safely as possible and then chat about everything at the end ok.


With all that said, what better way to start than with the positive news surrounding Seungri lately. Because it is indeed a 100% true the guy really donated cash to those in need on his own Birthday. Which can we take a minute to appreciate how awesome and much more special that makes it. Cuz not here to throw shade at any of you because I’m on the same boat on this honestly, but how many of you(us) have done or at least thought of doing something similar? Not many probs. In fact I would venture to say that our birthdays are generally when we are the least inclined to think about others. 😅 Sad but true so come on major props are in order for him being different. 👏

To give specifics the dude donated a whopping 100,000,000 KWR which translates to 92,000 in U.S. moneys. 🙂 Not a small donation by any means. It was all made to Child Fund Korea an organization that helps children in low-income families. Then in addition to further prove how much of a cool fellow he is and his dad too, the pair went around hand delivering coal briquettes to families so that they could fight off the cold. 😇 How nice right?



To then jump off that sweet piece of news Exo-ls too have been making the news for their good deeds recently.

If you hadn’t heard already, Kai(from EXO) was recently featured on the December cover of “Big Issue.” A magazine that is well known for using half of their earnings to hire homeless people as sales clerks at magazine vendors all over. And well Exo-ls being as savvy as they are, in order to both support the cause a long side a member of their fave group, they decided to spread over the internet where the vendors where so that they could buy all the issues. Oh and when I say buy ALL the issues I mean it. The magazines sold out quickly, all 15,000 copies of them.

This lead to the company printing 5,000 more but then those sold out quickly too. Now the company continues to print more and more to keep up with the demand so I call that a major win for all involved. The best part though is that there were pictures floating about online of all the extra gifts that fans of the group brought to these vendors. Who again many where homeless. Things like warm drinks, pastries, cookies, etc. Showing the world the positive changes kpop fandoms can bring. 😊



Though if all this goodness so far is still not good enough to fill your hearts with hope. Recently Bang PD, the man behind Big Hit Entertainment and yes BTS too, donated as well. He recently was awarded a Presidential Citation for “Overseas Advancement Merit” at the 2017 Korea Content Awards. And with it came a prize of 10,000,000 KRW or 9,145 in U.S. Dollars which he of course donated to the Love Myself campaign. A campaign you must have heard me talk about on this blog a million times by now. But in case you haven’t, let me explain once again. 😀

The campaign is a campaign involving Big Hit and BTS in cooperation with UNICEF that aims to help fund programs that help children from all around the world that come from troubled back rounds. So far the members have donated $450,000, with 3% of all physical sales of their latest album going to the fund, also with all proceeds from Love Myself memorabilia going to the fund, and it’s open to accept your donations too. 😊

Then going off that it leads us to more BTS news in a segment I call:

What else is in the BAG?

Here we talk about all of their latest achievements and boy have they made some since my last post about them. Pretty much this is the skinny of all the newest stuff you outta know:

  • To start MIC Drop Remix is on Billboards Hot 100 for a second week in a row coming in at the number 71 spot
  • Second, BTS has now moved dorms once again. This time they have moved to an apartment in one of Korea’s most expensive areas called Hannam The Hill. This is nice because we all remember the members originally living together, from the start of their journey, in a small apartment were they shared a single room to sleep. Now they will continue to live together but this time in luxury like the Kings they have become. 🙂 Can’t wait for them to do a tour of the place.
  • BTS also recently became the FIRST kpop group ever to chart on Billboard’s Pop Songs Radio Chart. Coming in at number 37 thanks to MIC Drop Remix(which BTW became the fastest MV to reach 3 million likes recently too).
  • Then they also had their Japanese Single Drop not too long ago, Mic Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow. Care to know how well it charted? Ok I’ll tell you. It opened up at number 1 on Oricon and has already sold over 400,000. 😮
  • But if these things weren’t good enough the boy’s ‘Love Yourself: 承Her’ officially surpassed 1,000,000 copies on HANTEO. Something that should NOT be understated. It is hard to do and they did it with a Mini Album no less and without any repaks.

