Life is Strange Review

Heya there folks from all around the world, thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. ^_^ Today I’m doing something different on here because I’m NOT gonna be reviewing a Kdrama, Kmovie, Kpop song, or Kpop album but an American game instead. Not just any odd one either. It’s one that I would not only consider my number 1 game of 2015, but that could also be my most fave game in general. The name of it is Life is Strange.

It’s an episodic game released by Dontnod Entertainment and was published by Square Enix. And lucky for you if you do decide to check it out now, all the episodes are readily available already. Back when I first jumped into it only the first ep was out. Imagine that! Boy oh boy was it near impossible having to patiently wait months in between release for a new episode to drop. haha So yeah let’s get to it and allow me to tell you what this game is about. 🙂LifeIsStrange-1-31-2015-5-10-11-PM.Still002


In it you follow the character of Maxine Caulfield, everybody just calls her Max. 😊 She is an aspiring photographer attending Blackwell Academy located in the seaside town of Arcadia Bay. You see one day while in class she has an unusual vision of the future(although I suppose ANY vision of the future would be weird 😆) of an approaching tornado. She doesn’t know what to make of it and is confused as you would expect. But then if that wasn’t enough to make things weird, it gets WEIRDER. Afterwards she finds herself with the power to stop and rewind time! 😮 Then add to that an intricate mystery of a missing girl too.

Curiosity peeked yet? Well, that’s only the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more to the story. I won’t say what though because I want you to enjoy the experience like I did obviously.  So instead I will gush over the things that I liked in general terms.

charactersFirst up, the plot. I found the story to be nicely written and there are many moments that will leave you at the edge of your seat. You will want to binge play this game just as you might wanna binge watch one of your most anticipated Netflix shows. The game itself is very cinematic and has a good pace to it. It was like playing through an indie movie. You are constantly learning new things, character wise and plot wise to keep you engaged.

The game has a bit of a mystery element in it that you try to get to the bottom off with the help of those time powers I mentioned previously. You might think this would make it too easy “to Beat”. Like, just rewind time if you mess up. There are boundaries set up early on to make sure that doesn’t happen though and so you aren’t some overpowered superhero. Most of the time anyways you will be using them to solve puzzles or to navigate through previously had conversations. The joy is in pushing the narrative forward by going back ever so slightly with newfound information you get. Plus at the end of the day this is more about being an interactive drama than it is about gameplay per se. Which makes it more easily accessible if you’re not a gamer yourself.

life-is-strange-max-chloe-672x372You also then have an awesome cast of characters that are brilliantly voice acted. It’s cool seeing these characters pop in and out of the story and getting to learn more about them. Aside from the main character my fave character was Chloe. Chloe was Max’s childhood friend. They had been separated for awhile when you start the game though. What I liked most however, was seeing them two rekindle their friendship. Because while Max is a mature, geeky, and introverted protagonist, Chloe is pretty much the opposite. She is outgoing, mischievous, and rebellious. Yet somehow they work well together and seem so perfect for one another. Both of them grow as characters throughout the game and oh my gosh is their back and forth banter perfection. This game has one of the best portrayals of friendship I have seen in a game thus far.


There is also really good art/graphics and music in this game. They had a fully licensed indie soundtrack for example and the game ran on an improved version of the unreal engine 3. They spared no expense on getting the highest quality down to the tiniest of details. Money doesn’t mean quality but if you know what you are doing and really care about your product it can really help. I mean they paid people to hand draw the textures!

Now to try and find some negatives. lol I guess there where questions I had about the time powers that I didn’t get answers to that I kinda wish I had. Umm, there was also a couple of super cheesy lines that could have been delivered better. Other than that I think the game was as solid as can be. These negatives that I mentioned probably wont even really bother you. Any negatives are really nit picky.