As for what to look forward to, I would recommend you to set some time aside on both December 22nd and 31st. Why, because the group will be preforming on TV Asahi’s MUSIC STATION Super Live from Japan on the 22nd and they will also be appearing on American screens due to a pre-recorded performance at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on the 31st. Don’t think you wanna be missin’ out on either of those. 😃

But hey if you just can’t wait for your fix of BTS, you’re in Luck. Because Tada! They dropped this new MV today. It’s a promotional piece in accordance with them being the official ambassadors of Seoul. Originally it was a song released in an MP3 format on the VisitSeoul website that as you can imagine became high on demand from the sec it was posted. Taking only minutes for the site to go down when 30,000 people tried to access it at the same time. What can I say we ARMYs are rabid. 😅 The whole ordeal made it on the news even. lol Although things are good now so go download it after watching the MV. Like I said it’s FREE :


So there you have that!

Now to close us out with a bang we have two members of CLC. Seungyeon & Yujin doing a mean cover of Hyuna’s Lip & Hip. Hopefully by now you have watched the original MV or at least the MMA performance of the song. If you haven’t check those out first then come back to check this dance cover because in my opinion it further proves a point I have made plenty of times before.

The group is so right to be doing this kind of edgier/sexier kinds of concepts instead. They just have the right attitudes and charisma for it don’t you agree? Hopefully they get a chance to do more things a long these lines in the future. Plus I just feel there are enough girl groups rocking the more cutesy concepts already and I think the field could use more diversity. Be different and stick out I say.  Specially Seungyeon, I mean look at the girl go. 😎With power moves like that you would think this was her song or something…

And like even if you think the moves are too sexual or something for your tastes you must admit, everything is high energy and precise.


Ok now let’s talk about all this stuff in the comments together. 😊😃🙂 Where to begin?

11 thoughts on “What’s Kpoppin’? 12/13/2017

    • Yay, somebody who agrees. I had seen some of CLC’s stuff prior to Hobgoblin but nothing in particular had really popped out to me. In comparison, Hobgoblin was one of those songs I had on repeat for like a week or two straight. The outfits, the beat, the vocals, it all had an interesting personality. So much swagger oozing out the screen. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    • Definitely one of those songs that’ll make people blush regardless of their genders. ^/////^ lol

      and yup reactions for Crystal Snow have been strong. 🙂 It was even featured on iheartradio’s Fresh Pick Mondays. Which is really interesting because it’s a Korean Group getting mainstream attention in America…for a Japanese song. lol Not only That Mic Drop DNA and Crystal Snow all made it on Japan’s Billboard Hot 100. A pretty monumental achievement for a Kpop group. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Bang PD is just truly adorable like his boys, and I heard he also doesn’t want to be called the ‘father of BTS’ because that implies he created BTS and that they are simply a product – which makes him so much more adorable in ARMYs eyes (including mine)! Their company name pretty much describes how they’re doing these days btw – HITTING IT BIG 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bang PD really is someone special. I don’t know many company heads who are as chill and as well liked as he is. Hopefully he too can become a housold name world wide just like BTS. 🙂 Maybe even have a special stage or two with them in the future.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. omylord. NICE POST MIGGY!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can’t even say what i’m feeling right now… pride for BTS isn’t enough. neither is appreciation and love. so the only thing left to say is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!! that should say it expertly enough.

    wow. i am just so proud of Koreans. they are doing so many wonderful things for the people of this world… holding such heavy weights of society and humanity on their shoulders. well… WAY TO GO BTS AND EVERYONE ELSE MENTIONED IN THIS POST!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • As we’re now in the Holiday Season it only seemed extra right to give a spotlight to all the recent positivity going around. Much better and nicer than going on about some recent scandal or something dont cha think? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • i definitely agree. i like just being happy. i wish people were more like that. i’m interested in what happens in the world and sometimes its funny to laugh at crazy things people do… but its not that important to me. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Having BTS as the official ambassadors of Seoul is such a smart move for their tourism there. Great marketing! Now onto the rest of South Korea… I am curious as to whether they will be preforming at the closing ceremonies of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang County? I know there was a G-100 concert in which BTS, EXO and others popular kpop bands performed at.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Interesting question. I need to look into that too. The Games happening in 2018 completely slipped my mind. But I would suspect that BTS along with other groups would be incorporated in some way. Stuff might even already be announced given all the BTS news constantly dropping.

      Wouldnt be surprised if we missed something on that. lol Like I kid you not, right after I posted this for example, news came out that Crystal Snow, DNA, And Mic Drop all made it on Japan’s Billboard Hot 100. XD Even a die hard fan like me can’t keep up with everything anymore. lol

      Liked by 1 person

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