So yeah check out the game. It’s available on ps3, xbox360, ps4, xbox one, and pc. The first ep is even free on Steam. At least check that out. The rest of the eps are only 20 bucks and even cheaper if you catch it on a sale. I promise you will be fully immersed by the world because it is truly fully fleshed out. 😀 You will have loads of fun simply walking around talking to new characters, going into new areas, and if your like me you spend hours clicking on every clickable object. 😅😆

With that I leave you with this story trailer. Thanks for reading my post. 😀


Story Trailer

21 thoughts on “Life is Strange Review

  1. I’d never even realised how unlikely their friendship could be, with Chloe being almost opposite to Max, but you’re really right when you say they fit together perfectly, it’s really interesting.


  2. this reminds me of a game i watched someone else play about a girl telling her unborn baby about their family “deaths” history. it was kind of paced like you say this one is, and the animation seemed to be the same. it might even have been made by the same people. this looks so cool!!!! i would even play it i think. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      • i guess you could say that. it’s fun to find something thrilling or disturbing bc then you feel a rush of adrenaline. like a roller coaster. you know you’re really safe but you still freak out. i enjoy trying things like that. 🙂 don’t you?

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve never been on a rollercoaster before. 😮 But I do love horror movies. Don’t get scared by them very often though. I have high tolerance for them. However what leaves me more wrecked than anything, funny enough, is romance dramas. I get too invested in those. XD Emotinal rollercoasters are my jam instead I guess. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • lol i’m sure you’re excellent at dealing with emotions then.. or… not? i’m not sure if wrecked is a good thing or not. probably it is. i think its funny that you get so invested and are still straight. i can appreciate that cuz all the dudes i know can’t STAND THEM!!

        YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A ROLLERCOASTER!?!! WTF?!!?!?!?!? you should come to Great America where i live. its the most fabulous theme park in the WORLD! fright fest is what i recommend for you. scares and fun at the same time!!! lots of adrenaline i promise you!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve been to a couple of theme parks before. I went to Knotts Berry Farm with my cousin but he doesn’t like rollecoasters and cuz of that i thought it would be rude to go on by myself. We did go on some water rides though. We got majorly soaked that day but yeah they werent too crazy Haha

        I also went to Disneyland 1 time but that was for an orchestra thing. Our group had to perform so we didn’t get a chance to go on any rides. T_T we did finish in time to see a parade thing they had though. That was fun. I still got pictures from both. Although i took pics of the strangest stuff like the food prices. I remember seeing this kinda small lousy looking pizza going for 22 dollars. I found that more interesting than Mickey Mouse. lol xD

        Liked by 1 person

      • i think that’s polite of you. i’d do the same thing. i don’t like abandoning people. 🙂 i luuuuv water rides but probs bc i love swimming too. i went to a water park last summer and they played the BEST MUSIC. and i got to ride on a balloon-ring thingy down a slow river. that’s the first time i heard crying in the club and i just LOVED it. it got me attached to it.

        i’ve NEVER BEEN TO DISNEYLAND! but i swear that’s where i’m going someday. you should go again and actually GO ON RIDES!!! 😛 i’m so glad you got to perform there. that’s SPECTACULAR!! noicccee.

        i think that’s interesting. i probably would have taken a picture of that pizza too, just to share with my friends and laugh about it. huge wealthy places like that are so different from the rest of the world honestly. *eye roll* it’s kind of funny. but i get why you were interested in it.

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      • Oh oh, another confession time coming. Just like I haven’t been on roller coasters, I can’t swim either. So when I talk about going on water rides, im not talking about water slides and such. Because those would result in me dying and I don’t think that would be cool.

        So for now I get on the ones that leave you soaked but keep you nice and safe and don’t let you fall in the actual water. lol 😅 I give you major props for knowing how to swim though.

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      • WTF?! u can’t swim!? you should learn. it is a VERY rewarding thing to do! 😛 thanks. i have had millions of lessons now and then, but i think i actually kind of taught it to myself. i say swimming can only be taught to a certain point. after that… you just have to brave the waves and figure out how to do it yourself. you know? that doesn’t mean i’m telling you to jump into the ocean tho. don’t die!!!

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  5. In English:
    Well i think that’s a great game too.
    And think your blog is great too.
    In French:
    Je trouve que c’est un très bon jeu.
    Et je trouve ce blog très bien aussi.


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